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Personal Telepresence Station

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Personal Telepresence Station - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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demo . Personal Telepresence Station. Zhengyou Zhang Principal Researcher Microsoft Research. Telepresence: What. A videoconferencing experience that creates the illusion that the remote participants are in the same room with you. . - Wainhouse Research 2007. Cisco Telepresence $299k .

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personal telepresence station

Personal Telepresence Station

Zhengyou Zhang

Principal Researcher

Microsoft Research

telepresence what
Telepresence: What
  • A videoconferencing experience that creates the illusion that the remote participants are in the same room with you.

- Wainhouse Research 2007

Cisco Telepresence $299k

Tandberg Experia $225k

HP Halo $425k + $18k/mo

Polycom RPX210M $269k + $18.5k/mo

telepresence why
Telepresence: Why
  • Economic globalization and workforce mobilization
  • 7-38-55% rule for communicating feelings and altitudes
    • 7%: Verbal (Words, What you say)
    • 38%: Vocal (Tone of voice, How you say them)
    • 55%: Visual (Gaze, Facial expression, Body language)

Customer Pains

  • Product cycles dependent on remote teams
  • Increased travel time and costs
  • Energy consumption, CO2 production

Bandwidth & Hardware Costs

microsoft personal telepresence station
Microsoft Personal Telepresence Station
  • Replicate experience people enjoy in face-to-face meeting
    • Dedicated camera-display-speaker for remote stand-in
    • Tailored to a single person  Correct spatial cues
  • Prototypes

Full Mesh Geometry

still many challenges
Still Many Challenges
  • Make it more immersive?
  • Design user interface for both audio-visual and data?
  • Adapt to network conditions?
  • Combine HW & SW for better capture and rendering?
audio spatialization
Audio Spatialization
  • Provide virtual seating
  • Improve understandingby remote participants
  • Decrease cognitive load (cocktail party effect)




sorry, can’t demo in this room…

active lighting
Active Lighting
  • Computer-controllable lighting system
    • Automatically adjust light intensitybased on video analysis
  • Skin tone model
    • learned from hundreds of celebrity images
  • Optimization of face image quality
    • with physical parameters in the loop

Zicheng Liu

Rajesh Hegde

Qin Cai

Cha Zhang

Sasa Junuzovic

Christian Huitema

Jayman Dalal

Wanghong Yuan

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