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IBM: The Future of Cloud Integration PowerPoint Presentation
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IBM: The Future of Cloud Integration

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IBM: The Future of Cloud Integration
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IBM: The Future of Cloud Integration

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  1. IBM: The Future of Cloud Integration Michael Kwan ISM 158 May 17, 2010

  2. IBM Acquires Cast Iron Systems • With this acquisition, IBM hopes to “broaden the delivery of cloud computing services for clients.” • Cast Iron Systems provides software-as-a-service cloud integration software. • The application that caught IBM’s eye is known as OmniConnect. • This is a cloud integration solution that replaces multiple products with a single platform to accomplish integration.

  3. Cast Iron Systems • Provides cloud computing integration services for large and midsize companies, such as Allianz, NEC, Peet’s Coffee, Dow Jones, Schumacher Group, ShoreTel, Sports Authority, Time Warner, Westmont University and others. • The acquisition represents IBM’s strong push to the cloud, with IBM expecting the global cloud computing market to grow to $126 billion by 2012. • The new acquisition expands IBM’s business process and integration software portfolio, which has grown more than 20 percent in the first quarter of 2010.

  4. "Cloud application use is exploding, but just because you like doesn't mean you are going to throw out SAP, Oracle or other applications you have on-premise. It's a hybrid world where companies have a combination of cloud and on-premise locations," says Chandar Pattabhiram, VP of Channel and Product Marketing for Cast Iron Systems. "You don't maximize the value of your cloud applications unless you get all the data into it – so you need integration." Omniconnect is a solution for complete integration-"Fifty-six percent of CIOs in a Gartner survey said they are transitioning away from the cloud because too many choices make it too difficult," Pattabhiram says. "Our new platform is meant to solve this problem by bridging the on-premise and cloud worlds. We offer complete integrations that include data migration, process integration, and UI mash up capabilities." VP Chandar Pattabhiram

  5. Lets SaaS applications access, cleanse, and synchronize data stored in legacy systems in real-time and completes processes without leaving the OmniConnect environment The platform can also mash up the data from different sources and display them in a single view without taking the data out of one application and putting it into another. Users can configure their integration processes in the cloud, run them in a multi-tenant cloud-based environment, and monitor all integrations from a single cloud-based console. The software lets users make integrations or the entire OmniConnect portable into any public cloud, private cloud or on-premise data center environment OmniConnect, what it has to offer

  6. What this means for IBM • IBM is gaining the ability to help businesses rapidly integrate their cloud-based applications and on-premises systems • This acquisition advances IBM’s capabilities for a hybrid cloud model, which is attractive to enterprises because it allows them to blend data from on-premises applications with public and private cloud systems • IBM will be able to offer clients a complete platform to integrate cloud applications • Using Cast Iron Systems’ hundreds of prebuilt templates and services expertise, expensive custom coding can be eliminated, allowing cloud integrations to be completed in the space of days, rather than weeks or longer. • “The combination of IBM and Cast Iron Systems will make it easy for clients to integrate business applications, no matter where those applications reside. This will give clients greater agility and, as a result, better business outcomes." -Craig Hayman, GM for IBM WebSphere

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