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AMSI Hosting Options User Panel Discussion

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AMSI Hosting Options User Panel Discussion - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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AMSI Hosting Options User Panel Discussion. Presented by Brian Torney Session 107. Advantages of Self Hosting. Agenda. Requirements of Self Hosted and AMSI Hosted Why Self Host vs. AMSI hosting Databases Custom Queries Bulk Updates of Data Data Validation Data Management

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Presentation Transcript
amsi hosting options user panel discussion

AMSI Hosting Options User Panel Discussion

Presented by

Brian Torney

Session 107

Advantages of Self Hosting

  • Requirements of Self Hosted and AMSI Hosted
  • Why Self Host vs. AMSI hosting
    • Databases
    • Custom Queries
    • Bulk Updates of Data
    • Data Validation
    • Data Management
  • Self Hosting Infrastructure
    • Cost of Self Hosting
    • Advantages of extending your infrastructure
    • Technical Expertise
    • Software Updates and Hot Fixes

Advantages of Self Hosting

common requirements
Common Requirements
  • Internet Access – T1
  • Modem
  • Firewall
  • Network
  • PC Setups
  • eSite, ePO & eFinancials Program Setups
  • Server or Client Side Letter Setup
  • Backup Solution (Hardware\Software or combination)
  • Data entry or project conversions

Advantages of Self Hosting

additional self hosting requirements
Additional Self Hosting Requirements

Hardware: SQL Server

Software: Windows Server 2003

MS SQL Server 2000 or 2005

Hardware: IIS Server

Software: Windows Server 2003

Evolution Software

Crystal Enterprise 10

Crystal Report Updater (AMSI)

Self Hosting is only an ADDITION to your existing network

Advantages of Self Hosting

corporate network without evolution
Corporate Network Without Evolution

Advantages of Self Hosting

self hosting corporate network
Self Hosting Corporate Network

Advantages of Self Hosting

why self host vs amsi hosting
Why Self Host vs. AMSI Hosting ?

Three Significant Reasons:

Publish Additional Databases

Data Mining


Advantages of Self Hosting

advantages of self hosting
Advantages of Self Hosting

Database Management

Provides the ability of hosting additional eSite, eFinancial, ePO or other Evolution databases

  • Production
  • Training
  • Previously Owned
  • Prior Month
  • Etc…..

Deliver multiple data sets to users

Advantages of Self Hosting

SQL Custom Queries

Allows you to mine information not available in eSite’s reporting.

Ad-hoc Reporting

Write custom SQL queries to produce on-demand reporting

Crystal Reports

Write custom SQL queries to use in Crystal Reports for professional-looking reports

Advantages of Self Hosting

Bulk Updates of Data

Scenario: What if you need to change the street addresses of all of the suites in a building?

  • Go into Lease Changes and edit them one at a time
  • OR write a SQL query to make the change in minutes.

Advantages of Self Hosting

Data Validation

Users do not always enter data correctly.

Create SQL queries to flag questionable entries

  • GDC uses about thirty queries as part of a single report to flag incorrect or questionable data entries.
  • Allows us to correct data BEFORE it becomes a problem


Fix an incorrect date or recurring charge frequency

Advantages of Self Hosting

Data Management

The Lifeblood of Business is Data.

Maximize the use of your data

  • Custom Reporting
  • Error Correction
  • Data Recovery
  • Database Deployment

Data Recovery

  • On-Demand Data Restoration

Advantages of Self Hosting

Is a Self-Hosted Infrastructure too intricate to set up and administer ?
  • Yesterday’s technology required far more intricate setups than are required today.
  • Hardware is faster and cheaper.
  • Firewall technology is more secure and easier to implement.
  • Web administration is now just a part of network administrators normal tasks.

Advantages of Self Hosting

What are the start-up requirements

of self hosting ?

  • Upgrading Internet Connectivity (T1)
  • Hardware (2 Servers for IIS and SQL)
  • Software (Operating Systems, Evolution, Crystal Enterprise)
  • Consulting Fees (EXCELLENT INVESTMENT !!!)

Advantages of Self Hosting

What In-house Technical Expertise

is recommended ?

  • System Administrator (Network Admin)
  • MS SQL Server Database Administrator

Advantages of Self Hosting

Maintaining Evolution Software

Hot Fixes

  • Unattended installation when the systems are not in use.
  • Normally Hot Fixes can be installed in less than a half hour per server.
  • Start the Crystal Report Updater and let it update the new reports
  • Put the Server Back On Line

By installing Hot Fixes in this manner there is no user down time.

Advantages of Self Hosting

maintaining evolution software
Maintaining Evolution Software

Evolution Program Version installations

- Program version changes offer new challenges -

  • eSite 4 to eSite 5 install took the system off line for about half a day
  • Pick the install date and time that has the least impact on your organization

– i.e. never near month end

  • Normal business hours are best so you can reach AMSI’s tech support if needed

Advantages of Self Hosting

Do I need to install

Citrix or MS Terminal Server ?

No !

Users on your LAN or VPN are logged on to your network. They can access Evolution directly.

World Wide Web users can access Evolution through your Web Servers public address

Advantages of Self Hosting


What are the advantages of installing

Citrix or MS Terminal Server ?

A Terminal or Citrix server allows Remote Users to log into their own personal desktop from the Internet.

Users desktops can be set up to be a virtual clone of the pc in their office.

You can provide network drive and program access allowing mobile users connections to the information they need while out of the office.

Advantages of Self Hosting


What are the advantages of installing Citrix or MS Terminal Server ?Either may also be useful in delivering non-web based software to off site users.

  • Prior to the delivery of eCommercial we were using a competitors Windows-based Commercial Management program.
  • Our off-site users accessed this program via a secure connection (VPN) to our Terminal Server.
  • This gave us the ability to have a third party management company work live on the same software that our company staff used.

Advantages of Self Hosting

System Backups
  • Your network stores all types of data.
  • Choose and purchase a backup program.
  • Back Up your data Nightly

There are many types of backup methods.

  • Tape
  • Disk
  • Electronic Off SiteTransfer

(Microsoft Data Protection Manager)

Advantages of Self Hosting

advantages of self hosting23

What are the Advantages of AMSI Hosting

Advantages of Self Hosting
  • No Self Hosting Hardware or Server Software purchases
  • Excellent Entry position for New Evolution installations
  • Use AMSI’s Hosting Service to prep your data for Self Hosting

Your IT Department is not required to maintain:

      • Hardware
      • Evolution or Microsoft Software
      • Installation of Hot Fixes
      • Backups