basic training for barangay health workers n.
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ROLES of the BARANGAY HEALTH WORKER PowerPoint Presentation
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ROLES of the BARANGAY HEALTH WORKER - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  2. You all have different reasons for being here as Barangay Health Workers, but the most important ones are: • We know there are health problems in our community; 2. We are committed to helping find solutions to these problems.

  3. As a Barangay Health Worker, you are also a: • Community organizer; • Health educator; and • Health service provider.

  4. The qualities of a BHW are: 3 Cs – Compassionate (kind) - Committed - Creative (resourceful) 2 Vs - Voluntary Spirit -Visionary leadership 1 P - Patient 1 H - Healthy 1 T - Team Worker (Good model/approachable)

  5. ROLES OF BARANGAY HEALTH WORKER A. The Barangay Health Workers (BHWs) are trained to serve in a barangay health station (BHS) situated in his/her home for a specific number of families/households under his/her coverage. 1. First and foremost, he/she must be able to give adequate out-patient care and this includes; - Recognize signs and symptoms of common illness. - Recognition and referral of those needing care.

  6. 2. Secondly, he/she must be able to give adequate assistance to the midwives and/or nurses in the care of mothers and children in the promotion of maternal and child health and this includes; - Arrangements and assistance in clinics, including preventive and curative care and immunization. - The ability to detect and refer the at-risk mothers and at-risk children - Referral of obstetrical emergencies - Ensure Birth Plan for all pregnant mothers - Monitoring of monthly weight and other health care needs of the children.

  7. 3. He/she must be able to advise, encourage and initiate improvements in the environmental health at the barangay level. This includes; - Improvement in sanitation as well as household and community hygiene. - Arrange and conduct lectures on environmental-related illnesses. 4. He/she must be able to assist family planning service with emphasis on activities such as; - Provide information on the methods of FP - Referral of all potential and new family planning acceptors - Follow-up defaulters.

  8. 5. he/she must be able to; - Provide simple nutrition information to the community • - Identify and refer malnourished children to the midwives • - Assist in weighing of children during “OPERATION TIMBANG” • 6. He/she must be able to give adequate assistance to the midwives in the prevention and control of communicable diseases prevalent in the local community. This includes; • - Identification of common communicable diseases prevalent in the area. • - Reporting in the occurrence of communicable diseases. • - Referral of cases of communicable diseases.

  9. 7. He/she must be able to administer and manage activities as BHW at the BHS and this includes; • - Care and safe keeping of drug supply and medical equipments. • - Programming of their activities • - Delineation of principal duties, task and targets • - Good public relation and work as a team with BHS and RHU personnel

  10. B. The BARANGAY HEALTH WORKER is trained clinically in different aspects of health care. The BHW must be able to: • recognized situations requiring referral • Recognized all common medical condition including the common communicable diseases. • Treat all common medical • Assist the midwife in diseases investigations

  11. C. The BARANGAY HEALTH WORKER is trained to initiate, organize, supervised and conduct activities for preventive medicines such as; • pre-natal care • post-natal care • child health care • immunization campaigns • nutrition rehabilitation • health education in schools and other places • surveys

  12. D. The BARANGAY HEALTH WORKER, in order to fulfill both clinical and community aspects of his/her work at the health center, he/she must be able to perform administrative function, such as; • - Assist and conduct surveys. • - Keep records • - Perform monitoring and reporting • - Maintain good relations with the public

  13. The role of a BARANGAY HEALTH WORKER is a difficult one. It entails a lot of sacrifices to oneself and his/her family… but the contentment of helping those in need and the gratitude extended to a BHW for his/her care and support to his/her community are more than enough to cover for the efforts and time spent as a … BARANGAY HEALTH WORKER. God bless everyone!