The nemo phase2 tower elements
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The NEMO-Phase2 tower elements - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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8 floors 8 m bars, vertical dist. = 40 m, H tot = 450 m 32 OM, 18 hydrophones oceanographic instruments. 4 OMs/floor 2 hydrophones. The NEMO-Phase2 tower elements. Final validation of the DU for Capo Passero.

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The nemo phase2 tower elements

8 floors

8 m bars, vertical dist. = 40 m, Htot = 450 m

32 OM, 18 hydrophones

oceanographic instruments

4 OMs/floor

2 hydrophones

The NEMO-Phase2 tower elements

Final validation of the DU for Capo Passero

The OM: 10” Hamamatsu R7081, Front End Module, Time Calibration, LED beacons

Hydrophones: acoustic positioning and bioacustics

32 OMs, all fully tested and calibrated.

2 OMs equipped with piezo-hydrophones

Erlangen, June 22-23, 2012 Antonio Capone

Nemo phase 2 status

Mechanical structure, including anchor and deployment tools ready at LNS

All “offshore” electronic cards integrated and tested in their vessels, ready at LNS

All “on-shore” electronic cards integrated and tested, ready at LNS

Nemo-Phase 2 Status

The Data Acquisition software ready, will be tested during July/August at Catania lab.

All cables/connectors ready at LNS

The Power Feeding system, the MEOC, the Junction Box ready at Capo Passero

Erlangen, June 22-23, 2012 Antonio Capone

  • Attività prevista (Luglio-prima settimana settembre) ready at LNS

  • Questa settimana

  • Test FCM, chiusura vessel di piano, test Vessel su camera iperbarica

  • integrazione backbone , break out e PMT su struttura meccanica

  • Integrazionepiani:

  • Si parte dal piano piu’ vicinoalla base

  • -collegamento OM-FCM

  • -collegamento FCM-break out di piano

  • -test con 4 OM oscuratisimile a quello di fase 1 (acquisizione fondo PMT,

  • misura margine ottico, …..

  • -si passa al piano successivo

  • Test finale

  • Effettuato oscurando tutta la struttura come se la torre fosse in mare

  • Si utilizza tutta la on shoreelectronics

  • - ready at LNSTrigger System Controller(TSC): monitors and serves the TriDAS - (1 GbE I/O) (to be finalized)

  • - Hit Managers (HM): receive optical data; prepare and distribute the Time Slice (TS) to the TCPU (DONE)

  • - TriggerCPUs (TCPU): apply the trigger logics to the assigned TS and transfer the selected data to the EM;

    • note: more than 1 TCPU process can run on a TCPU server (Quasi done: TriggerAlgos to be finalized)

  • - Event Manager(EM): receives the triggered data from TCPUs and build the Post-Trigger events data file (Started)

32 MBps


32 MBps


Minilinea ANTARES per Capo Passero ready at LNS

Provata la settimana scorsa dopo 1.5 anni di stop

configurazione in via di definizione ready at LNS


8 Outputs

Capo Passero

Termination Frame


8 Outputs

Primary JB



8 Outputs

  • Capabilities:

  • 20 Optical Fibers G 655

  • 10kV/375V DC-DC converter

  • up to 8.8 KW available off shore

  • 50 kW available onshore


8 Outputs

SEA operations – June 2012 ready at LNS

Short summary report

R. Papaleo

22 june 2012

Scope of work
Scope of work ready at LNS

Deploy SN1 underwater station and connect to TSN termination frame

Deploy LIDO acoustic station and connect to NEMO JB

Option: Make a visual inspection of the NEMO Mechanical Tower deployed 2 years ago

The c atania test site a multidisciplinary deep sea lab
The ready at LNSCatania Test Site: a multidisciplinarydeepsea-lab

LIDO demo mission of ESONET-EMSO: Refurbishment of SN1 and OnDEobservatories

Goals: Bioacoustics, oceanmonitoring,Tsunamiwarning.

LNS-INFN Catania

North Branch (SN1)

4 LBW hydrophones

2 LF hydrophones




pressure gauges

GPS time stamping

100 Mbps Internet Radio Link

5 km

20 km

5 km


South Branch (Onde2)

4 LBW hydrophones

Underwater GPS time stamping

LNS Test Site Laboratory

at the port of Catania

Infrastructure requested by UCL and CSIC for installation of deep-sea stations in 2013

Sn1 tsn installation and connection 8 june 2012
SN1 (TSN) ready at LNSinstallation and connection: 8 June 2012

MODUS Shuttle power failure.

SN1 released 250 above seabed (1850 m).

SN1 fallen upside down on the seabed

SN1 deployed with the MODUS Shuttle (INGV standard operation)

ROV and Certamen C/L Vessel joint operation:

SN1 hooked and turned correctly above the seabed

SN1 connected to the TSN cable termination. Switch on.

First data from sn1
First data from SN1 ready at LNS

Hydrophones data

Seismometer data

Acoustic event, detected by SN1 hydrophones, acquired in time coincidence with a seismic event detected by INGV (June 15th, 6:28 UTC with GURALP seismometer) with intensity 3.8 M.

Onde 2 tss a full nemo phase ii floor
OnDE 2 (TSS) a full NEMO Phase II floor ready at LNS

  • Mechanical vessel and interfaces

  • Cabling

  • Power Control and feeding System

  • DWDM optical data transmission system

  • Floor Control Module main board

  • Acoustic Boards

  • Compass

  • All electronics is sucessfully working

  • Underwater GPS data time stamping OK

  • Optical attenuationof the line

  • (including JB) 12 dB

  • Heading -8.5° North

  • Hydrophone data under analysis

  • ONDE ready at LNS

  • Stato attuale:

  • il segnale dei 4 idrofoni e’ ‘affogato’ nel rumore.

  • Causa probabile:

  • Modifiche effettuate per estendere la banda verso

  • basse frequenze( 20 Hz) x terremoti e balene.

  • Soluzioni possibili

  • svolgimento cavo connessione

  • bypassare la JB

Scope of work of the mechanical tower
Scope ready at LNSof work of the mechanicaltower

Check deployment and releaseprocedures



Check unfurlingprocedures

Check behaviourof the towerafter the unfurlingprocedures


dyneema ready at LNS





  • Prossime Operazioni ready at LNS

  • Test operatività ROV a 3500 m previsto per seconda metà luglio

  • Deployment e connessione torre a Capo Passero previsto a settembre

  • Compatibilmente con la slot temporale disponibile ,si cercherà anche di intervenire sul sistema acustico (ONDE)