T 527 teaching for understanding jennifer cottle
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T-527 Teaching for Understanding Jennifer Cottle. The wheel of color. 2 nd grade Bilingual school ESL learners 1 computer per class. setting. Developing critical thinking skills. throughlines. Applying methods of scientific inquiry into different world settings.

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T 527 teaching for understanding jennifer cottle

T-527 Teaching for Understanding

Jennifer Cottle

The wheel of color


2nd grade

Bilingual school

ESL learners

1 computer per class



Developing critical thinking skills


Applying methods of scientific inquiry into different world settings

Developing writing skills

Targets of difficulty

Children’s lack of English vocabulary.

No connection between activities and Central Idea.

Lack of adequate and sufficient resources.

Targets of difficulty


“Backward Design”

Understanding goals performances of understanding

Wheel of Color

Understanding goals & Performances of understanding




Interpretation of color is subjective

Frameworks when writing compositions about art

Use of color is different in many cultures

Feelings Discussion

Color Squish

Pick your own painting

Cultural differences in color

Analyzing Flags

How does this color make me feel?








1 technology movie maker

Educational Principle:

“One of the most productive ways to use video for teaching is to model specific performances.”

(Jonassen et al., 2008).

1. Technology: movie maker




Different Learning Styles

ToD: Children’s lack of vocabulary / Connection between ideas & activities

UG: Subjective interpretation of color.

2 technology power point

  • Educational Principle:

    “A simple way to involve students in active learning with Power Point is to have them analyze images you include in the slides”.

    (Reich & Daccord, 2008).

2. Technology: power point

Bigger Images

Multiply accessibility

Maximize attention

ToD: Children’s lack vocabulary / Lack of adequate resources

UG: Subjective Interpretation of color / Different colors in cultures

3 technology artsonia

Educational Principle:

“The Web also allows students to publish their work easily for a wider audience.[…] … students have the ability to make meaningful contributions ...”

3. Technology: artsonia




“Using these new tools, we can now let students demonstrate their understanding and learning in a much wider array of media.”

(Reich & Daccord, 2008).

ToD: Connection between ideas & activities

UG: Subjective interpretation of art.

4 technology wiki

  • Educational Principle:

    “… the perfect tool to enable teams and classes to write together. […] Students, teachers and even parents can collaborate to gather, edit and present information on a wiki. Students can research new topics and contribute their findings.”

    (Reich & Daccord, 2008).

    “…wikis offer an environment for students to join together in a knowledge-building community.”

    (Jonassen et al., 2008).

4. Technology: wiki

ICT skills

Critical skills



Written skills

ToD: Lack of adequate resources / Connection between ideas & activities

UG: Frameworks in writing compositions about art.

Insights and dilemmas
Insights and dilemmas

Insights Dilemmas

  • Design / CCDT needs constant revision and alignment.

  • Wiggins “Backward Design”

  • Not everything is black & white (k-m-p-f).

  • How can we use technology with only 1 PC?

  • Should they acquire vocabulary by context or through lessons?

  • How do we get the parents successfully involved?

  • How do we structure peer assessment?

The wheel of color

Thank you!