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  1. Since 1992 – almost 20 years ago, SENTRI has been designing systems to take care of a number of issues related to Staff, Profitability and Efficiency.. Version 2 There are THREE Modules to this JOB / Production System. (1) TurboTime – Time & Attendance Software (2) TurboTime – Production Job Costing (Barcode) (3) TurboTime – Big Wall Clock & Siren system OPTIONAL : CCTV to monitor production controls.

  2. How Does It Work? TIME & ATTENDANCE – Measure the TIME PAID against TIME WORKED. PLEASE ASK for the TurboTime Power Point Presentation. Else click here : Briefly we need to do a “ON SITE” inspection which will determine the best method to recording your ATTENDANCE. Usually we would prefer to use “FACIAL Recognition” else Fingerprint reader(s).. PRODUCTION / JOB TIMING – We use DATA Capture Terminals with Barcode Scanners to read the JOB data input. Years of experience have taught us the hard way not to trust the shop floor staff to “KEY IN” information via a keyboard. So barcode scanners, without any doubt, is the way forward. WALL CLOCK SYSTEM : A man who has a watch knows the TIME, but the man who has two watches. . . . . . . . is not so SURE! The wall clock system ensures that all clocks tell the same time, and is linked to the Siren for Tea, Lunch, Start and Stop times. The duration of breaks is pre determined by you. There is only ONE TIME and that’s the “BOSSES TIME!”

  3. ASK for our Power Point Presentation on our “TURBO TIME” Time Attendance software All LATE arrivals, Early departures ,AWOL, SICK, short time, Overtime can be viewed for the whole year, on an employee by Employee bases. * Generally RED / Pink is not good news. * Green is Annual Leave or a “Day Off” etc. * You can choose the colours.

  4. The Job we just completed, was it profitable? Are we making money or haemorrhaging? Can we measure how long it takes to complete a Job?Can we cut back on Overtime but increase productivity?

  5. A honest day’s pay for a honest day’s work! That is easier said than done! Currently you Pay staff for being at “Work” i.e. 40 Hours with 15 Hours Overtime!But only 32 hours are allocated to Work orders for that WEEK What happened to all the other hours you are paying for? Times that by 40 Employees and it will not take you long to figure out: PROBLEM Are you paying your staff to be at work, or paying them to work? Have you ever measured the COST of LOST production time at your company?Companies know they have a problem but how can you begin to measure it? How can you measure the time being paid to an employee for being at work versus the hours allocated to Jobs and productivity? Would you like to know who is Productive and Who is Not? Do you WANT to do something about it! TurboTimehas a solution!

  6. Production Timing Failure? Many companies use the old “Guess-T- mation” method to guessHOW MUCH TIMEis needed to complete any given Job! This “Time” is built into the quote for the customer, and if accepted, a Work Order is generated based on the thumb suck hours. Under Quoting versus Over Quoting! Not allocating enough time to a Job means you will get business you don’t necessarily want and your profit margins are way to tight. Consider you could be losing money on every Quote. Well, there goes that profit! Over quoting on any Job, means that you could lose potential business as your quote is overpriced.

  7. Most companies have a good idea of the cost of MATERIALS, even before they begin to manufacture their products. But when it comes to accurately forecasting the “TIME REQUIRED”to manufacture YOUR products! This is where theWheels Fall Off. How can you stay competitive if you are not absolutely sure how long it takes to complete the JOB and the COST?

  8. So what is Production Timing? * Production Timingis the ability to measure the “Time” taken to manufacture a product from START to FINISH. * Each “Task” has a duration! (Cutting, Welding, Grinding, etc.) * Each TASK has a COST to the company (including overheads) * Measure the “Budget Time” versus the “Actual Time!” * Tasks! Did they exceed the time allotted for that Job? * Measure what your Wages is costing versus the Productivity? * Here is a TOOL to dramatically increase your Productivity and PROFIT.

  9. Production Timing solutions. Now you can now accuratelymeasure how much TIME was taken for each Job, from Start to Finish.Measure the MONEY used to complete each Task. • Excessive time taken to complete any JOB can now be investigated. • Is more training required for that operator? • Was the time allowed simply inadequate for the task at hand? • It might be that a machine is faulty, but whatever the reason is, it will be brought to your attention and resolved one way or another. • Hind sight gives you 20-20 vision. • As each Job is completed, you have all the information at hand to know if it was profitable or a loss. Action can be taken there and then. • With time, quotes can be adjusted accordingly and your accuracy increased. Allow for the appropriate time to be taken on the next quote and Job.

  10. A honest days pay for a honest days work! Start paying staff for working and not for being at work! Your employees cannot beat this Production Timingsystem. Either they book too much time to a Task / Ops number and get nailed for it, or they are getting paid for too many man hours that are not being accounted for! Either way, THEY are accountable for THEIR“TIME”. Here is a unbiased system that gives everyone a fair opportunity to prove that they are delivering.

  11. Why some employees will HATE this system! Employees, now, for the first time, are accountable for their time! Those who have been getting away with working at the old two speed rate (Stop and Reverse) surely will not be ecstatic with the introduction of this system. We will even tell you who they are after installing this system and without us even going onto the Job-floor or talking to them! First Trick - They try not to clock “OFF” a Job! Result = Missing clocking – Short Time – please explain. Second trick - They don’t clock “ON” to a Job! Result = Missing time – please explain. This system means that they are accountable for their time and either way they need to explain why it took too long, or why they have not accounted for their time PAID to them. Either way, they cannot beat the system.

  12. Lets get started, so what is needed? * A number of JOB DATA CAPTURE units are installed at convenient points around the factory (Needs a TCP IP point). * Barcode readers are attached to the Data Capture Readers. * Barcodes are printed for each EMPLOYEE * Barcodes are printed for every JOB stick it on your current Doc. * Barcodes are printed for each TASK * Barcodes are printed for EXIT codes.

  13. EXIT REASONS TASK Codes ON: * POWER FAILURE * Waiting for Instruction * Emergency Change Job * Machine Breakdown * Going to stores * Waiting for SPARES * Task Completed * Task Completed & End shift * JOB Completed * END of SHIFT. * Machining * Cut & Punch * Boiler Making * Welding * Drilling * Long Seam weld * CMC “Big Boy” * CMC ”Stompie” * Boxing * Straightening * QC * Rework * Warranty – No charge! * Packing

  14. The readers all have their TCP IP points and are installed on the walls in the factory – Now what? TASK Codes TASKS & EXIT Codes are printed onto A4 Paper andplaced on Each sideof the reader. EXIT Codes So you have the Barcode DATA capture reader on the wall with the ”START TASK” on the left and the “EXIT REASON” on the right hand side – Got that Visualised!

  15. How Does It Work? Each employee receives their own unique Employee Job Number (J235) The employee simply scans his number from the provided barcode labels This Employee Number (without the preceding J) can be used clock the employee “In” and “Out” for Time & Attendance as well as Production timing. Access Control for unlocking doors can also be added at a later stage. • Clock In – Time & Attendance (Optional.) • Clock “ON” a Job. • Clock “OFF” a Job. • Job Status – Tells you the current status of all Jobs open. • Clock Out – Going Home - Time & Attendance (Optional.)

  16. Clocking ON (Starting) a Job: Push on the Data Capture Clock F1 * SCAN the Employee Number. * SCAN the JOB Number, * SCAN the TASK Number.

  17. Clocking OFF (END) a Job: Push on the Data Capture Clock F5 * SCAN the Employee Number. * SCAN the EXIT REASON. That’s it. I cannot make it easier than that!

  18. Network Overview: Typically there are FIVE PC’s on a system. PC1 -System-Operator Use this PC to ADD Job's & PRINT BARCODES Jobs are added to the system using PC1 and only closed when invoiced. To ADD a Job – Enter the job number i.e. 100-555 + Description then add all the Tasks from the Pop-up list plus all the time allowed for each operation. To close this Job you need to enter an Invoice number and an amount. PC2– Production Director / Workshop manager. This PC allows the user to easily see the status of all the Jobs on the system and if any Job is “Waiting for spares” it will be highlighted in red.

  19. Network Overview. PC3– Stores. Allows stores to see what Jobs are “Waiting for PARTS” and the Job number as well as what section (Task) that the Job has stopped on. - Cannot invoice if the job is not Completed. Staff can also clock On/Off at STORES for “Collecting Parts” as an enormous amount of time is wasted whilst standing around at stores whilst “Waiting” to collect parts. Stores needs its own separate DATA Terminal.

  20. Flow of Events: 1. Quotation accepted by customer and purchase order received 2. Works order number issued 3. System-Operator prints barcode labels and attaches to Job Cards. Sends to shop floor. 4. Employee Clocks - ON JOB. Remember How? !!!! F1 Scan Employee card, Scan Job Number, Scan Task located next to the Data Terminal. Done. • Employee Clock’s - OFF JOB. Push F5 Scan Employee Card, scan REASON / EXIT code from board next to clock. Repeat steps 4, 5 until Job is finished. 7. Do post mortem. Analyse the results if over budget, was it the Job or the person or the time allowed not being realistic. CCTV will solve this issue. 8. Invoice & Close Job. Start at step 1 again.

  21. Some of the Reports Available. JOB Status report.Shows which Jobs are currently Open and what the current status is. Indicates ”When“ they were opened and ”Who” is working on them now. All “Waiting for parts” are highlighted in RED for Action. Time Allocated to any JOB report.Shows the hours booked to a job. Select Summery or Detailed. All Start / Stop times are indicated with the hours calculated and accumulated for you. Time Allocated to an Employee report.Show what time employees clocked ON / OFF Jobs #, Time spent on the Jobs for the day or for the Week, Month, Year! If an employee only booked 6 hours for the day but was was paid for 10 (TEN) Hours! Then what happened to the other lost hours?

  22. Some of the Reports Available. Excess Time report.Shows all Jobs where the time allocated exceeds the time allowed. Action needs to be taken to make sure the problem is identified and does not re-occur. Daily Exception report.Shows all Jobs that have missing clockings. Shows who clocked onto a Job but not off a job! Take action to make sure the problem does not re-occur. Over budget Jobs.Shows all Jobs that have exceeded their monitory value. Shows the % over budget by Job and task. These get better with time as you have the tools to measure. Shows Time and Money. Budget 160 hours but when finished took 240 hours Budget was R80 000 final cost was R 120 000 50% over budget and that cost you R40 000.00 *#@!

  23. The System This system gives you a lot of feedback and you can now measure how much time is allocated to a Job and how long it actually took. Also the time wasted by employees booking time to “Waiting for instructions” The employee cannot beat the system. They have to account for there time no matter what! If they book too much time to the job, you need to know about it. The system warns you that the time you Quoted has been exceeded. Then Question WHY! Is it a Machine problem, Person problem or a Quote problem? Now that the Job is complete, click on the icon that says “Close Job.” This saves and stores Job 100-555 so you can retrieve that data later, but in the mean time frees up a slot for another Job to be opened in its place.

  24. Wall clock system! The idea behind the Wall Clock is to have “ONE uniformed time” in the workplace. Ask four people the time and you will get four different answers (test this theory) so irrespective of who’s watch says what, whatever the time indicated on the wall clock, then that is what the time is. The HH:MM is circled by “Hi-Bright” LED’s to emphasize the seconds. When the seconds are in RED the workers are expected to be on the work floor working. When the seconds change from red to GREEN then they can go for their break. The clock can sound both a Siren / Bell and to linked to your PC via a RF signal [radio frequency] interface. The time is received from the Greenwich “atomic time”. There are NO CABLES as the RF transmits the time from the PC to the various wall clocks around your factory. The whole concept cannot be explained on one page, but the idea is to keep the workers on the shop floor “working” for those few extra minutes and the wall clock system will ring a “Warning” at the correct time. The warning signal is 2 minutes before the shift restarts, gets them back to work sooner. These few minutes here and there add up and if you take into account what the COST PER HOUR is to run your business, then the time accumulated in additional productivity is astounding. (Ask us for more info on this concept)

  25. Who are we? It has taken almost the past 20 years to make Sentri Systems a front runner in the Job Costing / Production Timing and production efficiency industry. It will be difficult for you to find another company with as much PASSION. We are directly responsible for calculating and paying well in excess of 50 000 employee’s their wages every week. Our solutions include accuracy, reliability and easy to use software, all crucial when dealing with your staff wages and the timing of productivity in terms of time spent on the Job and cost in terms of Money it took to complete the Job!

  26. How does the “Production Timing” system help your company? Gives your company the ability to accurately measure how much TIME was taken to complete any given Work Order, versus just guessing. You can measure the pre-determined time for each Operation. Now you know how many man hours are taken to complete any Job / Works order, all broken down into bite size “time” chunks. This allows you to build up accurate data over time so that you don’t under / over quote. You can quickly and accurately highlight any excessive time taken to complete a Work Order and Who / What is eating up time.

  27. How does the “Production Timing” system help your company? The status of all “Works Orders/Jobs numbers” are highlight as to what the current status is and the reason for the stoppage. What % of the Job are currently (50%) (85%) (175%) etc, What Jobs are still outstanding, “Waiting for SPARES”! Should any paperwork gets lost, all the appropriate information is now on your PC, dates, times, who worked on that part, etc. Guarantees and re-work can be quickly addressed and resolved. NOW – you can tell how long it took to manufacture your product(s) You have the TIME and MONEY it took to complete your production run/Job Once you have this information your QUOTES will be far more realistic and you PROFIT will be accurately measured. Monitor your “Time Costs”, your profitability and know the progress and status of each Job. Ensure that the jobs are completed within the expected completion date and budget. .

  28. What is needed! • * Data Collection Terminal (s) • * Barcode Printer • * Barcode Scanner. • * TurboTime Software • * Production Timing Software

  29. GIVE US A MINUTE We will give you HOURS!

  30. There are a few ways that this system will pay for itself:- Buy It, Rent it! What is your annual turnover? ______________________ What is 2.5% of your annual turnover:________________ We would like to tell you we will increase efficiency by at least FIVE / TEN % - but that would be hard to prove on paper without your input. BENEFIT Know where the Job is at any time and the status of any JOB. Manage your business by making informed decisions based on accurate and reliable real-time information. Reduction of overtime and a sizeable increase in productivity. The increase in productivity leads directly to increase in the companies profitability! What would happen if your company could increase productivity by 5 - 15 percent? Email us at: Manager Designed and developed by SENTRI Systems. Manufactures of fine Time Attendance and Production / Job Costing software. 011 – 704 7000 012 – 755-0-755 If you cannot measure, you have no control.

  31. JOB-SYS FROM PASTEL • Compatible with Pastel Xpress and Pastel Partner 2009 & V11 • Job Costing Module for Pastel Xpress and Pastel Partner • Take Pastel beyond accounting with Job-SYS, a fully integrated REAL TIME Job Costing Module for Pastel Xpress and Pastel Partner. • JOB-SYS helps you prepare Quotations or Estimates for your Customers. • * Manage your Resources, Material Issuing and Purchasing. • Create Bill of Material templates that can be used in quotations and jobs. • * View history of all open and closed jobs - to be viewed by means of serial number, unit number, registration number, customer, job category, date, progress status, etc. • * Compare the Estimated material costs versus the Actual costs of the Job. • * Compile an Invoice and monitor the profitability for each Job. JOB SYS Will print a BARCODE on the JOB CARD for you. JOB SYS Will EXPORT the JOB NUMBERS for TurboTime to IMPORT

  32. Need Camera’s? – Indoor, Outdoor, Pan 360, Tilt Up/Down, Zoom IN OUT, Auto rotate, Auto focus, Auto Detect, Infra Red Night Vision, Hidden, Pinhole, Dome’s, Lens to suit every need. SONY 1/3” CCD Colour, DVR’s 16 way, 32-Way, Hi Def, Analog, etc. Name it, we got it, else we will get it for you. Use for recording the flow of a Job, Product, Machine, Person. And YES we can do your Front Gate, Server, Reception, & Stores for you as well. Need CCTV ! Look no further Mark the AREA or Spot you want to recorded (paint it) and any movement will automatically trigger the 3 Terabyte drive to start RECORDING 10sec before :-O)

  33. THE END 011 -704 7000 Have you phoned yet?