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First and Last Name. This is My Future. Personality and Career Test Results. PA Career Zone Interests: ___________________ ___________________ ___________________. Jung Typology Test Results: __ __ __ __ ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ ___________________.

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First and last name

First and Last Name

This is My Future

Personality and career test results
Personality and Career Test Results

PA Career Zone Interests:




Jung Typology Test Results:

__ __ __ __





My career goal
My Career Goal

Use a complete sentence and career specific title.

Career title
Career Title

Copy and paste a real job opening for your career.

Career requirements
Career Requirements

  • Experience Requirements: Explain the experience required for chosen career. (include source)

  • Education Requirements: Explain the education (degrees, masters, doctorates) required for chosen career. (include source)

  • Certification Requirements: Explain whether any certification(s) are needed or are not needed. (include source)

  • Examination Requirements: Explain whether any examination(s) are needed or are not needed. (include source)

Education post secondary
Education: Post Secondary

Using at least one paragraph, answer the following questions.

  • What major is required, encouraged, or best for the chosen career? (include source)

  • Identify at least three universities, colleges, technical schools, military branches offer this major/concentration?

Name of first choice
Name of First Choice

Choose one of the institutions above and using at least two paragraphs explain why you want to attend that specific institution.

Besides the information on the previous slides also answer the following questions in your explanation: Include four pictures that help the viewer understand why you are interested in that specific institution.

  • College:

  • Do you like the campus?

  • Is it a big campus or a small campus?

  • Is it in the city/country?

  • Is it out of state?

  • Are you going to have to work?

  • Does it have good athletics and spirit?

  • Military:

  • How long and how tough is boot camp?

  • Where is boot camp?

  • Will the military branch prepare you for a career?

  • Is there a possibility to make military your career?

  • Depending on your occupation, will you have the chance for combat?

High school career goals
High School Career Goals

Answer the following questions:

  • What GPA do you need?

  • What special classes do you need?

  • What is your SAT score goal? or ACT score goal?

  • Should you take SAT preparation classes?

  • If you have already taken the SAT or ACT, what were your scores?

  • Should you take the SAT or ACT again?

  • Will your participation in certain clubs, teams, organizations, help you? If so, which ones?

Specific class goal
Specific Class Goal

Either select this current health class or another class that might be difficult for you and complete the following:

  • What is the course?

  • What is the grade goal in this course?

  • What is your plan to earn this grade? Habits? Strategies?

  • How much time will you spend studying? (Be specific)

Parent signature
Parent Signature

After reviewing the project with your parents, have them sign below.