Looking at tcap scores
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Looking at TCAP scores. Student History Report. Your report shows TCAP scores from 3,4,and 5 grades. It also has your writing assessment. The scores are located on the line graph and below in the chart. The line graph. There are 3 lines on your line graph.

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Looking at tcap scores

Looking at TCAP scores

Student History Report

Looking at tcap scores

The line graph
The line graph

  • There are 3 lines on your line graph.

  • The one the has a triangle is your score.

  • Trace your score with a highlighter.

  • The diamond line is your former school score.

  • The circle line is Rutherford County’s score.

  • Are you above or below the other 2 lines?

Looking at tcap scores

  • Now let’s focus on the chart at the bottom.

    Highlight the column that says 2012(5).

    That is your 5th grade score.

    There are 3 scores.

    The State NCE score is your score on the test.

    %ile score is what percentile you score in. For example, If you were in a line of 100 students, your %ile score is how many of those students your performed better than.

Looking at tcap scores

The Perf level indicates your level of proficiency.

BB – below basic

B – basic

P – Proficient

AD- Advanced

Now let s look at growth
Now let’s look at growth…

From year to year, you can look at your scores and see if you have gotten better.

In the top right hand corner, write your NCE score for 5th grade, and then subtract your NCE score for 4th grade.

You should have a POSITIVE number!

Current practice
Current practice:

  • Look at your list of tests. Find the TCAP practice test. Write it on the Student pattern report.

  • It should be much higher than your 5th grade score.

  • This is only a prediction of how well you might do on the actual test.

  • Are you on the right track?

That little row of numbers score you had to get to be proficient in that area
That little row of numbers…score you had to get to be proficient in that area

  • 1- language 71

  • 2 – vocabulary 76

  • 3 – writing 64

  • 4 – media 76

  • 5 – logic 81

  • 6- informational text 71

  • 7- literature 79

  • 8 – reading composite (total) 74

  • 9 – language composite (total) 70

    Add this info to your folder.

Parent signature
Parent signature

  • Now, take this folder home for your parents.

  • You can explain the forms to them.

  • If you need help explaining it, this Power Point is on my webpage, and I am emailing out today.

  • Have a parent sign this form and return it tomorrow for a free 100 points. Each day it is late is 10 points off the grade.

  • Parent signature = 100 in grade book