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How to automate email marketing

Email automation helps you find your audience and engage your customers. Unlike manual campaigns, automations run in the background while you tend to other valuable tasks. With automation, you can send personalized emails for each individual, from new visitors to repeat buyers.

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How to automate email marketing

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  1. HOW TO AUTOMATE EMAIL MARKETING What is email automation and why you’ll love it


  3. INTRODUCTION Email automation allows you to program when emails are sent based on behavioral, time-sensitive or other types of triggers. For instance, instead of manually sending out a welcome email to everyone who signs up for your service, you can set up a trigger that automatically sends a welcome email every time a new person signs up. You write the email once, but it continues to work hard and reach all your subscribers exactly when they need it.

  4. Beyond taking the manual work off your plate, automated emails let you personalize your messages in a way that is timely and relevant. As a result, automated emails are opened more often.  The world's most high-performing companies like Amazon and Netflix have embraced automation resulting in huge revenue increases. The ROI (return on investment) for automatic emails is exceptionally high because the recipients are receiving your message when it is top of mind, and it satisfies their desire for instant feedback. Why it is a game changer for your business?

  5. 4 WAYS TO LEVERAGEEMAIL AUTOMATION #1 AUTOMATE WELCOME MAILS #2 AUTOMATE AUDIENCE SEGMENTATION Make a strong first impression. The first email automation every business should implement is a welcome response for a new subscriber.  When someone signs up to receive content, an automated message is the best way to acknowledge them, make a positive first impression and extend the engagement by offering additional value. First impressions are powerful, so be thoughtful about what you want to say. In addition to communicating their gratitude, you can use the email to showcase their personality and offer some unique extras including personal preferences and a coupon. You have one opportunity to WOW your customer right from the start with an automated welcome email that makes a lasting first impression. You can also create automated sequences where different emails are sent in a series. By sending a set of email, you break up your messages and feed people information in a way that is timely and based on their actions. Audience segmentation is a way to divide up your customer base into smaller groups based on what they like about your products and services. Segmentation is an important step to improve the relevance of your email marketing. When relevance increases, your campaign performance improves. Instead of sending everyone the same message, segmentation helps you target the right message to the right audience. The current practice of creating segments based on personas or other data points doesn't always lead to the right groups. With email automation, you can create extremely effective groups through self-segmentation.

  6. #4 AUTOMATE RETENTION Keep customers engaged. Everyone loves acquiring new customers, but a business can't survive on new sales alone — you need to retain the customers you already have to stay profitable. One of the most effective ways to keep customers is by building a relationship through automated email campaigns. In fact, 80% of retail marketers indicated that email marketing is their greatest driver of customer retention. The second best channel is Social media at just 44%. Retention marketing is most powerful when you deliver value in a way that keeps customers engaged. Automated emails play a critical role in a retention campaign.  By programming triggers that send customers emails at key points in your customer lifecycle, you can maintain relationships with thousands of customers. #3 AUTOMATE LEAD NURTURING Guide prospects down the sales funnel. You can set up automated sequences based on your subscribers’ actions and lead them to purchase. When potential customers come to you, they are rarely ready to buy on the spot. In fact, 50% of qualified leads aren’t ready to buy. Nurturing subscribers to become customers is an integral part of the sales process. Build a relationship with subscribers with an automated nurturing email campaign. Automated lead nurturing allows you to track each subscriber's engagement with your content and website. You can automatically send the right email at the right time when they interact with your content. 

  7. OTHER AUTOMATION IDEAS TO EXPLORE COLLECT CUSTOMER FEEDBACK #1 • Email Surveys are a great way to learn what your customers really think about your services. You can use automation to trigger a survey email after a key event, such as a purchase or account signup. PROMOTE BLOG POSTS #2 • You can also schedule an automated email that inserts your recent blogs into the email to inform your subscribers. BIRTHDAYS OR OTHER SPECIAL OCCASSIONS • People love anniversaries and special occasions. Surprise and delight your subscribers by automatically triggering an email on their birthday or send them a discount on their anniversary of becoming a subscriber. #3 TRANSACTION EMAILS • Automate confirmation or thank you emails. Whenever someone buys a product or takes certain actions that warrant a response. #4 ONGOING EDUCATIONAL SERIES #5 • Once a subscriber is familiar with your company, you can create sequences of emails that aim to educate the subscriber in a deeper way. For example, send a blog series on a specific subject that will add value and strengthen your relationship.

  8. That’s it! We hope this guide has helped to get a clearer concept about automated email marketing. Now that you have all the knowledge, it’s your time to shine! WRAPPING UP!

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