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  1. NORTH AFRICA Ciara Greene, Claire Hallman, Michael Turner, Michaela Park, Adeline Naon, Jocelyn Davis

  2. Islam spreads throughout North Africa • Muslim-Arab armies: through North Africa from Egypt to the Maghreb • Merged with native Berber traditions to create a unique Islamic culture.

  3. THe Sahara Desert

  4. Basic Information Almoravids came before the Almorhads Almorhads conquered the Almoravids

  5. Islam Law • Quran, Shari'a describes all possible human acts, dividing them into permitted (halal) and prohibited (haram). • Rules regulates all matters of muslim life and governing of the Islamic state.

  6. Abdallah ibn Yasin’s rise to power • Recruited by the Gudala to preach to their tribe. • Expelled him from their tribe. • Sought refuge in a ribat. • While in the ribat, he created a highly disciplined society known as the Almaravid. • Seized control of the Saharan Trade Route • Unifying Islam • In 1070 Abu Bakr seized Marrakech and turned it into the main military base

  7. Almoravid • The empire stretched 3,000 kilometers north to south. • The Almoravids built the city of Marrakech, an influential center of power. • In 1083 the king of Seville asked the Almoravid army to protect them from the advancing christian army. • The Muslim influence in modern day Spain and other surrounding areas is due to the Almoravids effort in stopping the christian army

  8. Marrakech

  9. Almoravid Koubba • The Koubba- architecture from the Almoravid left in Marrakech. • Built in 1117 and managed to survive until it was excavated in 1952. • The architecture exemplifies the features of Almohad design: unique shape of the windows, merlons, and the geometric shaped designs.

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  11. Why Us? • Rose swiftly and spread. • Saharan trade route • Relatively no war going on. People Used peace to to convert to the Muslim religion unlike dictators and monarchs. • Abdallah Ibn Yasin spread Islam. • The Almoravids military cultivated Islam throughout Spain and it’s surrounding areas.