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KitchenAid Fully Integrated Dishwasher In Malaysia

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KitchenAid Fully Integrated Dishwasher In Malaysia - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Know about features and specification of KitchenAid Fully Integrated Dishwasher in Malaysia\n

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Fully Integrated Dishwasher

This built-in dishwasher with a multi-zone washing system is simply perfect for your home (up to 13 place settings). Extremely quiet, it is Class A++AA rated. With its Dynamic Clean option and eight different wash programmes you can count on incredibly clean dishes and sparkling perfection! The Light Control system shines an orange light on the floor in front of the dishwasher during the wash cycle. The light switches off when the wash cycle finishes so you no longer need to open the door to check.


KitchenAidFully Integrated Dishwasher Features

Dynamic Clean

A powerful cleaning system eliminates the need to pre-scrub or post-wash, providing perfect cleaning performance with saving on water and detergent. 24 high-pressure jets at the rear of the tub remove stubborn soil from larger items like baking trays, hood filters and large plates. These can be placed vertically, providing

kitchenaid fully integrated dishwasherfeatures
KitchenAidFully Integrated DishwasherFeatures

Sensor Technology

Intelligent sensors continuosly monitor the level of solid residue in the water, adjusting temperature, washing cycle duration and water consumption so that minimum water and energy are used to get your dishes clean - saving up to 30% of the time, water and energy used in a regular washing cycle.


KitchenAidFully Integrated DishwasherFeatures


A perfect everyday option that you can choose which rack of the dishwasher you want to load, activating the washing cycle only where it's needed to give you maximum flexibility and efficiency.


Pro Steam Program

This feature increases the temperature and decreases water pressure during the main washing cycle to create steam, which help soften dried on residues so they are more easily removed with less abrasion. This gentle but effective cleaning method require no pre-wash, soak or scrub, dishes are washed at the ideal temperature.