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Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo

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Finding Nemo

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  1. Finding Nemo 3446 English 2 5-16-13

  2. Hero’s Journey • In the movie “Finding Nemo”, the hero is Marlin. It starts out that two clownfish have babies when suddenly an Australian barracuda attacks them, leaving Marlin unconscious. Marlin wakes up to find that the barracuda has ate Coral and every one of the eggs except one that he names Nemo. Nemo goes to school when he was taken away by a scuba diving man. Marlin goes to find Nemo and on the way we meets Dory, a good hearted fish that has short-term memory loss. They meet sharks on the way that became their friends and got stuck in a whale. Marlin finds out that Nemo is staying in a tank in a doctors office. Marlin see’s Nemo and Nemo is washed away in the drain so he heads back home. Dory regains her memory and she guides Marlin back to Nemo. Days later, Nemo goes back to school while leaving his no longer overprotective father and Dory back home.

  3. Call To Adventure • Marlin’s son, Nemo has got taken away by a scuba diver when Nemo wanted to show his class mates that he was not afraid to go up to the boat.

  4. Hero Experiencing Fear • Marlin experiences fear when he has to go out to find Nemo. He has never left home before because others say it is bad out there. He also experiences fear because he does not know what is going to happen to his only son, Nemo.

  5. Meeting With the Mentor • Marlin finds a mentor on the way of his adventure of finding Nemo. His mentor is Dory the good-hearted and optimistic regal blue tang that has short-term memory loss.

  6. Excepting the Challenge • Marlin excepts the challenge of leaving his home in the dangerous waters to find his son Nemo.

  7. Learning about the special world • Marlin went through getting help with the pack of turtles to get to the dentist office. He encountered an angler fish, sharks, a group of jellyfish, seagulls, and he still survives through the journey.

  8. Approaching • Marlin believes Nemo is dead. He tells Dory bye and leaves her there. Dory starts to remember and there’s a chance she can find Nemo which makes Marlin believe there is still hope.

  9. Enduring the ordeal… • Dory is swimming through a group of jellyfish that’s a mile long. Marlin returns to save Dory. One of the jellyfish stings Marlin and almost dies, but he recovers. He experiences a rebirth to continue his journey. Marlin witnesses how Crush(the turtle) is able to let his son go and take risks when the boy turtles get knocked out of the current.

  10. Enjoying the reward • Nemo gets out the fish tank and he is freed into the ocean. Both Dory and Marlin thinks he’s dead, but Nemo survives death. Dory helps him find his dad, who returns when he hears Nemo’s cry. Finally, Marlin and Nemo are united.

  11. Hero finds what he’s looking for… • At the end of the story, Marlin finds his son Nemo. He has gone throughout the deadliest parts of the ocean and battled for his life. Giving up hope once, he finds that there is still hope when Dory gains her memory back. Nemo and Marlin are finally back together.

  12. Returning to ordinary life… • At the end, Marlin and Nemo are a family again. Nemo returns back to school with everyone else without being afraid. Marlin becomes happier. The lesson learned is that challenges of life can be applied to everyday living in the ordinary world.

  13. Hero Father Characters Dory Nemo Marlin Mentor The child Chum Bruce Anchor Squirt Crush Jellyfish

  14. Characters Mother Coral Angler Fish

  15. Cites (pictures) • •,d.dmg&psig=AFQjCNHfxRhshHItOhYu_cwDJADfsTwU5A&ust=1369312282083756