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AGA KHAN FOUNDATION. Lisha Lala, Programme Officer Health, lisha.lala@akdn.org. AKDN AGA KHAN DEVELOPMENT NETWORK. AKDN Organogram. THE IMAMAT. Aga Khan Development Network. Economic Development. Social Development. Culture. Aga Khan Agency for Microfinance. Aga Khan Fund for

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  1. AGA KHAN FOUNDATION Lisha Lala, Programme Officer Health, lisha.lala@akdn.org AKDNAGA KHAN DEVELOPMENT NETWORK

  2. AKDN Organogram THE IMAMAT Aga Khan Development Network Economic Development Social Development Culture Aga Khan Agency for Microfinance Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development Aga Khan Foundation Aga Khan University University of Central Asia Aga Khan Trust For Culture Aga Khan Education Services Aga Khan Health Services Tourism Promotion Services Industrial Promotion Services Aga Khan Award for Architecture Education and Culture Programme Historic Cities Support Programme Financial Services Media Services Aviation Services Aga Khan Planning and Building Services

  3. Aga Khan Foundation Assist local partners to identify and implement sustainable solutions to long-term problems that impact the quality of life • Established in 1991 in Tanzania • Education • Zanzibar Madrasa Resource Centre • Completion, Retention, Enrollement and Access for Tanzanians to Education • International Scholarship Programme • Health • Raha Leo Community Health Programme • Advanced Nursing Studies • Civil Society • NGO Resource Centre • Young Development Professionals • Rural Development • Coast Rural Support Programme, Tz

  4. Coastal Rural Support Programme Tanzania (CRSP,T) Partnership with Government of Tanzania under MKUKUTA. Overall goal: To improve quality of life and social well-being of 60,000 households in Lindi and Mtwara Regions in Southern Tanzania through sustainable socio-economic interventions in: • Food Security and Income Generation • Health • Education; and • Strengthening civil society. Outcomes: • Increased Food Security and incomes of rural households in Lindi and Mtwara Regions. • Improved quality education for pre-primary, primary and early secondary students • Improved health status of women of reproductive age, children under five and youth • Enhanced effective local ownership of development processes.

  5. AKF Partnership for Health and Community Development Targeting women of reproductive age, children under 5 and youth. • Key partners: • Local, District, regional, and national government (health and development departments) • Beneficiaries, community groups, local civil society organisations • Other NGO’s

  6. Goals and Objectives Goal: To contribute to improved health of women of reproductive age (15-49 years), children under-five (with emphasis on infants and newborns) and youth. The major outcomes are: • (i) Increased demand for and improved access to quality health services (preventive, promotive, curative) at community level • (ii) Increased capacities and improved performance of health professionals (preventive, curative, and managerial) • (iii) Research on operations, documentation and dissemination of results, achievements and lessons learned.

  7. Programme strategies Community development and strengthening of local structures and organizations in health • Advocacy for community involvement • Capacity building of community health committees Awareness and behaviour change communication • Women health, youth health, child health • Nutrition • School/ECD health and nutrition

  8. Programme Strategies Capacity building and professional development • Training and continuous education • Exchange of expertise Strengthening of the public/private health delivery system • Facility management and quality of care • Financing of health services • HMIS • Referral system • Focus on maternal, newborn and child health

  9. Health Strategy for CRSP,T To contribute to improved health and nutrition status of women of mothers, children under-five (with a focus on infants and newborn), and youth Increased demand for and improved access to quality health services at community level Improved health and nutrition practices for MNCH Increased capacities and improved performance of health professionals and system Health and nutrition education and behaviour change communication Community mobilization and strengthening of capacities of community based structures Capacity building and professional development: Facility level District level Building a network of and strengthening a sustainable public-private health delivery system Operational research, M&E, documentation and dissemination

  10. Key Thematic Areas Health Promotion & Disease Prevention (includes nutrition) • Rice farmers, savings groups • School health • Women of reproductive age • Early childhood development Water and Sanitation Community-based health financing Access to quality maternal and child health services • Community mobilisation • Birth preparedness; post-natal care • Referral and community-based emergency transport Capacity Building

  11. Inception Phase A. Participatory programme planning at community and district levels • Develop programme framework with district authorities • Assist VHC’s in developing effective village health plans • Assist districts in action research related to specific priority issues of the community based health care system • Assist in developing an effective M&E system B. Initiate health promotion/ behaviour change communication activities • Assess demands, needs and social issues. • Design and implement BCC strategy with focus on maternal and newborn health and nutrition • Improve the performance of existing school health programmes C. Capacity building of health professionals • 1) Management and leadership training for health workers; short-courses in quality care • 2) Planning for e-health and e-learning programmes

  12. Partners • Government • Tanzania german support to the health sector (high-level MoU) • Collaboration on healthcare financing e.g. CHF • Approaches to PPP • Ifakara and other research organisations • Operational research especially MCH • Others? • Network and coordinate with all


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