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Title your presentation as your last name teacher name and class period. Example: PearsonSaucedo5. First and Last Name. Reading Teachers Name Class Period. Scarlet The Lunar Chronicles. by Marissa Meyer. Book 2 Lunar Chronicles Series. Setting

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first and last name

Title your presentation as your last name teacher name and class period.

Example: PearsonSaucedo5

First and Last Name

Reading Teachers Name

Class Period



The Story takes place sometime in the future after the fourth World War

France / Beijing


Young Adult

Science Fiction

Romance Novel


Returning Characters


Cinder - A Cyborg Mechanic

who also happens to be the long

lost Princess Selena and is now

the Commonwealth’s most wanted


Linh Cinder - 16 years old


returning character
Returning Character

Prince Kai - Is now the Eastern

Commonwealth Emperor after his father died in

the first book of a deadly plague. Kai struggles

to come to terms with his feelings for Cinder,

and the fact that he must turn Cinder over to the

Lunar Queen in order to stop a war between



Emperor Kai 18 years old

returning character1
Returning Character

Queen Levana - is the reigning Queen of Luna and Cinder’s Aunt. Levana is feared due to her ability to glamour (hypnotize) people to submit to her will. Her glamour makes her appear beautiful when she is actually very old and ugly.

new character
New Character

Scarlet - is the main character, she

lives in a suburb of France with her

now missing Grandmere. Scarlet meets

Wolf and the two of them set off on a

dangerous adventure to find Scarlet’s

grandmother and end up finding out her

connection to the missing Lunar Princess.

Scarlet 18 years old

new character1
New Character

Wolf - is a shy street fighter that

helps Scarlet search for her missing

grandmother. At the age of 12, Wolf was

drafted into the Queen’s Army to be a

genetically modified trained killer. In the

end Wolf must choose between Scarlet

and his pack.

Wolf 18 years old


Scarlet picks up immediately where Cinder, the first book in the series, leaves off. The plot follows both Cinder’s escape from prison and Scarlet’s search for her missing grandmother and ends with the two stories uniting.

Scarlet is devastated by her grandmother’s disappearance and the police refuse to believe she was actually kidnapped. She meets a mysterious streetfighter named Wolf and decides to take up his offer to help her find her grandmother.

Cinder escapes from prison and is trying to come to grips with her new identity and her Lunar powers. She travels to France in hopes of finding her past and the missing first eleven years of her memory.

rate the book
Rate the Book

I give the book 4 Stars (I only give 5 stars to books I immediately want to reread). It’s a great story, I think I might have enjoyed Cinder a little more, but I still liked this story enough that I am looking forward to reading Crest. My favorite character is Wolf, he struggles with the life he is forced to lead and the life he would like to lead.