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New AIA Contract Documents ( 4.3 Release ) Important details for your component, members, and customers May 26, 2010 2:0 PowerPoint Presentation
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New AIA Contract Documents ( 4.3 Release ) Important details for your component, members, and customers May 26, 2010 2:0

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New AIA Contract Documents ( 4.3 Release ) Important details for your component, members, and customers May 26, 2010 2:0 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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New AIA Contract Documents ( 4.3 Release ) Important details for your component, members, and customers May 26, 2010 2:00 – 3:00 p.m. EST. Today’s Agenda. New & Updated Contract Docs Sales and Marketing Update Collecting Customer Info using net:FORUM Q&A. Susan Van Bell Kyle McAdams

I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described.
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Presentation Transcript

New AIA Contract Documents (4.3 Release)

Important details for your component, members, and customers

May 26, 2010

2:00 – 3:00 p.m. EST

today s agenda
Today’s Agenda

New & Updated Contract Docs

Sales and Marketing Update

Collecting Customer Info using net:FORUM


Susan Van Bell

Kyle McAdams

Sam Harrell

4 3 release new revised contract documents
4.3 ReleaseNew & Revised Contract Documents

Susan Van Bell, Esq.

Director and Associate Counsel

AIA Contract Documents

b106 2010 owner architect agreement for pro bono services
B106-2010Owner/Architect Agreement for Pro Bono Services

What is it used for?

  • New agreement for building design, construction contract administration, or other professional services provided pro bono by the architect.

How is Pro Bono defined?

  • Pro bono services are professional services for which the architect receives no financial compensation other than compensation for reimbursable expenses.















SPE Contract Structure

SPE Agreement (C195)

2. SPE Member Services Agreement (C197)

3. SPE Owner Agreement (C196)

4. Non-Member Agreement(C198 & C199)



contact resource information
Contact/Resource Information

Documents content questions:

Telephone: (202) 626-7526

Documents content reference


aia contract documents reference materials
AIA Contract Documents Reference Materials

Kyle McAdams, AIA

Director, Sales & Marketing

AIA Contract Documents

4.3 Release

Sales and Marketing Update

acd sales are below target but gap is closing
ACD sales are below target, but gap is closing

2010 Sales thru April:

  • YTD sales are roughly -4% below target
  • Closed gap from peak of -14% below target in February
  • March and April sales exceeded monthly targets
  • Docs-on-Demand continues to perform well at +199% over target


non renewals are driving the software decrease
Non-Renewals are driving the software decrease
  • Decreasing renewal rates seem to be where we are losing sales
  • However, it appears renewals are just being delayed
  • Since Jan-Feb are biggest sales months:
    • Delayed renewals show up as big shortfalls early in the year
    • Hopefully made up as delayed renewals later in year


survey shows lack of work driving decrease
Survey shows lack of work driving decrease

Delaying renewal until we have new/more work

Not enough work to support purchase of a license

Price is too high

Lack of work driving delay of purchase

Software did not fulfill needs

Budget cut/do not have funding for a license

We created our own contracts

Downgraded to another ACD software license

Competition does NOT appear to be driving renewal decrease

Using another organization’s standardized building contracts

We never used the software

Our company/firm went out of business

Other Reason for not renewing

Most “other” reason was lack of DU carry over


we have targeted programs to recapture sales
We have targeted programs to recapture sales:

Pricing: Raised prices 2.5% on select licenses

Products & Promotion: Tested new license versions to address market needs:

Winback offer to non-renewers: 1.8% conversion, $26K sales, 609% ROI

Place:We are leveraging new sales channels to reach customers:

Tech Support: Outbound renewal calls to Unlimited customer

Sales: Outbound calls to Unlimited customer non-renewers


now we need our fsd s to help us drive sales leverage q2 product launches to drive interest
Now we need our FSD’s to help us drive sales…. Leverage Q2 product launches to drive interest

AIA Contract Documents Software Release 4.3

AIA Documents on Demand™ New Improved Service

  • Added 6 more docs in April
  • Now 22 most popular docs
  • Release June 10, 2010
  • New documents:
    • New IPD SPE Agreements
    • New Bond Forms
    • New Pro-Bono Agreement


proof of these benefits
Proof of these benefits
  • Are the industry’s most widely accepted contract documents:
    • 90% of contractors, architects, lawyers and owners surveyed agree
    • 8 out of 10  claim to use AIA documents
  • Are seen by Industry stakeholders as fair and balanced:
    • Drafted with input from contractors, architects, major insurers, owners
    • Majority of contractors and owners surveyed agree they are fair and balanced
  • Are time tested - over 100 years of case law
  • Reflect the latest industry trends -- well publicized updates
  • Most extensive library of agreements and forms (over 100)
proof of a better product
Proof of a better product
  • Easy-to use software enables you to create, edit, and manage documents
    • Library with the complete collection of documents right at your fingers
    • Simple tools to auto-populate standard contracts saving time and money
    • Open sharing and “Track Changes” with anyone who has Microsoft® Word and Excel
  • Expert educational resources to understand documents and software
    • Regularly updated webinars, podcasts, video tutorials available online
    • Resources integrated with software interface
  • Highly experienced and dedicated AIA Contract Document support
    • Dedicated content advice and technical software support
    • Readily accessible via phone, e-mail, online tutorials, and extensive knowledge base
4 3 marketing help us take protection media online
4.3 MarketingHelp us take “Protection” media online

4.3 Banner Ads Available June 1 on Toolkit

4.3 Social Media campaign – Please Take Part!!!

Protect your project with the latest version of the AIA Contract

Documents, released today. New IPD Multi-Party and federally

funded project agreements. Learn more at

component tools for marketing and selling
Component Tools for Marketing and Selling

Segmented Sales Sheets


Video Demos

LG Architect

LG Contractor

SM Architect

SM Contractor

Print Ads

Banner Ads

Contract Diagrams

FAQ’s for Docs

FAQ’s for Program

Talking Points

component tools for docs on demand
Component Tools for Docs on Demand

Logos, Talking Points and FAQ’s

Docs on Demand Postcards

Web Banners

component resources in toolkit find it now
Component Resources in ToolkitFind it Now…

AIA Component Homepage (scroll) Homepage

Scroll down Component page to “Managing a Component”



Click link to “Toolkit”

Component Toolkit


Scroll to select ACD marketing tools available


Click on “For Components” link


4.3 Release

7 Steps to Collecting Customer Info

Using net:FORUM

Sam Harrell

Associate, Sales and Marketing

AIA Contract Documents

step 1 log in to net forum
Step 1: Log In to net:FORUM

To log in to netFORUM, go to

  • You will see a login screen- enter your username and password here
step 2 go to the crm module
Step 2: Go to the CRM Module
  • Once you are logged in, you’ll see the net:FORUMhomescreen. It should be automatically on the CRM module, but if not click on the orange CRM button on the top left of the page. A pop-up menu will open- select the “CRM” option
step 3 enter query mode
Step 3: Enter Query Mode
  • You’ll now be in the CRM module. Go to the top of the page where there is an “Individuals” tab. When you run your mouse over this you’ll get a drop-down menu- from this you’ll select “Run Query.”
step 4 load existing query
Step 4: Load Existing Query

Now, click on the “Load an Existing Query” tab and you’ll get a drop-down menu. Scroll down until you see the query called “DOC: FSD Customer Information” and click on this.

step 5 run query
Step 5: Run Query
  • You’ll see a screen Step 5- Run Query
  • like this. From here, click on “Run Query” in the lower right hand corner.
step 6 input query fields
Step 6: Input Query Fields

You now have some choices to make! You’ll see 7 input boxes on your screen. The first 2 give the query information on the period of time you want to look for orders. Note that the query is run by the date of expiration of the product, not the order date of the product. Thus, you will need to run the report one year ahead or before the order date of products you want to find.

There are three ways to run the report for date ranges:

  • Find all purchases before a given date. To do this, enter the date one year ahead of when you want the report to look backwards. In the “Less Than or Equal To” field. Note: net:FORUM records only go back to 2006.
  • Find all purchases after a given date. To do this, enter the date one year ahead of the date from which you want to look forward in the “Greater Than or Equal To” field. Leave the 2nd field blank.
  • Find all purchases within a given date range.
step 6 input query fields continued
Step 6: Input Query Fields (Continued)

Now you’ll need to put in the cities in which you want to find the orders. Currently, you’ll only be able to run the report by city; I will soon have two new reports that you can run by an entire state or by a zip code range. For now, though, you’ll need to input the state in which you’re looking for order in the “Addess::State/Territory is Equal To” field (you should use the state code, not full name). Then, you can input up to four cities within that state to find records in. If you only want to search for one city, just enter that one in any of the four fields and leave the others blank.

step 7 save query results
Step 7: Save Query Results

After you’ve run the query you’ll see a screen like this. Scroll over to the left side of the screen.

step 7 save query results cont
Step 7: Save Query Results (Cont.)

Once you’ve scrolled all the way to the left, scroll over the icon with an arrow on the top right. From the drop down menu, select “Export to Raw Data to ASCII Delimited/CSV” by clicking on it. Once a new window opens, save the file.

you re done completed excel file
You’re done! Completed Excel File

You now have a complete Excel file with the following information:

  • Customer ID
  • Customer Full Name
  • Customer Company Name
  • Customer Email Address
  • Date the customer purchased their product
  • Member Type (1): Used for Prospect Licensed and Local Allied members
  • Member Type (2): Used for full Members, National Allied Members, International Associates, and Associates
  • Product type
  • Full Address
  • Primary Phone Number

Please note: net:FORUM will not have complete information for many of these fields. The most commonly missing information is: Company Name, Full Address, and Primary Phone Number.