s ee your capital appreciate with n.
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S ee your capital appreciate with PowerPoint Presentation
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S ee your capital appreciate with

S ee your capital appreciate with

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S ee your capital appreciate with

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  1. Seeyour capital appreciate with Wealth Builder Plus

  2. Sometimes your best investments are the ones you don’t make! Few of the many problems faced by an investor are: • How to start with a small investment? • How to maximize capital growth with financial security? The ideal solution is EFU LIFE Wealth Builder Plus Provides the perfect investment vehicle to cater for both: the desire for capital gains and the need for financial security

  3. How your money is invested Your contributions to the Plan will buy units in the Fund of your choice There are two unit prices quoted for this fund Offer The “Offer” price at which you buy units 100% Bid The “Bid” price at which units are bought back from you by EFU when you want to encash the whole or part of your Plan of your investment is used to buy units at the prevailing offer price. All EFU Life investment funds are valued daily and the unit prices are published on our website.

  4. Where your money is invested 100% of the single premium will be invested by default in: EFU Guaranteed Growth Fund • Features: • Very Low Risk • Guarantee that the bid price • never falls • Ideal for higher age investors Apart from this there are three more fund choices available to you, namely: EFU Managed Growth Fund EFU Capital Growth Fund EFU Aitemad Growth Fund

  5. Why Wealth Builder Plus is better Benefits EFU Wealth Builder Plus provides compared to National Saving Schemes • Significant savings in the form of tax credit on your investment • No withholding tax on encashment • Benefit from the investment expertise of EFU Life – one of the largest fund managers in Pakistan • Select an investment fund that caters to your risk appetite

  6. Why Wealth Builder Plus is better Below is a comparison of EFU Wealth Builder Plus with NSS Defense Saving Certificate to illustrate the benefits of this plan. *Zakat will not be deducted on source

  7. Benefits of Wealth Builder Plus Built-In Protection Benefit Natural Death The natural death benefit is; Greater of, 101% of the Single Premium Paid or Basic Cash Value. Accidental Death The accidental death benefit is; Tax Credit Benefit Greater of, Single Premium Paid or Cash Value of the Plan Plus Built in Accidental Death Benefit of 300% of Single Premium Paid up to a maximum of 10 million You can earn Tax Credit in accordance with your monthly salary and amount of premium paid

  8. Retirement Income “Don’t simply retire from something; have something to retire to.” You have the facility of applying the maturity value to purchase a pension from EFU Life, to help you maintain your standard of living in retirement.

  9. Other Important Details Term Minimum Contribution Whole of Life. Rs. 50,000 Bid/Offer Spread Investment Management Charge 5% of the contribution. 0.125% of the fund value per month. Accidental Death Benefit Charge To be deducted as de-allocation at bid price Rate: 1.5 per ‘000 Sum Assured ADB Surrender Surrender is allowed for full Cash Value at any time after the end of second policy year. In the first two years, following charges will apply on all surrenders: