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Home Automation Can Be Fun for Us All, But It Is Great for the Elderly and Disabled PowerPoint Presentation
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Home Automation Can Be Fun for Us All, But It Is Great for the Elderly and Disabled

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Home Automation Can Be Fun for Us All, But It Is Great for the Elderly and Disabled - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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If you’re not familiar with home automation, you’re living in the wrong century. \n\nVisit:

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Home AutomationCanBe Funfor UsAll,ButItIsGreatfor the Elderlyand Disabled

Ifyou’renotfamiliarwithhomeautomation,you’relivinginthewrongcentury.Alsocalleddomotics, homeautomationreferstoahousethatisconsidered“smart”becauseheating,airconditioning,lighting, etcetera is allautomated. Home appliances, suchas ovens and washers, might alsobe automatedand controllableviaWi-Fi.

Evenspecific petcaredevicescouldbeconsideredhomeautomation.

Justacoupleofdecadesago,theveryideathatourhomescouldbe automatedseemedalmostridiculous. Nowitisamarketworthwellover5billiondollarsandcouldbeworthasmuchas12billiondollarsby theyear2020.

It all sounds great—you’ll have less to do around the house, so you’ll naturally have more time for leisure,right?Ishomeautomationasgoodasitiscrackeduptobe,though?Thereareafewconcerns. Forone,asdevicesarecontrolledviaWi-Fi,thereisthepotentialforhacking.Thecost ofowningthe devicescanunfortunatelybehigh,too.Complicatingthecostfactoristhefactthatthehomeautomation marketisnew,andthereisalwaysthepossibilitythatyouwillendupbuyingadevice(or devices)that willstopbeingsupportedbytheirmanufacturers.

Homeautomationcouldsavetheaveragepersonalotoftime,butitalsohasanefficientandextremely neededpurpose regardingpeople withdisabilities aswellasolderadultswhowouldprefer tolive intheir home insteadof endingupinanursinghome.

Therearehealthsystemsembeddedinthingslikeappliancesandfurniturethatwillcollectdata,which canthenbeobtained, analyzed, andusedbymedicalprofessionals(andevenfamilyinsomecases)to ascertainthe healthof the elderly/disabledperson.

Astheindustryexpandsandpricesconsequentlygodown,homeautomationisbeinginstalledinmore homesofelderly/disabledpeople,whichallowsthemtostayoutofassistedlivingfacilitiesandnursing homes.Theprocessofmovingoutof one’shomeandintoalong-termcarefacilitycancreatealotof anxiety.Thehomeautomationsystemslettheelderlyanddisabledremainintheir homessecureinthe knowledgethat—shouldsomethinggowrong—helpisjusta momentortwoaway.

Reminder systems are beneficial to the elderly; we all get a bit forgetful as we age. There are even systemsthatwilldispensemedicationsattheappropriate time sothattheelderlydoesn’tforgetthedrugs thatmaybekeepingthemalive.

Aswe’vementioned,theindustryisabilliondollarone,soitishere tostay.Homeautomationmaynot beperfectyet,butitishardtofindanythingtrulynegative tosayaboutabusinessthathelpstheelderly andthe ill.