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The French Revolution Student Sample

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The French Revolution Student Sample - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The French Revolution Student Sample
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  1. The French RevolutionStudent Sample Vocabulary: • Estates-social classes of France • First Estate: Clergy-leaders of the Church in France • Second Estate: Nobles-members of the elite who were born into their status in society • Third Estate: Bourgeois-members of the middle class and below with little rights • Bastille-armory/prison stormed by the Third Estate beginning the French Revolution • Reign of Terror-began after the death of Louis XVI in which 30,000 people across France were killed

  2. Bumper Sticker No More Empty Promises! Give Us Bread For Empty Bellies!

  3. Venn Diagram: Three Estates First Second Third Roman Catholic Clergy paid few Nobility taxes Half of income in taxes Bourgeoisie-rich merchants, skilled workers City workers-cooks, servants, poorly paid Peasants-farm workers

  4. Rubric for Webquest and Student Blog • •

  5. Blog Entry My name is Genevieve I am 12 and a member of the Third Estate. My days are spent looking for food for my ailing mother and two small brothers. We live in fear that we will be evicted from the room we share with Henri and his mother. If we are evicted, we will be forced to live in the streets and my mother will die. Henri whispers to me of his dreams for a better life. He says there are people who are planning a revolt against the king and the nobility. There are guns and ammunition inside a prison called the Bastille. Henri and his comrades plan to break in and take weapons. If he is caught he and his friends will be executed. Such talk scares me.

  6. French Revolution Q & A • 1. What were three factors that led to revolution? Enlightenment idea that everyone should be equal, economy was failing, Louis XVI was a weak leader • 2.Why did the National Assembly form? They broke with the ruling body the Estates-General because they were not given one vote per delegate. Since the Third was larger they would have more representation. • 3. Where did the Reign of Terror lead? There were 1000s killed, when Robespierre was executed Moderate leaders formed a less revolutionary plan of government.

  7. Sample of Questions From Test • A document was written that was influenced by our Dec. of Independence ___________________________. • It’s slogan or guarantee listed three things they wanted _______________, ______________, _____________. • During this time the _________________________ had all of it’s land and property taken away. The peasants didn’t like this at all because they were very devout. • The National Assembly forced Louis XVI to sign off on the new constitution. Then the Legislative Assembly was formed. It was split into three groups: the _____________ wanted no monarchy and lots of changes, the ______________ wanted some changes, and the _______________ wanted a limited monarchy and no changes. • Write a good, well-thought out essay describing how the slogan “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” sums up the goals of the Revolution.