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CAL-EMA Private Public Partnership Concept Presentation George Aradi Assistant Director PowerPoint Presentation
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CAL-EMA Private Public Partnership Concept Presentation George Aradi Assistant Director

CAL-EMA Private Public Partnership Concept Presentation George Aradi Assistant Director

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CAL-EMA Private Public Partnership Concept Presentation George Aradi Assistant Director

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  1. CAL-EMA Private Public Partnership Concept Presentation George Aradi Assistant Director Information Sharing Watch & Warning Division Draft

  2. CAL-EMA Private Sector Partnership Initiative A need exists to support the Private Sector (professional and trade organizations, volunteers and businesses) to whom to furnish alert, security and situational awareness information that is non-restrictive Draft

  3. This initiative is voluntary. • It does not cater to any particular Critical Infrastructure segment or Private Sector entity • It thus avoids any possible concerns from civil libertarians that a Private Sector company or entity is part of a Fusion Center thus receiving special treatment or information. • Eliminates need to log-on to Web for notices Draft

  4. Provides Electronic Non-RestrictedInformation Aiding the Private Sector • Dynamic Situational Awareness: of Security Breaches/Threats or Natural Disasters • Case Studies (Lessons Learned Information) (e.g. Mumbai Attacks) • Health Information (H1N1) Draft

  5. Cont. • Regional Travel Warning Information • CA State Agencies Alerts/Information (e.g. CALTRANS or AG) • Training Opportunities (Security/Health) • Requests for Information for Public Assistance (Law Enforcement, Fire, Health) • Strategic Suspicious Activity Notices (JCAHO) • Security Tips & Remediation Products • Ability to Submit Suspicious Activity Reports (SAR) to Regional Terrorism Assessment Centers-RTTAC. • Linkage to all Fusion Centers in USA (for out of State Registrants) Draft

  6. Target Audience: Who Should Register to Receive Products? • Business Owners and Operators (not already connected to other programs-Infragard, CIP, ISAC) • Public Utilities Professionals • Trade and Professional Organizations • School Resource Officers • Universities/Colleges Security Managers • School Districts • Security Professionals (BSIS/ASIS?) • CAL-EMA Law Branch Contacts • Private Sector Critical Infrastructure Professionals • Health Managers • Diplomatic Community • State Agency Terrorism Awareness Group However, anyone can register. Draft

  7. Outreach Initiatives Options Mailings to Chambers of Commerce Small Business Administration (SBA) Trade and Professional Organizations Pamphlets displayed and distributed at conferences Emails by US State Department to Diplomatic Community Cal Volunteers and other such organizations School Resource Officers CAL-EMA Web site (perhaps other State Agencies’ websites) State Agency Terrorism Awareness Group (so they can contribute to dissemination products) Cal-EMA Email footer with hyper-links to registration website (?) PSA from Governor’s Office (?) Draft Draft

  8. Overview and Registration Displayed and Linked to CAL-EMA’s Homepage Public Private Partnership Registration Draft Draft

  9. Registration and Information on CAL-EMA Website SIGN UP NOW CLICK HERE to receive e-mail and cell phone alert notifications about breaking news, potential threats or suspicious activity related to your business sector. FACT SHEETS View our FACT SHEETSto learn how to protect your business from potential security breaches. PASS IT ON CLICK HEREto download pamphlets, posters and templates that help promote …. TO REPORT SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY (CLICK HERE) NATIONAL FUSION CENTERS CLICK HERE TRAINING CALENDAR CLICK HERE Draft

  10. Registrants Decide Which Sector(s) Interests Them for Notifications This menu can be tailored to suit a California customer base Draft Draft

  11. Examples of Products Draft

  12. Dynamic/Major Emergencies Affecting Public Safety/Health or Transportation Active Shooter at Schools Commercial Facilities (Virginia Tech/Immigration Facility Binghamton, NY) Natural disasters Mass Evacuations (fires, flood, HAZMAT, etc) Draft

  13. Draft

  14. Cyber Security Draft

  15. Security Training and Awareness Programs Draft

  16. Agriculture Notices Draft

  17. World-wide Security Travel Advisories Coordinating with US Department of State Rep to LA. to Populate This Feature to Serve the California Diplomatic Community and Also link to Overseas Security Advisory Councils (OSAC) Draft

  18. When warranted security remediation & awareness recommendations created by DHS or other agencies/entities will accompanying e-mail notices Please see the hyperlink below that pertains to your specific sector • Aviation Guidelines • CA Diplomatic Community • Chemical Guidelines • Commercial Facilities Guidelines • Communications Guidelines • Dams Guidelines • Defense and Industrial Base Guidelines • Electricity Guidelines • Emergency Services Guidelines • Food and Agricultural Guidelines • Healthcare Guidelines • Highway and Motor Carrier Guidelines • Information Technology Guidelines • Maritime Guidelines • Mass Transit Guidelines • Nuclear Guidelines • Oil and Natural Gas Guidelines • Postal and Shipping Guidelines • Railroad Guidelines • Water Guidelines • Home Disaster Preparedness Draft

  19. Coordinating & Contributing Submissions CAL-EMA Situational Awareness Unit (SAU) analysts Warning Center Training and Exercise Division Draft Draft

  20. Questions or Suggestions: Draft