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  1. Grants Genevra Kelly

  2. Who am I? • BS in Biology from Davidson College • Masters in Public Health and Hospital Administration from USC • 6 years at Duke University Medical Center in faculty grant development and work with the office of technology transfer and intellectual property development • 20 plus years in developing significant financial support from individuals, corporations, and foundations • 3 years as PC’s chief public relations officer (including media management and crisis control) • Author of the Gender Equity chapter of the college’s recent NCAA self-study and chair of the PC athletic department’s gender-equity/diversity committee

  3. How do I support the work you do? • Support faculty in proposal development, grantsmanship consultation, funding opportunity identification, and management of complex projects such as center grants, training grants, and shared instrumentation • Hold institutional signatory authority for proposal submission of sponsored research, scholarship, instruction and other related activities to support and facilitate sponsored research at PCSP and the College of Arts and Sciences.

  4. Things to know • We are a newfunction here, and still developing the policies and protocols we will need. These should all be in place by January. • That said, our goal is to get viable, quality proposals out the door to funding sources as quickly as possible. The faster we obtain funding (and we are having very good results thus far) the faster we build our reputation as a unique medical educational and research enterprise. • I am your first resource for questions regarding grant development, institutional approval, and grants administration. Don’t hesitate to ask for help. • If I don’t know the answer, I’ll find it. • Slight caveat – at present, I am a one person office serving both sides of campus - patience is gratefully appreciated.

  5. More things to know • Your colleagues come from a wide variety of backgrounds – major research institutions, corporations, health care providers, state agencies. There are significant opportunities for collaboration both internally and externally. Seek them out. • Top of the protocol list is to keep your department chair in the loop on your research and program ideas. They will need to approve your concept before you begin to work with me to seek funding.

  6. Still more things to know • There will be workshops on all aspects of proposal development during the year. Please come. • Key to your development will be allowing enough time to develop quality proposals. This can be difficult with your teaching loads and the short windows of opportunity on some grants. Planning ahead is good. • I LOVE heads up and lead time.

  7. How do you contact me? • My office through 9/15 is on the main college campus in Moorefield House, Room 100. • As of 9/16, my office will be PCSP Room 205. • My email address is • My phone numbers are 833-8261 (through 9/15); 923-2071 (cell), 938-0747 (home). • As of September 16, my office number will be 938-3831. • Try not to call me at 3 am. Emails are fine.