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6 th Grade Earth Science

6 th Grade Earth Science. Wrens Middle School. “ Changing Rock”. The Internet at Home

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6 th Grade Earth Science

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  1. 6th Grade Earth Science Wrens Middle School “ Changing Rock” The Internet at Home sciLINKS: At www.scilinks.org you will find links to Web sites selected by the staff at the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA). Check out the latest links by typing in the sciLINKS numbers listed below. GO TO: www.scilinks.org TOPIC: Wave Erosion LINKS NUMBER: HSM1638 TOPIC: Wind Erosion sci LINKS NUMBER: HSM1669 TOPIC: Glaciers sci LINKS NUMBER: HSM0675 TOPIC: Composition of the Earth sciLINKS NUMBER: HSM0329 TOPIC: Structure of the Earth sciLINKS NUMBER: HSM1468 go.hrw.com: The resources at this Web site come to you directly from the publisher of your child’s textbook. Here you will find resources to help your son or daughter better understand the chapters. You can access these materials and other information by entering the keyword below. GO TO: go.hrw.com KEYWORD: HZ5ICE KEYWORD: HZ5TEC • By the end of the unit, students should understand: • how storms and wave erosion are connected • how waves break in shallow water • how beaches form • what types of coastal landforms are created by wave action • why areas composed of fine materials are vulnerable to wind erosion • how wind moves sand and fine materials • what the effects of wind erosion are • why glaciers are important agents of erosion and deposition • how ice in a glacier flows • what some of the landforms eroded by glaciers are • what some of the landforms deposited by glaciers are • what the layers of the Earth are made of what the physical properties of the layers of the Earth are • what the definition of tectonic plate is • F Y I • Interactive Textbooks have been issued. Please treat it like a textbook. Do homework in the book. • Study 10 minutes every night • Standards: S6E5: b, c, g • Questions to Ask Along the Way : • Why do beaches look different all over the world? • Do glaciers really move? • Can wind be powerful enough to affect a landscape? • What types of natural factors have affected the landscape of your neighborhood? • What is the Earth like on the inside? • Did our planet always look like it does now?

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