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Case Studies. Direct Energy. Company Overview: Client is one of North America’s leading integrated energy companies and part of the Centrica Group (British Gas). Scope: Inbound and Outbound services Systems Used: Inbound/Outbound blended Asterisk based ACD/Dialer. Business Needs:

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direct energy
Direct Energy
  • Company Overview:
  • Client is one of North America’s leading integrated energy companies and part of the Centrica Group (British Gas).
  • Scope:
  • Inbound and Outbound services
  • Systems Used:
  • Inbound/Outbound blended Asterisk based ACD/Dialer
  • Business Needs:
  • Making sure the current customer base renews their contracts within a very short time frame to ensure that they do not get converted back to the local utility provider
  • Cost – Limited resources/budget
  • Keeping track of revenue and profitability
  • Business Solution Offered By Simpro:
  • Quickly developed an automated preview dialing campaign and with its large core of agents was able to ensure that the customers were called within the expected renewal time frame
  • Offered an Inbound technology advantage that was especially useful in the case of small renewal lists for other provinces
  • Business Benefits:
  • Greater than 20% improvement in conversion rates
  • Convinced of service excellence ,cient switched its entire regional renewal Inbound program to us.
  • Some of the Optimization Initiatives:
    • Improved Customer Service thru dynamic CRM blending and screen-pop technology.
  • Identify the point ( in terms of list penetration %) where the list performance starts dropping ( in terms of SPH) and then use the following to improve performance
    • Variable incentive to drive sales revenue
    • Dynamic predictive dialer management
primus telecom canada
Primus Telecom, Canada
  • Company Overview:
  • Client is the second largest alternative communications company in Canada. Client has ownership in over 23 transoceanic fiber-optic cable systems in Europe, North and South America, and the Asia-Pacific region
  • Scope of Deal:
  • Inbound and Outbound telemarketing Services
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Systems Used:
  • Automated Predictive Dialer
  • Business Challenges:
  • Faced with the added competition to protect and grow its existing customer base very aggressively
  • Need to increase its existing OB channel acquisition by more than 50%
  • Increased competition
  • Business Solution Offered By Simpro:
  • Pay-per-performance model implemented
  • Hourly reporting timelines implemented
  • Preview dialer used which ensure the clients objective of higher penetration on the lead list is achieved
  • Business Benefits:
  • Sales per hour target exceeded by more than 30% with reduced cost per acquisition
  • Managed to beat clients original cost per acquisition target, largely because it already had the existing infrastructure, bandwidth and highly skilled agents in place prior to the contract
  • Some Optimization Initiatives:
  • Quality monitoring sessions are conducted on a weekly basis with the client.
  • Internal monitoring are done on a daily basis by a dedicated team of one Quality Leader and three Quality Executives.
  • Every agent ideally receives three feedbacks per week which is given in a certain format called as TM (Transaction Monitoring) Sheet. This sheet ensures a close watch on agent’s performance in terms of quality
  • Dialer Report generation & compilation.
  • Transfer of processed data to client through the FTP site (Using Microsoft Access Format)
hudson bay company canada
Hudson Bay Company,Canada
  • Company Overview:
  • Client is Canada’s largest diversified general merchandise retailer, with over 550 retail locations and nearly 70, 000 associates located in every province in Canada
  • Scope of Deal:
  • Entire life cycle of Clients telecommunications program
  • Customer Acquisition through inbound and outbound channels
  • Back-office services
  • Soft Collections
  • Business Needs:
  • Need to increase its existing OB channel acquisition by more than 50%
  • Increased competition
  • Faced with the added competition to protect and grow its existing customer base very aggressively
  • Significant provisioning errors resulting in both delays to customers and service users
  • Business Solution Offered By Simpro:
  • Worked closely with the client to review and revise scripting to ensure script was capturing maximum required information and ensuring customer’s awareness of the timelines for the service transfer.
  • Suggested and implemented automated messaging to ensure customers were reminded of their service transfer date and loss of voicemail messages
  • Business Benefits:
  • Provisioning rejects down by 35%
  • Sales per hour target exceeded by more than 30% with reduced cost per acquisition
  • Managed the “Cradle to Grave” process ensuring superior customer service.
  • Key Learning & Findings:
  • Intensive training is essential to ensure delivery excellence on performance and quality
  • Agile management is critical in meeting dynamic process requirements
  • Efficient planning and resource management
large retailer uk
Large Retailer, UK
  • Business Needs:
  • Inefficiencies in processes onshore, resulting in poor performance on metrics
  • High cost of providing service in a non-revenue center
  • Inability to improve process efficiency due to Physical work flow tracking and reporting system.
  • Company Overview:
  • Fortune 500 UK retailer with over 450 stores located throughout the UK and operating in 30 countries
  • Scope of Deal:
  • Supply Chain / Logistics Process
  • Systems Used:
  • Citrix
  • Merchandise Allocation System (Host on Demand)
  • Buying Processing Tool
  • Client Speak:
  • “ Last week I was able to sent GBP 155K of stock and this week so far I was able to send GBP 23K. This wouldn’t have been possible without your help”
  • Business Solution Offered By Simpro:
  • Started handling 17 departments, currently handling 53 departments with the same FTE number by tweaking applications to give optimum results
  • Supplier compliance using six-sigma, E-learning modules, documentation were the prime reasons for the improvement
  • Detailed documentation with process flows using IDEF (swim lanes) methodology
  • Business Benefits:
  • Supplier compliance improved to 96%
  • Improved merchandise planning to 8 weeks in advance from a 2 week period
  • Results driven through process optimization:
  • Process improvements – Old process of Planning, Update and Ratios changed to Ratio, plan and update
  • Increase in accuracy % - 99.8 % to 99.99%
  • Queries reduced – 50% reduction in queries
  • Designed a shared query form which helped the IRM see the changes online thus reducing his effort
  • Merchandise allocation time reduced from 36 hours to 4 hours thus helping the IRM with better visibility
  • Suggested that planning for merchandise be done for 2 weeks instead of 1 week thus giving the IRM increased visibility. The suggestion has been implemented.
  • Work completion status report sent to the IRM’s 1 day in advance
fortune 50 us retailer
Fortune 50 US Retailer
  • Company Overview:
  • Fortune 50 US retailer with Annual Turnover of more than 8 Billion USD.
  • Scope of Deal:
  • Procurement & Supplier services helpdesk.
  • Systems Used:
  • SAP – Ariba
  • EDI
  • Gentrack
  • Client speak:
  • ‘ I’ve noticed GREAT improvement in the service I’ve been receiving through the Purchasing Help Desk’
  • Business Needs:
  • Need to continuously reduce operating costs
  • Limited in-house resources to manage the churn of contingent labor as well as handle strategic core functions;
  • Need to leverage outsourcing expertise to improve business processes.
  • Business Solution Offered By Simpro:
  • Dedicated response unit of suppliers and stores
  • Implemented ‘No PO no pay policy’
  • EDI based document transfer resulting in efficient entry into the system
  • Business Benefits:
  • Call abandonment rate reduced to less than 5% from over 15%. Stores feedback improved to 4.2 on 5 within 6 months of transition
  • Queue reduced from 4000 to below 500 PR’s maintained at same level
  • Semi-automated the entire process of New store opening
  • In-house resources reduced from 27 to 9 for both helping suppliers with day-to-day transactions as well as managing strategic core initiatives
  • Reduced operating costs by up to 45% through process optimization
  • Quality accuracy rate above bench mark of 90% on a consistent basis
  • Some Optimization Initiatives:
  • Advanced research done on older purchase requisitions with the help of macros that helped in bringing more visibility of pending requisitions in queue.
  • Emphasis on processing requisitions from system generated reports helped in driving the older PR's (purchase requisition) out of the queue at a much quicker rate than done previously
medical supplies manufacturer us
Medical Supplies Manufacturer, US
  • Company Overview:
  • With over one billion in revenue ,the client is a fortune company with over 80 subsidiaries and operations across the globe
  • Scope of Deal:
  • Accounts Payable
  • Order Management
  • Secured Debt Collections
  • Oracle Telesales
  • Systems Used:
  • Oracle 11i
  • AS 400
  • Client Speak:
  • “ The is not as insurmountable as it may seem. I projected cash of 25 M for the month and you all exceeded that by collecting 27.5 M – great job Zenpro team”
  • Business Needs:
  • Consolidation of Accounts Payable activity from Overseas branches
  • Improve productivity & reduction in headcount
  • Fast and Smooth Transition for quick realization of benefits.
  • Business Solution offered by Simpro:
  • Shared Services Center (SSC) operating 24x7 supporting global operations
  • Common technology infrastructure established
  • Integrated IT and Business process teams to leverage the infrastructure
  • Business Benefits:
  • 7 Group companies under the SSC umbrella to manage multiple process – AP, AR, OM, Customer Service and Sales support
  • Reduced operating costs by over 40% for most companies
  • Reduced DSO from 53 to 40 days and increased order entry throughput by 35%
  • Over USD 6 million net impact on working capital/cash flow annually for one of the companies
  • Innovative B-O-Cost+ engagement model
  • Past due reduced by 87%
  • Some Optimization Initiatives:
  • Maintaining daily count sheets to keep a track on our daily targets
  • Weekly consolidated reports
  • Daily matrices to keep a track on the work load
  • Maintaining MIS reports and monthly dashboards
  • A dispute report is made to identify how much $ value is stuck in specific region for the entire US. This helped in targeting the affected regions