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Flat Rate Pricing and highly skilled digitizers is what it takes to become a top-tier Digitizing Service. dominates this position.

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ExpressDigitising.comOffersATurnaroundTimeof5-24Hours- SecondGenerationEmbroideryDigitizingandVectorServices


LONDON,UNITEDKINGDOM,June26,2014,Makenomistakeaboutit,ashoddy looking logowillhurtbusiness.Veryoften,acompanylogoisthefirstimpressionaconsumerreceivesabouta Brand.Will itbequicklyforgotten,orwill thelogoleavealastingimpression?Inordertoturnout atopqualityreproductionofalogo,ittakestopqualitydigitizing.ExpressDigitising.comhasmade a lasting impression on the design industry, and this is whathas propelledthemto thetop.

Ittakesacombinationofhigh-techequipmentandhighlytalentedartisanstoturn-outcrisplooking logoreproductions.TheembroideryindustryhasbeencomingtoExpressDigitisingServicefor manyyears.BothDomesticandInternationalfirmshavediscoveredthatExpressprovidesthebest digitizingservice availableon the planet, and the reams ofCustomer Testimonialsbearsthis out.Take a look at what Donna Fox, of North Carolina in the USA, had to say: “YOU ARE FABULOUS!!!!Ijuststitchedoutmydesignandyouarethebest!Thathoundlookslikeheisalive.Whatanartist!I amSOhappy to find you.”

Itdoesn’tmatterwherethelogoisplaced,beitaBanner,aJacket,VinylGraphics,SilkScreening, printmediaoronline,thequalityofthedigitizingdeterminesthefinaloutcome.Vectorizinghas becomemore popular than theuseofpixilated images, as theyarenotdependant onresolution. Graphicdesignerscanbemoreflexiblewithvectors,thusmakingthelogostrongerandmore impactful.Avectorimageisonethatcanberesizedandadjustedintheprocessofdesigningwithout having to sacrificeits image quality.

Outsourcingdigitizedembroiderydesignsmeanssavingsofupto45%.Whypayforafull-time digitizer when can be counted-on for reliability and the highest quality digitizing? Unlikesimilarserviceswhichbasetheirrateson1,000stitches,theychargesimple,flat ratesfortheirembroiderydigitizingservicethatarebasedonwhetheroneneedsaleftchestorhat logo, afull back logo oraportrait.So,regardlessofwhetherthedesign requires 5,000 stitches or 20,000stitches,theirpricesremainthesame--guaranteed,accordingtoacompanyspokesperson.

For completeinformation,please visit:


Attn: Media Relations


London, UK

UK Freephone: 0800098 8491 USA Toll Free:888.778.8068