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Let ’ s enjoy! PowerPoint Presentation
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Let ’ s enjoy!

Let ’ s enjoy!

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Let ’ s enjoy!

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  1. Let’s enjoy!

  2. Why don’t you learn to sing English songs Che Qiwei from No.26 Middle School

  3. What English songs can you think of?Which are your favourites?

  4. How can singing English songs help your English?

  5. native speaker 以某种语言为母语的人, 说本族语的人 本地的, 本国的 native adj.

  6. 比赛 进入,参加 enter a contest Look comfortable on stagen. 舞台

  7. Someone says: Life is like a stage, each must play a part

  8. Can you remember them? 鼓励,鼓舞 encourage v. make progressn. 进步,进展 suggest v. 建议 modest adj. 谦虚的 mention v. 提及

  9. Match contest encourage make progress native •give someone the courage(勇气)to do something •a place where you come from •competition • get better

  10. enter suggest modest • advice • go into • don’t want to talk about one’s own abilities (能力)

  11. Paragraph 1 Paragraph 2 Paragraph 3 Paragraph 4 A : a spokesperson’s opinion about the contest B : many people want to improve their English in different ways C: many other fun ways to learn English D: some information about the two winners Match

  12. Find out the anwers : • 1. Why do people want to improve their English ? 2. Who won the women’s contest? Where’s she from? 3. What other fun ways are mentioned in Paragraph4?

  13. True (T),false(F) or not mentioned(N) ? F Three good ways of improving English are mentioned. ( ) The winners both agreed that they were the best singers.( ) F Studying English helped JiangMei win the prize.( ) T

  14. Singing songs doesn’t mean you can speak English well. ( ) N Reading English books is a better way of learning English than watching movies.( ) N

  15. This contest encourages people in China to speak English. • encourage sb to do sth . • 妈妈常常鼓励我在公共场所多讲话 • Mum often me ___ speak more in public. encourages to

  16. Itsuggestsways for Beijingers totakeaninterestinlearning English. suggest v. 建议 suggestion n. 建议 She suggested that we (should) come earlier next time.

  17. take/have an interest in sth / doing sth = be interested in sth / doing sth 如果你对唱歌感兴趣,你就会学得快。 You will learn fast if you ____ ____ _____ in . an take interest singing

  18. Besides singing English songs, there are many other fun ways to learn English. Besides prep. 而且, 除…. 之外 除了游泳, 他还要学滑冰 He has to learn skating _______ . besides swimming

  19. besidesOR except? except We all entered the singing contest ______Macia, she had a sore throat. We have other fun ways to learn English ______singing English songs. besides

  20. Other ways we can think of: Join an English club. Listen to English news. Think in English

  21. Writing : Write a summary(概要)of the reading .

  22. These words may help you: Many people want to improve …, enter a contest by …, the winner said that…, spokesperson agrees that…, other fun ways

  23. What should we do for Qingdao and the Olympics?

  24. Interview: Reporter:The 2008 Olympics is coming, many Chinese people are improving their English in different ways, how do you improve your English? Student: I watch English movies. Reporter: How about being a volunteer? And what volunteer work will you do? Student: It’s great, I will be a guide

  25. question Name

  26. My report: • The 2008 Olympic Games is coming, many students in my class want to improve theirEnglish in different ways. …… says___________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ Also they want to do volunteer work for the Olympic Games, …..Says______________________________________________

  27. Homework: • Learn an English song, share it with your classmates tomorrow.

  28. Let's sing • Sing, sing a song Sing out loud Sing out Strong Sing of good things not bad Sing of happy not sad

  29. Let's sing Sing, sing a song Make it simple to last Your whole life long Don't worry that it is not Good enough For everony else to hear Just sing, sing a song

  30. You may search these online: • Edelweiss ( 雪绒花 ) • Love story ( 爱情故事 ) • Tear in heaven ( 泪洒天堂 ) • Unchained Melody ( 奔放的旋律) • Memory ( 回忆 ) • Starry Starry Night ( 星满夜空) • When you believe

  31. Elvis Presley: “Are you lonesone tonight ?” “Heartbreak hotel“ The Beatles: “Imagine”“ Yesterday”“ Let it be” Michael Jackson: “Black or white”“ Heal the world”“ Thriller”

  32. The Carpenters: “Close to you”“ Superstar”“ yesterday once more” John Denver: “Sunshine on my shouders” “ Take me home Country Road”

  33. Thanks for being with us!