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Public - Private Partnership

Public - Private Partnership. TASB Summer Leadership Institution June 2014 Andrew Peters, Marfa ISD Superintendent. Goal: Energize You and Your Board to Seek Out Your Community Partners. Definitions & Motivation for Partnerships Examples: Traditional Marfa ISD’s Keys to Success

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Public - Private Partnership

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  1. Public - Private Partnership TASB Summer Leadership Institution June 2014 Andrew Peters, Marfa ISD Superintendent

  2. Goal: Energize You and Your Board to Seek Out Your Community Partners • Definitions & Motivation for Partnerships • Examples: • Traditional • Marfa ISD’s • Keys to Success • Brainstorm: Your Resources

  3. Public-Private Partnership • The usage of public-private partnerships or P3s is a way to build true partnerships between the public and private sector.  • P3s have been used successfully for decades in the U.S., but with new financial pressures on federal, state and local agencies, many agencies have a renewed focus toward P3s as a means to reduce operating budgets by turning operations and maintenance responsibilities over to private companies.

  4. A Public-Private Partnership is a Contractual Agreement Between a Public agency (Federal, State or local) and a Private sector entity. Through this agreement, the Skills and Assets of each sector (public and private) are shared in delivering a service or facility for the use of the general public. In addition to the sharing of Resources, each party shares in the Risks and RewardsPotential in the delivery of the service and/or facility.

  5. Traditional Examples • DARE programs (usually with police/sheriff) • After School programs • City Transportation Services/Private Transportation services • Facilities • Swimming Pools, Athletic Complexes

  6. Why Now? • Political – “the folks want it.” • Financial - “we can save some money.” • Improves Services - “Just Makes Sense”

  7. The Marfa Miracle • Marfa I.S.D. 2012 • Budget Upside by $600,000 ($4 million budget). Budget deficit for multiple years. • Overstaffed • Declining Enrollment • Housing / Employment Shortages • “Academically Unacceptable” Rating for 2 Straight Years. • Two Private Schools in a Town of 2000. http://bigbendnow.com/2013/04/marfa-montessori-teams-up-with-marfa-isd/

  8. The Marfa Miracle • Marfa I.S.D. 2012-2013 • Art Classes Taught by Outside Non-Profit/After School Program • ISD invites Non-Profits to the Table • Summer School program for All • Discussions with private Montessori school http://bigbendnow.com/2013/04/marfa-montessori-teams-up-with-marfa-isd/

  9. The Marfa Miracle • Marfa I.S.D. 2013-2014 • Montessori school is implemented in Public School • Summer Shake-up - Summer School program for All • Art Program Expanded (Marfa Studio of Arts) • Band/Music Program support from Sul Ross University • Youth Media Project with KRTS: Public Radio • Playwright Workshop with MLA – Octavo Solis. http://bigbendnow.com/2013/04/marfa-montessori-teams-up-with-marfa-isd/

  10. Summer Shake-up

  11. Summer Shake-up Partnering with the local LIBRARY

  12. Summer Shake-up Library partners with a Science Truck, Trailblazer II

  13. Summer Shake-up

  14. Summer Shake-up • Local Theater group, Marfa Live Arts, teaches a one week course on theater including how to use the sound and light equipment at a local theater.

  15. Summer Shake-Up • Marfa Public Library • Marfa Live Arts – Theater Camp • Marfa Public Radio – Broadcasting/Newswriting • Chinati • Marfa Studio of Arts – Ceramics • Marfa Contemporary (Art Gallery) • Ballroom Marfa – Music Moves U, DJ Camp • El Cosmico

  16. Summer Shake-Up • Day Field Trips: • Observatory in Ft. Davis • Sul Ross University • Big Bend Coffee Roasters • Local Museums & Places of Historic Significance

  17. Summer Shake-up • Seamless Summer Feed Program USDA/TDA • From Losing Money to Making Money • Feeding 4 children to Feeding 65 • Summer Shake-up Gives Student a Reason to Attend • Transportation provided • Activities that interested the children and provided the non-profit entities with access to the students.

  18. Montessori

  19. Montessori • Successful Private School • 3, 4 and 5 year olds. • Parents paying $400 per month • Fund Raisers • Served 20 + students w/ a teacher and an assistant.

  20. Montessori Marries Public Education • Teacher continues with her program • MOU gives protection to staff, curriculum. • MOU provides financial support for ISD • Students are added to the program (3 year olds attend public school). • High school classrooms are converted to PK classrooms.

  21. Facilities & Other Concepts

  22. Social Worker • Community Health Department needed a location for a Social Worker. • Provide Free Office Space • Partner Provides ISD with Ease to Access Services

  23. School Resource Officer • Sheriff’s Office provided ISD with a Licensed Officer. • I.S.D. provided a house for Officer at Reduced Rent • Partner Provides ISD with Officer 100% of Time • Salary Shared by Both Entities.

  24. Marfa Studio of Arts • After School Program & “Teachers” in the Classroom • Previously Bussed Students to Their Facility • 2014-2015, we will provide MSA with 100% of the Facility Needs. • Ceramics Lab • Added High School courses (HB 5 Implementations).

  25. Keys to Success Public – Private Partnerships

  26. Keys to Success • Know the Political Environment • Political leadership must be in place • Leading Political Figure (School Trustees) • Top Administrative Officials • “The Will to Change the System” • A Strong Policy Statement

  27. Keys to Success 2. Know the Statutory (Legal) Environment • “Can’t be done – TEA won’t allow it.” • “Not an Approved Curriculum.” • Rules of Certification/Highly Qualified (State and Federal rules for instruction). • Funding • Three year olds. • Cafeteria: Free/Reduced Lunch Rules

  28. Keys to Success 3. Organization and Shared Vision • Have a plan. • Have an Agreement (Memorandum of Understanding). • Know Each Parties Responsibilities • Know What You want it to Look Like.

  29. Keys to Success 4. Guaranteed Revenue • Have a plan for Funding. • Ensure a Fair Plan is Understood • Consider Potential Savings – but state accordingly.

  30. Keys to Success 5. Stakeholder Support • Who are Your Stakeholders? • Parents, Teachers, Boards – and Competing Interests. • Requires: • – Open and frank discussion between sectors • – Knowing the FACTS (not myths) • – Translating each other’s language

  31. Keys to Success 6. Pick Your Partners Carefully • This is a long-term relationship – Verify experience (technical capability) – Verify financial capability – Best Value vs. Lowest Price • Remember each sector’s motivation – Genuine need (market value to the project) – Political/statutory environment – Reasonable return on investment and manageable risks – Timely and effective execution vs. development costs

  32. Public – Private Partnerships • Can be a valuable option • Sometimes, the only way it can be done • A means of cost effective, accelerated delivery • Requires a genuine partnership and open communications between sectors

  33. Pulling It ALL Together KRTS: Marfa Public Radio – Youth Media Project

  34. American Youth Media Project http://americangrad.marfapublicradio.org/

  35. Montessori & Student Radio Interview

  36. Montessori & Student Radio Interview

  37. Montessori & Student Radio Interview

  38. Montessori & Student Radio Interview

  39. Montessori & Student Radio Interview

  40. Montessori & Student Radio Interview

  41. Montessori & Student Radio Interview

  42. Montessori & Student Radio Interview

  43. Montessori & Student Radio Interview

  44. Montessori & Student Radio Interview

  45. Montessori & Student Radio Interview

  46. Montessori & Student Radio Interview

  47. Montessori & Student Radio Interview

  48. Montessori & Student Radio Interview

  49. Montessori & Student Radio Interview

  50. Montessori & Student Radio Interview

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