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  1. 45 ICT TIPS • Learn to sift through the rubbish

  2. Today's focus: • A man who is contented with what he has done will never become famous for what he will do!

  3. Idea 1 • Starfall is a treat. It has learning levelled, has numerous interactive activities and primary children of all ages can navigate. It caters for reading and maths.

  4. Idea 2 • Soundcloud is a audio program that lets you share recordings. Has a lot of free space. It is also easy to upload and to embed onto webpages.

  5. Idea 3 • Digistore an online interactive and resource site for students to use. Has a variety of subjects for the students to access.

  6. Idea 4 • Voki- a programme that allows you to add you own voice or add typed texts for an animation to read with a voice over.

  7. Idea 5 • Slideshare- a programme that allows you to upload PDF and PowerPoint files to be displayed on wikis.

  8. Idea 6 • Wikispaces- can be used for sharing work, creating web quests, linking online learning activities and sharing school events.

  9. Idea 7 • Twiducate- a safe 'facebook' like environment for students to learn how to use social networking sites, also so students can collaborate with others.

  10. Idea 8 • BBC schools- education learning and activities that students can access. There are a variety of learning areas covered.

  11. Idea 9 • Read write think online activities- caters for a wide variety of learning abilities. Ties in with a lot of basic literacy needs for remedial children.

  12. Idea10 • BBC skillwise- BBC website that covers most literacy areas. Very practical activities for the classroom.

  13. Idea 11 • PBS kids interactive activities- fun and visually attractive games. Has maths games, literacy and covers a range of ages.

  14. Idea 12 • Mad 4 maths- useful timetable practice for the children. Visually attractive and easy to use.

  15. Idea 13 • Multiplication dot com- has interactive games, printable booklets and it also has flash cards available for use.

  16. Idea 14 • Maths buddy- has practical videos that teach children how to solve the problems. Ties in with parts of the numeracy project.

  17. Idea 15 • Isay it- Mac only, put in the text of what you want to say and it will turn it into an audio file that can be shared or uploaded.

  18. Idea 16 • Adrian Bruce site and software.- has software, interactive activities and resources students can use. Most activities tie in with literacy.

  19. Idea 17 • Free mind- brainstorming software. Easy to use and creates very visually appealing images.

  20. Idea 18 • Photo story (pc only, could run windows on Mac?). Add photos, then text, then either audio or music. Creates easy to display shows.

  21. Idea 19 • Geogebra • http://softwareforlearning.tki.org.nz/Products/Geogebra • Geometry software.

  22. Idea 20 • Tumblr- another social networking site. Can select your own groups and can be good for collaborative work.

  23. Idea 21 • Game maker yoyo (pc only)- free version allows for making basic games. Full license allows for more detail games and better options.

  24. Idea 22 • Lego digital designer- fun software for children to create their own Lego designs.

  25. Idea 23 • ABCteach PDF link- webpages with all the links for remedial activities.

  26. Idea 24 • IXL maths practice- a website similar to tut pup and Mathletics.

  27. Idea 25 • English online game zone- a variety of literacy games, teachers may want to specific which games.

  28. Idea 26 • Bigasoft video converter- easy to use software for pc and Mac. Lots of free functions.

  29. Idea 27 • Wikispaces projects- new option added to wikispaces to target specific learning groups in the classroom.

  30. Idea 28 • Using online sound recording software to record down students reflections

  31. Idea 29 • Structured web quests for students with WALTs, S.C, examples, resources so students are structured with their learning, but completely independent.

  32. Idea 30 • ICT can cater for all areas: Art- google sketch up, Literacy- interactive games, discussions, videos and chapterbook challenges, Maths- interactive games, publisher for displaying work, surveys, PE - timers, online fitness trackers, designing fitness games/ cards on the pc. These are but a few ideas.

  33. Idea 31 • Learn 4 good- challenging games that can develop students thinking.

  34. Idea 32 • Tvokids- mathletics tumbletown a great game, to get best out of the site browsing needs to be done.

  35. Idea 33 • Seussville- really good for younger students, has a variety of learning activities.

  36. Idea 34 • Kiddies games- has lots of cool activities for designing worksheets and activities. May not be appropriate for use on a wiki, but will be a useful teacher resource once you have browsed to see what you can do on it. I.e. making bingo sheets, to teaching children French through an interactive display.

  37. Idea 35 • Learning games for kids- a truck load of exciting and interesting interactive activities. Ranging from Maths to Literacy to Spelling work. Covers a variety of ages.

  38. Idea 36 • Cyberkidzgames- Splits the activities in age ability games from 4 year olds to 11 year olds. Maths and Literacy are covered. It also has other areas too.

  39. Idea 37 • The kidz page- The Maths games again is a highlight. It also has word games, picture games and sudoku games

  40. Idea 38 • Gamequarium- has many games and a variety of other sources, ample Maths games that students can access

  41. Idea 39 • Squiglysplayhouse- useful games but you have to go onto it and go into the educational section and there is no shortcut to this.

  42. Idea 40 • School time games- some other maths games that have interesting and exciting games that are visually engaging at the same time.

  43. Idea 41 • Math playground- some good maths activities for children to practice on. The basic facts fact activities are quite useful.

  44. Idea 42 • Fuel the brain- fun site with many learning games, fractions golf is a rather popular example on this site

  45. Idea 43 • Zoodles- ties in video activities for selected age. Also has other payable options.

  46. Idea 44 • Rubistar preset rubrics useful for classroom practice. Make learning learn for students.

  47. Idea 45 • Using IWB for recording daily planning. Maths, writing and reading. Can use preset IWB activities.

  48. Thank you for listening • Please feel free to take a handout as you leave

  49. MCS wiki • If you would like a copy of this ppt or for access to the hand out you can find it on. • www.mcs2011.wikispaces.com