Prompting during guided reading
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Prompting during guided reading . Emily Bonnemort 2011. Fits with sense of story. Meaningful Reading . Grammatically correct . Letter/sound symbols . Nick and Kate liked at the cars. Nick and Kate looked at the cars. Meaning: D oes it make sense? . I goed to school in a car.

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Prompting during guided reading

Promptingduring guided reading

Emily Bonnemort 2011

Meaningful Reading

  • Grammatically correct

  • Letter/sound symbols

Meaning d oes it make sense

Nick and

Kate liked

at the cars

Nick and Kate looked at the cars.

Meaning: Does it make sense?

Structure does it sound right

I goed to school in a car.

I go to school in a car.

Structure: Does it sound right?

Visual does it look right

Mouse ran under the table.

Mouse ran under the door.

Visual: Does it look right?

To support monitoring and self correcting



  • Reread

  • Something wasn’t quite right

  • Try that again

  • Where’s the difficult word?

  • You made a mistake, Can you find it?

To support monitoring and self-correcting

Tips for prompting

  • Give time for student to self correct before helping

  • Wait until the end of a sentence or paragraph

  • Consider reading development(different in 1st grade than in 6th grade)

  • Think about meaning and fluency (knock on table for an error)

  • REMEMBER: Students should be reading on instructional level : 90-94% accuracy (6-10 errors every 100 words)

Tips for prompting

We do

Did _________ make sense?

Did _________ look right?

Did _________ sound right?

We do

When i come to a difficult word i can
When I come to a difficult word I can…


need help

Think, “what would make sense?”

Look at the picture

Reread the sentence

Get you mouth ready to start the word

Say the word slowly

Look for a part that can help you (chunk the word)

Skip the word, read on, then reread


I do

Volunteer reads I prompt

We do1
We do

I read, volunteers prompt (as a whole group)

You do
You do

Work with partner

Partner 1: Read page one, hesitate on highlighted words/Partner 2 prompts

Partter 2: Read page two, hesitate on highlighted words/Partner 1 prompts