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Enjoy Remote Support

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Enjoy Remote Support WinVNC Introduction A&SIT Ben Wu 11/04/08 Outline WinVNC overview How to install VNC Program How to configure VNC Server How to use VNC viewer How to remote view MAC machine Tips for WinVNC WinVNC overview

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Enjoy Remote Support

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enjoy remote support

Enjoy Remote Support

WinVNC Introduction


Ben Wu


  • WinVNC overview
  • How to install VNC Program
  • How to configure VNC Server
  • How to use VNC viewer
  • How to remote view MAC machine
  • Tips for WinVNC
winvnc overview
WinVNC overview
  • WinVNC VNC server will allow you to view Windows desktop from any VNC viewer.
  • Windows only supports a single graphical user being logged in at any one time.
  • WinVNC makes the existing desktop of the PC available remotely, rather than creating a separate desktop.
vnc installation
VNC Installation
  • Download address


  • Unzip and Setup
  • Put “Run WinVNC (App Mode)” on desktop
vnc sever configuration 1
VNC Sever Configuration (1)
  • User On Remote End should run “Run WinVNC (App Mode)” to allow others see his desktop
  • Keep all the settings as default
  • Set the password (leave the password blank will block incoming connection
vnc sever configuration 2
VNC Sever Configuration (2)
  • When VNC server is running, there is a icon in task bar.
  • When you point your cursor on that icon, IP address will be shown.
  • IP address or Computer name can be used to identify the remote machine
firewall setting
Firewall Setting
  • Unblock “VNC server for Win32” if Firewall warning pop-up
vnc viewer 1
VNC viewer (1)
  • Administrator run “VNCviewer” to view and control remote end machine which is running “WinVNC Server”
  • Put in IP Address or Computer Name of remote machine
  • Keep “Options” as default
vnc viewer 2
VNC viewer (2)
  • Put in the password as what set by VNC server on remote end computer.
remote window
Remote Window
  • Right Address or Right Name
  • Right Password
  • Remote Desktop Access Showed
  • Viewer and Server both can control the remote machine
remote window11
Remote Window
  • When another computer is viewing that server computer, the server icon becomes black in background
  • When the connection is ended, the icon turns back to normal (white background)
mac support vnc 1
MAC support VNC (1)
  • System Preferences -> Sharing
  • Define “Computer Name” under ASIT rule
  • Check “Remote Management”
mac support vnc 2
MAC support VNC (2)
  • Click “Computer Setting”
  • Check “VNC viewers may control screen with password”
  • Put in password
mac support vnc 3
MAC support VNC (3)
  • Allow Access for all users or specific one
  • Configure “Option” accordingly
mac support vnc 4
MAC support VNC (4)
  • Telescope icon changed to inside a frame when others viewing that MAC
vnc tips
VNC Tips
  • ASIT can set a default password, but user can change it accordingly
  • VNC Sever runs under specific profile
    • The password set under administrator doesn’t work under other users’ profile
  • Use Windows Remote Desktop Controller to install for new users
  • Add VNC into pre-install program list
  • Need to talk to user through phone during remote support
  • MAC OS later than 10.4 support VNC feature
enjoy winvnc
Enjoy WinVNC
  • Easy Install
  • Easy Configure
  • Easy Use
appendix 1
Appendix (1)
  • There is a tool to login Windows from MAC