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How SEO works PowerPoint Presentation
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How SEO works

How SEO works

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How SEO works

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  1. What is SEARCH ENGINE? A SEARCH ENGINE is a software system that is designed to search information’s on the World Wide Web. The search results are generally presented in a line of results often referred to as Search Engine Results Pages(SERPs). Search Engine is a web application designed to hunt for specific keywords and group them according to relevance.

  2. Examples of Search Engines

  3. What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. i.e. optimizing a web site for Search Engines. AnSEO expert optimizes your website internally and externally so that the search engines value it more and will rank it higher in the search results than other similar websites.

  4. Architecture of Search Engine • Crawling • Indexing • Processing • Calculating Relevancy • Retrieving results

  5. SEO Process

  6. Types of SEO • On-Page Optimization • H1, ALT & Anchor Tags Optimization • Meta Tag Optimization • Content Analysis • Keyword Density • Site Maps • URL Structure • Robots Optimization

  7. Off-Page Optimization • Search engine submission. • Social Bookmarking submission. • Article submission. • Press release submission. • Blog creation & Posting • Document creation and sharing • web 2.0 profiles submissions

  8. Key Factor of SEO & PageRank Quality of inbound links Rate of new inbound links Internal link popularity Quality of outbound links Quality of Content Hierarchy of site navigation Age of domain

  9. Why we need SEO? If we’ve ever wondered how to get our website on the front page of search results on Google, the answer you’ve been looking for is SEO. It’s an incredibly important, vital component to any successful business website (or any other website, for that matter!) If we want our potential customers to be able to find you, then you have to make it possible for them to do that, preferably quickly and easily, and SEO is our key to making that happen.

  10. How SEO Works The method that is most widely used is keyword optimization. This is a strategy that helps a website to gain ranking within the most popular  search engines. The SEO company will plant relevant words and phrases within a web page in a fashion that increases visibility. Once the website becomes more visible, more people will click on it and visit.

  11. How SEO Helps in Business? There are thousands of businesses trying to survive in the online community, each owner must make a conscious effort to make his or hers stand out more than the rest. It is becoming less possible for a business to flourish if it does not implement some type of plan that can increase site visits and customer base.

  12. How SEO Helps in Business? 2nd part A search engine optimization company might be the perfect solution to getting an organization back on its feet or boosting a new establishment. The following is information on how SEO or search engine optimization can help any business. Search engine optimization is a collection of design, marketing, and advertising strategies that effectively increase website traffic and increase customer count. A reputable company can use various methods to achieve the client’s goal.

  13. How SEO Helps in Business? 3rd part The increased clicking and visiting causes the site’s rank to go up, which in turn causes more visibility, more visiting, and so on. The strategy is ingenious as it creates a cycle of potential growth. Other methods an SEO company might use are the implementation of short videos and content marketing. Just getting the person to visit the site is not enough to boost business. People have to be enticed within a certain amount of time or they will leave the page.

  14. At a glance Search engine optimization services bring people to a site owner’s business that would not have stopped by otherwise. The potential to make sales increases each time a random web surfer visits. It is up to the business owner to work with the SEO company to find the best solution to engage the potential clients once they visit the site. To get help, the business owner should contact an SEO expert by telephone, online form, or walk in.

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