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Brian C.,Emme A.,Rebecca H.,and Tim R.

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Burlington County. Brian C.,Emme A.,Rebecca H.,and Tim R. History. On October,1677 a group of English debarked from the ship Kent and founded Burlington. The Lenni Lenape were the original owners of Burlington. There are many Revolutionary War sites in Burlington County.

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brian c emme a rebecca h and tim r

Burlington County

Brian C.,Emme A.,Rebecca H.,and Tim R.

  • On October,1677 a group of English debarked from the ship Kent and founded Burlington.
  • The Lenni Lenape were the original owners of Burlington.
  • There are many Revolutionary War sites in Burlington County.
history famous people
History - Famous People
  • Clara Barton lived in Bordentown briefly. She found the first free town in New Jersey.
  • Emma Metzer was New Jersey’s first women doctor.
  • Alice Paul was responsible for the nineteenth amendment which gave women the right to vote.
  • Ben Franklin spent time in Burlington.
  • Arneys Mountain is the highest of the entire county.
  • Delaware River is at the low part of the mountain.
  • Population: 450,627
  • Population density: 560 people per square mile.
  • Trends: Largest Industry is Retail, up 17.2% since 1999,Manufacturing jobs declined 7% since 1999

1.Train service: NJ Transit, Amtrak, SEPTA, and PATCO Trains.

2.Trucking: McCollisters, New Penn Motor Express, and Federal Express.

3. Airports: People can access the Philadelphia International, Newark International, and Atlantic City Airport .

4. Major highways: Route 95, Route 276, and Route 195.

5.Water ports: Delaware River and Bay Ports.

points of interest
Points of Interest
  • Fort Dix- Is a U.S army installation.
  • McGuire Air Force Base- U.S Air Force base.
  • Old Upper Springfield Friends Burying Ground.
  • Riverton County Club
  • Burlington County Footlighters: A production company
lucas d and joey g

Camden County

Lucas D and Joey G

  • Camden’s original name was Levittown.
  • Interesting people are:
  • Lola Falana - an awesome singer, actress, and dancer.
  • Russ Columbo - an actress, singer, and a composer.
  • Rob Andrews- a member of the U.S. House of Representatives.
  • Leon Huff - the songwriter of Gamble and Huff.
  • Landforms: High points in Burlington County are 219 feet above sea level.
  • Coastal Aluvia Plain area is mostly flat and low-lying.
  • Total area is 228 square miles.
  • Land area is 222 square miles.
  • Water area is 5 miles.
matt w amanda b liz w and paul c

Mercer County

Matt W, Amanda B, Liz W, and Paul C

  • Native American Influences: The Erie Indians controlled Mercer County region during the early and mid 1600’s.
  • Role in Revolutionary War: On the night of December 25,1776 General George Washington led the American forces across the Delaware River to attack Hessian Forces of Trenton who didn’t anticipate an attack near Christmas.
history interesting people
History - Interesting People
  • Albert Einstein moved to Princeton after being hounded from Nazi Germany.
  • Author Orson Wells tricked America into thinking Martians had landed in West Windsion.
  • Woodrow Wilson went to Princeton University. Later he became president of the United States.
geography landforms
Geography - Landforms
  • Mercer County is 229 sq miles long, 226 of it is land and 3 of it is water.
  • Mercer County is a flat and low-lying on inner coastal plain with a few hills closer to the Delaware River.
geography waterways
Geography - Waterways
  • Delaware River - It is 33 miles long and runs between NJ, NY, and PA.
  • Carnegie Lake - It is located in Princeton, NJ, and filled with fresh water.
  • Delaware and Raritan Canal - It is 36 miles long, and built between, NJ and PA.
  • The state routes that passes through Mercer are routes 33, 31, 27, and 129.
  • The main Amtrack and NJ Transit Northeast Corridor rail line runs on the eastern edge of the township.
  • Trucking is one of the most common jobs for men in Mercer County.
  • The nearest airport with passenger service is Trenton Mercer airport.
  • The Port Mercer Canal near the border of west Windsor township Princeton.
demographi cs
  • There are 367,605 people who live in Mercer County.
  • The population density was 599/km 1,552/m
  • The population expanded by 4.8%.
points of interest1
Points of Interest
  • Port Mercer Canal House - was built in the 1730’s for the Bridgetender who opened the bridge
  • Home to Princeton University
  • Home of the state capitol, Trenton
  • Sayen Park Botanical Garden is a Municipal Park
  • Museum Hamilton is a ground for sculpture
kayleigh allison jacob and joey

Monmouth County

Kayleigh,Allison,Jacob, and Joey

  • Monmouth County’s name came from Colonel Lewis Morris. He named it after Monmouthshire, Wales.
  • Native American inhabited Monmouth for 2,800 years.
  • The largest battle of the Revolutionary War was the battle of Monmouth in 1778.George Washington’s soldiers defeated the British.
history famous people1
History - Famous People
  • Jon Bon Jovi is a musician.
  • Bruce Springsteen is a musician.
  • John C. Mills was famous for shipping.
  • George H. Moss is a photographer
  • Mickey Walker Jacob Ruppert built Yankee Stadium
  • The county’s highest point is Crawford Hill which is about 400 feet high.
  • The plains are very flat.
  • There is a very scarce amount of hills that cover most of the county.
geography waterways1
Geography - Waterways
  • The rivers flow into the New York Harbor and the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Its waterways include several rivers and bays that flow into New York Harbor and the Atlantic Ocean. The Manasquan Inlet is located in the county, which connects the Atlantic Ocean with the estuary of the Manasquan River, a bay-like body of saltwater that serves as the starting point of the Intercostal Waterway.
  • Major highways:Garden State Parkway, Routes 9,195,18,34,33,35,and 36.
  • Train service:NJ Transit.
  • Airport:Monmouth Executive Airport.
  • Water port:Port Monmouth.
  • Population:615,301 (year 2000.)


  • 1790: 16,918
  • Est.2006: 635,285. Increases.
points of interest2
Points of Interest
  • Battle of Monmouth: General Washington’s soldiers defeated the British in the largest battle of the American Revolutionary War.
  • Education: Monmouth University and Brookdale Community College in Monmouth County.
  • Culture: Monmouth County has a large Irish American population, 23% of the total.
  • Sports: Monmouth Park is a horse racing park located in Monmouth County.
  • Parks: Monmouth County has over 30 park areas to explore.
matthew p luke o maddie g and jade p

Ocean County

Matthew P, Luke O, Maddie G, and Jade P

  • Ocean County was created and formed on Feb.15,1850.
  • The county was named for it’s location on the Atlantic Ocean.
  • The Native American influences were fishing,hunting,growing crops, and building lodges near the rivers and bays.
  • Ocean County’s role in the Revolutionary War was hijacking British ships, because their mariners were skilled sailors.
interesting people
Interesting People
  • Cornelius Hendrickson was a Dutch navigator and cartographer was the first European explorer to set foot on what became Ocean County soil.The land became a part of the New Netherlands.
  • Captain William Kidd, turned pirate, and with his crew began working off the waters off the Southern Jersey coast.
  • Lila W. Thompson became Ocean County’s first woman legislator.
  • Long Beach Island is a barrier island and summer colony.
  • The Pine Barrens is a heavily forested area covering 1.1 million acres.
  • Island Beach State Park Barnegat Peninsula surrounded by three bodies of water.
  • The 5 Ocean is the second largest ocean.
  • Barnegat Bay is a small brackish arm of the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Barnegat Inlet is a small inlet connected with the Barnegat Bay.


  • Major highways- Route 40 GSP and USRT.9 S.t.HW 37 72
  • Train service- NJ Transit North Jersey Coast Bay head station and P.T. Pleasant station
  • Trucking- New Jersey Turnpike
  • Airport-Ocean County Robert Miller Airport
  • Water ports- Behead in Barnegat Bay has more than 200 marinas ferry -Cape May-Lewes ferry
  • Population-562,335 in 2006
  • Center of population-803/sq mi [310/km2] Monmouth County
  • Trends [Increases or decreases] :-The population increases 39,000 since 2000
points of interest3
Points of Interest
  • Beach Haven: A late nineteenth century beach-front resort. It is located in the southern part of L.B.I.
  • Surf City:It is home to the first big boarding hotel on the N.J coast, called the Mansion of Health.
  • Point Pleasant Beach: It is in the Fourth Congressional District and is part of NJ’s tenth legislative branch. The mayor is Thomas Vogel.
more points of interest
More Points Of Interest
  • Mystic Island: It was built in the early sixties as a Planned Community.
  • Long Beach Township: For grades K through 6, public school students attend the Long Beach Island Consolidated School District.