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PR Case Studies

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PR Case Studies. Tactical Choices. PR Case Studies. Which tactics work best? That depends! Choose communication tactics that fit your objectives and strategies. Tactics should introduce and/or reinforce your key messages . Tactics must fit the message and the audience.

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pr case studies
PR Case Studies
  • Tactical
  • Choices
pr case studies1
PR Case Studies
  • Which tactics work best? That depends!
    • Choose communication tactics that fit your objectives and strategies.
    • Tactics should introduce and/or reinforce your key messages.
    • Tactics must fit the message and the audience.
    • Tactics must be do-able within budget constraints.
pr case studies2
PR Case Studies
  • Are tactics within our budget reality?
  • Budget Considerations
    • Money
    • People
    • Time
pr case studies3
PR Case Studies
  • Are tactics within our budget reality?
  • Elements of a budget:

1. Money:

      • What are the out-of-pocket costs?
      • Are those costs in the budget?
      • Should they be?

If not…

      • Can we find the money elsewhere?
      • Are donations possible? Sources?
pr case studies4
PR Case Studies
  • Budget Considerations

2. People: How may person-hours will it take to implement this tactic?

      • Staff time
      • Volunteers
      • Consultants or agency personnel
      • Interns

Does it make sense, given staffing constraints?

pr case studies5
PR Case Studies
  • Budget Considerations

3. Time: Given the money in our budget and the staffing available, how much time will it take us to produce the program elements we are proposing?

      • Is it do-able?
      • Is it worth it?
      • If yes to both, when should we start?
pr case studies6
PR Case Studies
  • Communication
  • Considerations
uncontrolled media
Uncontrolled Media
  • News placements help you:
    • Create awareness
    • Sustain awareness
    • Create and expand knowledge
    • Educate publics (to a limited degree)
  • Key word here is news…
  • What’s your hook? Will the media bite?
uncontrolled media1
Uncontrolled Media
  • Popular Media: Print
    • Daily & Weekly Newspapers
    • General Circulation Magazines
      • Time, Newsweek
      • People, TV Guide, Reader’s Digest
      • Cleveland Magazine, Texas Monthly
    • Online news outlets
      • Northern Ohio Live
uncontrolled media2
Uncontrolled Media
  • Popular Media: Electronic
    • Television
      • Newscasts and news magazines
      • Talk shows
      • Public affairs programs
    • Radio
      • Newscasts (serious news on radio is limited)
      • Talk shows (proceed with caution)
      • Entertainment programs (on-air personalities)
uncontrolled media3
Uncontrolled Media
  • Specialty media
    • Reach audiences with focused interests
    • One way to reach opinion leaders, since OLs read in their interest areas
  • Examples:
    • Motor Trend, Car & Driver, Automobile
    • Travel & Leisure, Ohio Motorist
    • PC World, Wired
    • American Health, Prevention
uncontrolled media4
Uncontrolled Media
  • Trade/Professional Publications
    • Reach audiences with business & career-focused content
    • Possible way to reach opinion leaders
  • Examples:
    • Machine Design, Metalworking News
    • Radio & Records, Variety
    • Dentistry Today, Dental Products Report
uncontrolled media5
Uncontrolled Media
  • On-line media:
    • News sites are used frequently by younger readers and busy professionals
    • News sites are monitored by opinion leaders and other journalists (may trigger more coverage)
    • Blogs (Web Logs) offer opinion & discussion. Often monitored by opinion leaders & other journalists. Lots of clutter here, but lots of potential, too.
    • Discussion groups, bulletin boards & listservs are where opinions often surface.
controlled media
Controlled Media
  • Communication materials for which we control message and distribution
    • Appeal is to “information seekers” who already are aware and engaged
    • Contain details to help key publics evaluate the message and move toward a decision
    • Deliver information in a way that suits needs of the audience and the message
controlled media1
Controlled Media
  • Common printed materials
    • Brochures and pamphlets are stand-alone, folded publications that usually deal with one topic or issue. They contain verbal and visual elements and are easy and relatively cheap to produce.
    • Some common uses of brochures & pamphlets:
      • Introduce a new product or service
      • Educate people about an issue
      • Explain a “how-to” process
      • Pitch the benefits of membership
    • May use active or passive distribution
controlled media2
Controlled Media
  • Common printed materials (cont.)
    • Fliers are stand-alone publications that usually deal with one topic or issue. They contain verbal and visual elements, but are not read as one unit (not folded). May also double as posters
    • Some common uses of fliers:
      • Introduce a simple message quickly, visually
      • Reinforce key messages
      • Explain simple concepts
    • Useful as handouts, often used in campaigns
    • Generally require active distribution, not mailing
controlled media3
Controlled Media
  • Common printed materials

Newsletters are serial publications (usually monthly) that serve audiences that share common interests and/or characteristics.

Newsletters should be quick-read publications that feature short, timely stories of interest to that focused audience.

Newsletters use informal, sometime folksy writing style since they serve a family-type public.

Newsletters may serve internal or external audiences.

controlled media4
Controlled Media
  • Internal Newsletters
    • Typically serve employees or members
    • News is focused on the needs of the people who are “close” to our organization
    • Generally tell how the organization is performing while imparting a “vision”
    • May be distributed at the workplace or mailed to the home
    • Focus, as always, on the WIIFM!
controlled media5
Controlled Media
  • Examples of Internal Newsletters

Goodyear Daily Digest, serving 90,000+ employees of the giant tiremaker

E-Inside serving faculty, staff & administration of KSU (online only)

Rotarian, serving members of Rotary Clubs International, a volunteer group

controlled media6
Controlled Media
  • External Newsletters
    • Typically serve publics with a vested interest in the organization
    • News is focused on improving the lives of the reader (how-to articles, new products, etc., industry news and trends).
    • Create a connection with audiences vital to the organization, engender loyalty.
    • Readers must have an abiding interest in your organization, some common ground, if you want to attract their attention & interest.
controlled media7
Controlled Media
  • Examples of External Newsletters

Miller Times, serving dealers and distributors of Miller Brewing products

Cosmetic Dentistry, serving dentists who regularly buy products from Vivadent USA.

District Views, serving the parents, volunteers, and local opinion leaders with news about your local school district

controlled media8
Controlled Media
  • Reports or Booklets are larger publications that serve readers with a high level of interest and/or a need for detailed information. Time consuming and expensive to produce they are sometimes converted to more visual formats and produced on DVDs or CDs.
    • Annual reports serve investors; often are required by law.
    • User guides or kits serve consumers of the product or service.
    • Research reports offer in-depth background and technical information related to a product, service or issue.
    • Viewbooks offer lots of detail and are often used to sell high-ticket items ranging from automobiles to a college education.
controlled media9
Controlled Media
  • Direct mail is printed material sent directly to target publics via USPS. Usually contains a simple messages that can be absorbed in 30 seconds or less. Is most effective when personalized, but is too often lumped with junk mail and ignored. Is most effective when the audience has reached the “interest” stage of the adoption process. Not a good awareness tool.
  • Examples of direct mail:
    • Letters and memos. Personally addressed using mail-merge programs
    • Postcards. Deliver quick, visual messages. Cheap to produce and mail.
    • Invitations. Designed to draw prospective participants to an event.
controlled media10
Controlled Media
  • Other printed materials
  • Paycheck stuffers, bill inserts, business cards, key chains, refrigerator magnets, t-shirts, caps and other clothing, catalogs, balloons, paper weights, clocks,posters, bumper stickers, window stickers, sew-on patches, pens and pencils, signs of all kinds, calendars, message pads, tattoos.
  • Got the idea?
controlled media11
Controlled Media
  • Electronic Options: Web sites
    • Serve active information seekers
    • Should contain detailed information in “layered” format (drill down for detail)
    • Must be supported by promotions to generate interest and “drive” people to site
    • Must be supported with staff or consultants who keep content fresh, current, interesting and meaningful (costly maintenance)
controlled media12
Controlled Media
  • Electronic Options: Videos & DVDs

Use when visual message is critical

Expensive to produce and distribute and require expertise beyond most PR pros abilities

Possible uses:

    • Explaining complex issues to groups (Stop the Coal Trains)
    • Selling high-end products that benefit from visual demonstrations (A $10,000 Jacuzzi-brand hot tub)
    • To replace expensive booklets or reports
    • To deliver how-to messages (using your turkey fryer)
    • For reaching employees in a national or global corporation.
controlled media13
Controlled Media
  • Other Electronic Tools:
    • Video conferences for virtual meetings with employees, customers, investors, news media
    • Slide shows and graphic support for speeches & presentations, real-time or online
    • Broadcast e-mail. Beware “spam” issues. Focus on interested audiences. Subject line is key.
    • Broadcast voicemail. To send a “personal” message to employees or customers when management can’t get face to face.
controlled media14
Controlled Media
  • Face-to-Face Messages
    • Allow for feedback
    • Support the building of trust
    • Create “messengers” of goodwill
    • Smith text gives you a great list of tactics!
interpersonal tactics
Interpersonal Tactics
  • Face-to-Face Messages To Create Experience
    • Tours and open houses
    • Grand openings & celebrations
    • Trial memberships
    • Sneak previews & premier performances
    • Ride-along programs (police & EMS)
    • “Shadow” programs
    • Hands-on demonstrations
interpersonal tactics1
Interpersonal Tactics
  • Face-to-Face Messages To Create Communication & Contact
    • Educational gatherings, conferences & seminars
    • Product exhibitions (e.g., trade shows)
    • Meetings
    • Demonstrations & marches (also for news)
    • Speeches & panels
    • Forums & “town” meetings
    • Speaker’s Bureaus
interpersonal tactics2
Interpersonal Tactics
  • Face-to-Face Messages To Create, Participation, Interaction & Goodwill
    • Civic events (e.g., fairs, festivals & carnivals)
    • Sporting events
    • Contests
    • Holiday-related events
    • Progress-oriented events
      • Ground-breaking ceremonies
      • Topping-off ceremonies
      • Ribbon-cutting ceremonies
      • Dedications
interpersonal tactics3
Interpersonal Tactics
  • Face-to-Face Messages To Create, Participation, Interaction & Goodwill (cont.)
    • Historic Commemorations
      • May 4th at Kent State
      • 200th Anniversary of the “Voyage of Discovery”
    • Social Events, including banquets, roasts, cocktail parties, etc.
    • Fundraising events, including auctions, reverse raffles, etc.
interpersonal tactics4
Interpersonal Tactics
  • Face-to-Face Events Require
    • Advance planning (months, sometimes years)
    • Creativity (for a memorable experience)
      • Location
      • Theme
      • Activities
      • Food & Drink
    • Staffing
    • Attention to detail
reviewing communication tactics
Reviewing Communication Tactics
  • Uncontrolled media help you raise awareness & create knowledge among key publics—and others.
  • Controlled media serve your target publics once they have reached the “interest” stage by providing additional information & detail, often mixed with a persuasive message.
  • Interpersonal tactics (face-to-face) are most effective in bringing about “trial” and “adoption.” But face-to-face tactics also are used
    • to reinforce the attitudes behaviors of those who trust and embrace our organization (e.g. a “thank-you” picnic)
    • to create “experiences” that help to persuade individuals to understand and accept our messages and viewpoints (e.g., a ride-along program for a local police department)