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Poetry. By: Elizabeth. Table of contents. The Book Self Portrait Haiku Florida Surf Limerick Past In Egypt The Sun Follows Color Poem The Volcano If I were in charge of the world. Metaphor Poem. The book Is a beautiful dictionary Putting unknown words into stories,

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By: Elizabeth

table of contents
Table of contents
  • The Book
  • Self Portrait
  • Haiku
  • Florida Surf
  • Limerick
  • Past In Egypt
  • The Sun Follows
  • Color Poem
  • The Volcano
  • If I were in charge of the world
metaphor poem
Metaphor Poem

The book

Is a beautiful dictionary

Putting unknown words into stories,

Making us wonder

A quiet yet so imaginative book,

Saying tongues of a dictionary

Until the dictionary translates these words,

Are heads do not wonder ever again.

self portrait
Self- Portrait

My eyes are as dark as night,

My hair flows like the wind in the air,

My smile is like the “ Man on the moon smiling upon us”

My soul is a calm ocean meditating over the river

My heart, Ying and Yang for all eternity

My hand is cold like death, in the sorrowful ages of time,

My legs are strong, to run through time like a machine,

My teeth are as vivid as the glistening soft snow in winter,

I live in a meadow of darkness and light,

And eat the slaves of my dreams till the night that I die.


A bright night

It glides through the moon lit sky,

A butterfly glows.

A fuzz in white

A white fuzz in dawn

Gleams through the eyes of a whale,

Arctic fox feast here.

Something huge and brown

It moans through the night

And gazes at the aurora,

Musk ox be so free.

florida surf
Florida Surf

Surf time

Ocean oh yeah

Something hits me right now

People smell the scene of the watch

Surfs Up.

Picture taken from: Dogpile.com


There once was a dog from Rome

All the while she hoped for a home

So she got a toy

And saw a tall boy

That tall boy was a friend for Prome

Picture taken from:Dogpile.com

past in egypt
Past In Egypt

Many years ago

As man increased and so did woman

Queens and kings began to live in temple walls of bright gold

In color itself

As they themselves queens and pharos worshiped gods

As like Hourus, Osiris, Anubus, and Nut

And many more gods of learning.

When they die,

People will give the incenses of food with festival music.

As they get wrapped in the white cloth,

And buried in golden coffins,

When people have wrapped them in rough fabric

And put their internal organs also wrapped up.

People would give them food and perfume of smell of the heavens,

For where they will go,

But if not , they shall be devoured by the devour god.

And that shall be the end of all.

sun follows personification poetry
Sun Follows(Personification Poetry)

Dawn arrives at night,

When soon a kite is up right,

For then again my heart rings,

Finally the burst of the sun sings.

Picture taken from:http://search.yahoo.com/search?p=pictures+of+the+sunset&fr=yfp-t-501&toggle=1&cop=mss&ei=UTF-8

color poem
Color Poem

Colors Of The World And Things

Dogs are brown, black, and blue

Chocolate black is the taste of milk

Green smells like cream and conditioner

Pink makes me fell happy

Sea Aqua is the sound of waves and calmness

Love is baby blue, red, and white

Black is horror

White is care

Softness hides in death.

Picture taken fromhttp://www.allposters.com/gallery.asp?aid=1578067449&c=&search=A+rainbow&GCID=s15100x003&KEYWORD=A+rainbow+art



It’s a deadly tidily for death almost like meth,

It brings flames of light for it is not warmth

People will freeze into statues

Making it a deadly breeze,

Blazing red will it be

For those who froze is dead

Picture taken from: http://www.allposters.com/gallery.asp?aid=1578067449&c=&search=A+rainbow&GCID=s15100x003&KEYWORD=A+rainbow+art

if i were in charge of the world
If I were in charge of the World

If I were in charge of the world, Id cancel evil, worry ness, and also sickness If I were in charge of the world

If I were in charge of the world, there’d be peace, goodness, and sinless people

If I were in charge of the world, you wouldn't have homeless, killing animals for no reason, wasting food, or drugs and you certainly wouldn’t have abuse.

If I were in charge of the world, tigers would be considered pets, and a person who sometimes forgets to sleep, and not make a peep,

Would still be in charge of the world.