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Vocational Preparatory Instruction PowerPoint Presentation
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Vocational Preparatory Instruction

Vocational Preparatory Instruction

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Vocational Preparatory Instruction

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  1. Vocational Preparatory Instruction

  2. What is VPI? • Vocational Preparatory Instruction is a self-paced instructional program for students in career (vocational) education such as Corrections, Practical Nursing, Allied Health, Law Enforcement, Computer Repair, etc. • It provides instruction in reading, mathematics, language arts, workforce readiness (employability), and study skills. • VPI is beneficial to students enrolled in career (vocational) education programs who have not met basic entry/exit level test requirements or need to raise their basic skills levels.

  3. What Happens After Enrollment in VPI? • Students are interviewed to determine the areas of study they need and to identify their individual goals. For certificate programs, they take the Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) in the required areas. • Based on the test results and/or consultation with the student, a course of study is prescribed. Students may register for one or more VPI courses depending on their identified needs.

  4. The Way VPI Works • VPI uses a programmed, diagnostic/prescriptive approach. • Students receive immediate feedback on their progress, and there is always someone available to answer questions. • All materials are self-paced and targeted to student needs and learning styles.

  5. The VPI Courses • VPI0100 – Reading • VPI0200 – Mathematics • VPI0300 - Language • Workforce readiness (employability instruction) is incorporated into the reading, math and language arts courses. • As of January, 2009, VPI courses will change to 0 credit hours (currently, each course is 1 vocational credit).

  6. VPI Components • Reading Comprehension – covers skills such as recalling information, main ideas, inferences • Mathematics – covers basic computation and concepts and applications • Language – covers sentence structure, grammar and mechanics • After successfully completing these courses, students should have mastered the objectives stated in the VPI curriculum frameworks and standards, available on the Florida Department of Education's Division of Workforce Development web site.

  7. Other Areas of VPI Support • Workforce Skills - Provides students with basic criteria for increasing their employability. The VPI Workforce Readiness Skills Checklist summarizes the areas covered and materials available. • Study Skills – helps students hone skills such as test taking, utilizing resources, time management, etc.

  8. Other Services and Resources Offered in VPI • One-on-one Tutoring for required courses (beyond basic skills) for students enrolled in career (vocational) education programs • Mini-workshops on workforce readiness (employability) and study skills in addition to other specific topics. These can be held in the Academic Support Center or in the classroom.

  9. Other Facets of VPI • Jump Start – VPI provides math instruction for pre-nursing students participating in the Jump Start nursing preparation program. • Providing specific remediation for nursing students in math and reading areas. • Providing newly created materials for specific programs covering specific skills.

  10. Other Facets of VPI • Providing writing remediation for law enforcement recruits to help with report writing. • Providing anatomical models for health related courses. • Holding workshops on basic math and reading skills for Fresh Start students.

  11. The Role of VPI • VPI is the academic support system for the vocational classes at Daytona State College. • Combined with the other services of the Academic Support Center, we provide students with the tools needed to succeed in their coursework and beyond.