plrb web services for plrb affiliate members maximize your plrb membership
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PLRB Web Services For PLRB Affiliate Members: Maximize Your PLRB Membership

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PLRB Web Services For PLRB Affiliate Members: Maximize Your PLRB Membership - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PLRB Web Services For PLRB Affiliate Members: Maximize Your PLRB Membership. The PLRB Web site…. . . . is located at . . . requires a PLRB User name and Password. The PLRB Affiliate Web site. Using the PLRB Web Site. At the PLRB Web site you can:

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Presentation Transcript
the plrb web site
The PLRB Web site…
  • . . . is located at
  • . . . requires a PLRB User name and Password.
using the plrb web site
Using the PLRB Web Site

At the PLRB Web site you can:

  • Do Coverage and Educational Research
  • Read current articles about recent case law, database highlights, mold, and industry news
  • Research Weather/Catastrophe claims
  • Sign-up for PLRB meetings and seminars
using the plrb web site5
Using the PLRB Web Site
  • Review handouts from past meetings and seminars (including the Claims Conference)
  • Explore distance learning modules using the ClaimStar distance learning modules (coming soon) and ClaimsGuru
  • Find a service provider for a particular claim using our Locate Providers tool
  • Plus much more…
getting started
Getting Started
  • The PLRB Web site requires Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or above. Internet Explorer comes packaged in the Windows Operating System. A current copy of Microsoft Internet Explorer can be downloaded at no cost from the Microsoft Web site located at
getting started7
Getting Started
  • The PLRB Web site also requires that you have a user name and password in order to view our materials.
  • PLRB user names and passwords are available at no charge for PLRB Affiliate Member Company employees.
obtaining a password
Obtaining a Password
  • To get a password (or retrieve a lost password), go to the PLRB Web site at and click on ‘Passwords’ in the top bar.
obtaining a password9

Obtaining a Password

Select “PLRB Affiliate Member Sign Up”

obtaining a password10
Obtaining a Password
  • If you are signing up for a new username and password you will be asked for a company e-mail address. You cannot use a personal e-mail address. Our system uses the host address.
  • After putting in your company e-mail address, click ‘Submit’ and you will be prompted to fill in more information. Fill out the required fields and click ‘Submit’ again. Your username and password will be e-mailed to you shortly after.
obtaining a password11
Obtaining a Password
  • Lost Password

If you have lost your user name and password, you can retrieve it from our system by simply clicking ‘Lost Password’. You will be prompted for your e-mail address and our system will e-mail your username and password to you shortly after.

plrb front lines
PLRB Front Lines
  • On a weekly basis, the PLRB staff works diligently to prepare new articles for our Web site.
  • The articles are located on the main page section of the PLRB home page.
  • Weekly articles include: Property Legal Updates, Weather/EQ – Catastrophe, PLRB Publications, President’s Corner, and Meetings & Seminars.
  • We also prepare semimonthly “Test Your Claims Knowledge” articles.
plrb front lines14
PLRB Front Lines
  • All these articles are incorporated into an e-mail publication list that we call “PLRB Front Lines.”
  • When you sign-up for a username and password, you are automatically signed up to receive this e-publication.
  • If you are not on our e-mail publication list, you can get on it by calling us at (800)956-PLRB (7572) or by clicking “My Profile” in the top bar.
using the left navigation bar
Using the Left-Navigation Bar
  • The bulk of PLRB tools are located within the left-navigation bar (shown in the PLRB Home Page Description).
  • The left-navigation bar works hierarchically allowing you to “drill down” to the tool you would like to use.
  • You begin this process by clicking on the major heading in the left-navigation bar and it will expand.
using the left navigation bar16
Using the Left-Navigation Bar
  • You then “drill down” further or choose a tool. You can tell if you have the ability to drill down further through the hierarchy by the symbol. If it is a then you can drill down further. If you see an icon that looks like , that is the tool itself.
weather cats information
Weather/Cats Information
  • You can research Weather/Catastrophe information for a particular day by

clicking on Weather/Cats on the left-

navigation bar.

  • You will options to: view

the main page; read the daily report;

quick search the catastrophe database;

do an advanced search of the catastrophe

database; and search the lightning

probability database.

new weather cats main page
New Weather/Cats Main Page
  • Note: We are in the process of changing the Main Page under the Weather/Cats section of the left-navigation bar. Currently, you are able to access all of the different information by clicking on the heading at the top of the page. When this page is updated, we will incorporate a help page that will explain how the new system works.
weather cats information20
Weather/Cats Information
  • Basic information from the Weather/Cats Main Page are the current lightning strike chart, current U.S. radar, and any new threats or severe weather announcements.
weather cats information21
Weather/Cats Information
  • Daily Report

The Daily Report feature under Weather/Cats gives a current list of any occurrences for the past 24 hours.

weather cats information22
Weather/Cats Information
  • Quick Search

The Quick Search function allows

the user to view the Daily Report

for a particular day or for a range

of dates.

weather cats information23
Weather/Cats Information
  • Quick Search

TIP: If you are looking for just a

particular date, type in the date

For both the Beginning Date and

End Date. Remember to use

MM/DD/YY format,

like the example (right).

weather cats information24
Weather/Cats Information
  • Advanced Search

Gives more options when searching for a particular date or date range in the Weather/Cats database. Other information that can be accessed includes: desired peril; desired state; desired city; desired ZIP code; and occurrence number.

weather cats information26
Weather/Cats Information
  • Lightning Search

Allows searching a date or date range for hourly images of lightning probability for the continental United States. Remember to use the MM/DD/YY format for your query.

weather cats information27
Weather/Cats Information
  • Lightning Probability Forecast

Under Weather/Cats you may also choose to view Lightning Probability Forecast and receive more detail about exact locations where lightning will probably strike within the next few hours.

education materials
Education Materials
  • The PLRB Web site users can

access our Education Materials by

clicking on Education in the

left-navigation bar.

education materials29
Education Materials

Options include:

  • reviewing upcoming seminars
  • viewing the Education database
  • reviewing Seminar Handouts
  • taking Distance Learning courses
distance learning
Distance Learning

PLRB has been creating Distance Learning modules for use by our members. Two services we are currently offering are the ClaimsGuru modules and the ClaimStar modules (coming soon).

distance learning31
Distance Learning


  • ClaimsGuru modules, located on the left-navigation bar under Education > Distance Learning, give an in-depth discussion of a particular topic.
  • Currently, there are 24 modules located in ClaimsGuru. We plan to incorporate more modules in the future with a testing feature.
distance learning32
Distance Learning
  • You are able to maneuver through the ClaimsGuru module by using

PLRB Affiliates also have access to the ClaimStar Technical Reference information. ClaimStar is one of the buttons in the left-navigation bar.


Once in ClaimStar, you can

pick the section and page you

wish to viewby clicking on the

next to the


locate providers
Locate Providers

To locate a particular type of claims service provider in a particular geographic area, use the Locate Providers button on the left-navigation bar.

locate providers37
Locate Providers
  • Under Locate Providers, users

are allowed two choices –

“Search” and “Alphabetical list”

Using “Search” will search the PLRB Affiliate members and Claimspages directory of service providers.

The “Alphabetical list” will list PLRB Affiliate members only.

locate providers38
Locate Providers

Using “Search” from Claimspages allows you to “dig down” through options to refine your search and find the provider needed.

locate providers39
Locate Providers
  • First choose the state where the provider is needed.
locate providers40
Locate Providers
  • Next select a city or county.
  • Note the breadcrumb path at the top of the Search page.
locate providers41
Locate Providers
  • Finally, select a category for the service needed.
locate providers42
Locate Providers
  • Once you receive results, you will be able to find a host of information.
  • The level represents the particular company’s affiliation with PLRB and Claimspages
  • Telephone number, longer description, Web site, e-mail, and map are also available in most instances.
legal updates
Property Legal Update

Get Summaries & Full Text of the Latest First-Party Insurance Cases

Legal Updates
c test your claims knowledge
Test Your Claims Knowledge
  • a weekly quiz featuring brief claims-related questions
  • followed by a brief analysis with links to documents
  • in PLRB’s database containing more in-depth analysis
C. Test Your Claims Knowledge
contents of search
Contents of Search

Educational Materials

  • adjuster training materials
  • Claims Conference handouts
  • other claims handling information

What is Search?

searches for documents that have the same search term(s) in both text and subject fields


How to Search

  • In the white box directly below “Search” type in term(s), then hit “Enter” key on keyboard
  • “vermin” and “raccoon*” are search terms used here
  • the * added at the end of “raccoon” is a wild card expander
Viewing Search Results
  • Click:
  • “Prev Match”
  • to see prior
  • term in doc
  • “Next Match”
  • to see next
  • term in doc
Viewing Search Results

There are 2

Options to view

Search results:

1. Split-Screen

-shows portion of

document & list of

search results

(see previous slide)

2. Full-Screen

-shows 1document

only, w/o list of

search results

(depicted here)

copying pasting
Copying & Pasting
  • To paste some or all of a Search document into another document:
  • left click and drag mouse over portion of document you want copied
  • to highlight it
  • 2. click “Edit,”and then click “Copy” in drop down box
  • 3. open or switch to word processing document, place curser in location
  • of document where text is desired, click “Edit,” then click “Paste”
what to do if you have a problem or suggestion
What to do if you have a problem or suggestion?

The PLRB Web site was built with feedback from its users. This feedback is always encouraged. You will notice on the top bar a button labeled “Feedback” that goes directly to the PLRB Webmaster. If at any time you find something isn’t working properly or have a suggestion of ways to make the PLRB/LIRB Web site more efficient, do not hesitate to let us know.

contact information
Contact Information
  • Phone: (888) 711-7572