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Business Auto Insurance PowerPoint Presentation
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Business Auto Insurance

Business Auto Insurance

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Business Auto Insurance

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  1. Business Auto Insurance Covers auto exposures for any type of organization except: Auto business (service stations, auto dealers, repair shops, parking lots) Motor carriers for hire (trucking companies) Definition of auto: “Auto” means a land motor vehicle, trailer or semi-trailer designed for travel on public roads but does not include “mobile equipment.”

  2. Schedule of Coverages and Covered Autos Types of coverages - Exhibit 5-1 Covered auto designation symbols - Exhibit 5-2 Trailer extension Mobile equipment extension Extension for temporary substitute autos

  3. Insuring agreement Damages Covered pollution cost or expense Duty to defend Who is insured Named insured Permitted users, except From whom covered auto is hired or borrowed Employees using own cars Using covered auto in auto-related business Some cargo handlers Partners of named insured - using own cars Liability Coverage

  4. Liability Exclusions Expected or intended injury Workers’ compensation and employers liability Fellow employees Care, custody or control Handling of property Pollution (If being transported or in transit) Operations involving attached equipment Completed operations (snowplow, delivery truck) Contractual liability War Racing

  5. Coverage QuestionsWould the following situations be covered? A golf cart owned by the insured and driven by a customer runs over another customer. A pickup truck owned by the insured and driven by an employee hits the insured’s own building. A semi-trailer rented by the insured and driven by an employee hits a gasoline truck, causing a gas spill.

  6. Physical Damage InsuranceAvailable Coverages Collision With another object Overturn Comprehensive Anything not a collision or otherwise excluded Covers glass breakage, hitting animal, falling objects or missiles (also considered collision if no comprehensive) Specified causes of loss Named perils (fire, lightning, explosion, theft,...) Towing and labor Theft coverage extension

  7. Exclusions Catastrophic perils Nuclear and war Maintenance losses Wear and tear Freezing Mechanical or electrical breakdown Road damage to tires Electronic equipment Racing Limits of Insurance Actual cash value Cost of repair or replacement with like kind and quality Physical Damage InsuranceExclusions and Limits of Insurance

  8. Conditions Policy period Occurrence Coverage territory United States, territories, possessions, Puerto Rico and Canada Other Insurance Covered autos other than trailers - business policy is primary for owned autos, excess on no owned autos Trailers Primary if connected to owned auto, excess if connected to non owned auto Business Auto InsuranceConditions and Other Insurance

  9. Additional Coverages and Endorsements Auto medical payments coverage Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage No-Fault Individual named insured endorsement Applies is business is a sole proprietor Drive other car coverage