day in the chinook tribe n.
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Day in the Chinook tribe PowerPoint Presentation
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Day in the Chinook tribe

Day in the Chinook tribe

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Day in the Chinook tribe

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  1. Day in the Chinook tribe

  2. Life in the Chinook tribe wolf statue

  3. My name is Tangakuwan Witch means rainbow I am part of the chinook tribe. My family and I live in the northwest region. This is my chronicle ...

  4. Journal Entry #1:My house: Includes: food ,clothing ,housing, and, tribe characteristics. I am tired . I woke up early this morning. Today I’m in charge of making sure everything is still in our house. Our village is made of wooden houses. Some of the things you will find in my house are bows and arrows , spears , clubs ,and armor. We don’t have electricity. I LOVE wolves. If I see anyone kill a wolf I will personally hunt them down.

  5. Journal Entry #2: clothing Most of the men in my tribe wear a breech-clout.The women wear dresses

  6. roots Today we are hunting for salmon, deer and birds. We also eat roots and berries. I don’t think that people should use guns to hunt ,but people do it anyways . What’s the point in hunting with a gun when it’s called a hunt because when you hit the prey it’s an automatic win for you. FOOD salmon deer

  7. Journal Entry #4 : Weather AHHHHHHHHH!!! First day of summer!!! Today is the perfect day to play with my friends. The good thing about the heat is the cold that has been passing around the camp.  my mom is what they call a medicine lady.

  8. Reflection 1 In the future I think my tribe will survive. I am hoping to be the tribe leader . If I get tribe leader my mom will be soooooooooooo proud .

  9. Reflection 2 I think that I will get an a.

  10. bibliography !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Http:// Social studies book