Nordisk addressem de 2007 p f r erne lande rapport fra island
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Nordisk addressem ø de 2007 på Fær ø erne Lande-rapport fra Island. Tryggvi Már Ingvarsson MSc Geomatic Engineer, Questions. What is the status of present address registration in Iceland? What is the future vision?. Content. Iceland (in numbers & maps)

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Nordisk addressem de 2007 p f r erne lande rapport fra island l.jpg

Nordisk addressemøde 2007 på FærøerneLande-rapport fra Island

Tryggvi Már Ingvarsson

MSc Geomatic Engineer,

Questions l.jpg

  • What is the status of present address registration in Iceland?

  • What is the future vision?

Content l.jpg

  • Iceland (in numbers & maps)

  • Current address system (law and regulations, stakeholders, repositories, responsibilities, entities & roles)

  • Drawbacks of present setup

  • Work in process (geocoding addresses, engineering central address repository)

  • Conclusion

Iceland in numbers l.jpg
Iceland - in numbers -

  • Land area: ~ 103.000 sq. km.

  • Population: ~ 305.000

  • Capital: Reykjavík

  • Majority of the population living within 60 km of the capital (~75%)

  • 113.207 Addresses in the Real property DB (22.05.07)

Iceland in maps topography l.jpg
Iceland - in maps / topography -



Iceland in numbers maps addresses l.jpg
Iceland in numbers- maps / addresses -

Spatial distribution of real property addresses in Iceland

Current address system law regulations l.jpg
Current address system- law & regulations -

  • Planning & building act

    • Municipalities are the only authority that can create new addresses

    • Addresses are not specifically considered in the act and little regulation are existing on how addresses and what information should be registered

  • Standards

    • At present there is no standard in Iceland on how address should be registered

Current address system stakeholders l.jpg
Current address system- stakeholders -

  • Municipalities

  • The Land Registry of Iceland

  • The National Register

  • Emergency services - 112

  • Civil defence

  • Postal services

  • State internal revenues (Tax authorities)

  • Statistics Iceland

  • Road administration

  • Private sector (Loftmyndir/Map24, Samsýn)

  • ...

Current address system repositories l.jpg
Current address system- repositories -

  • Several DB maintained with address info

    • Within the real property DB of LRI (text only)

    • Within the public register DB (text only)

    • Within the firm register DB (text only)

    • At the emergency service 112 (text+point)

    • By the postal office authorities (text + description)

    • At two private companies (text+point)

  • None of them is the official and they overlap considerably

Current address system responsibilities l.jpg
Current address system-responsibilities -

  • Primary

    • Municipalities are responsible for creating addresses, registering in the RPDB and “þinglýsingu” at local land registry office

  • Secondary

    • National register, somewhat related to the RPDB but lives independant life

    • Postal offices, where you can find addresses outside the formal system (depending on how you define the term address)

Current address system entities roles l.jpg
Current address system- entities & roles -

  • Is an address a point or a place on a line?

    • All addresses are treated as points in Iceland

    • Addresses are considered like place names

    • As we don’t have an street master it is possible that addresses within the same street have differently spelled names (eg. Laugarvegur 6 & Laugavegur 8)

Current address system entities roles12 l.jpg
Current address system- entities & roles -

  • Address identifier

    • Unique, 7 digit ID assigned by LRI

  • Municipality name

    • Approved by the Ministry of social affairs

  • Municipality code

    • Allocated by the National registry

  • Municipality section code

    • Informal ID allocated by the LRI

Current address system entities roles13 l.jpg
Current address system- entities & roles -

  • Post codes

    • Created and maintained by the Postal Service

    • Have not been formally delimitated

  • Street name & house number

    • Decided by local municipality in urban plan

  • Parcel name

    • Decided by local municipality

  • Parcel ID

    • Issued by LRI

Drawbacks of present setup l.jpg
Drawbacks of present setup

  • Unconformity between different address systems

    • How addresses are spelled or abbreviated

    • The registered declension (nomative or dative?)

    • Handling of numbers and characters

    • Handling of anomalies

    • No defined workflow set - inconsistency

    • Property address vs. postal address

  • Overlapping repositories without defined boundaries

  • Much redundant work within the public sector

  • Spatial location often unknown

Work in process geocoding addresses l.jpg
Work in process - geocoding addresses -

  • LRI is presently working with a private firm to geocode all addresses registered in the RPDB

    • 75% of all real properties have today been geo-coded

    • 97% of all homes, summerhouses and workspaces

  • From with 1st June 2007 will LRI be alone responsible for this address repository

  • This geoDB will server multiple roles for LRI

    • Point cadastre (a first step for real cadastre)

    • Mass appraisal (connecting sale contracts to location)

Work in process engineering central address repository l.jpg
Work in process - engineering central address repository -

  • Main stakeholders have recently created a workgroup to achieve above goal

    • First task is to define the core registration entities of the system by identifying the shared commons

    • Other address system (residence, postal, real properties) will extend to this core

    • The common address repository will be maintained together by the LRI (management) and local municipalities (updating)

Work in process engineering central address repository17 l.jpg
Work in process - engineering central address repository -

  • Spatial location will be integral attribute of the new system (not maintained separately)

  • The system is considered to be multipurpose, thus capable to serve all stakeholders

  • New addresses should be created simultaneously as building permit is issued

  • The concept of sub-addresses introduced to aid for registration of entrances of large buildings

Work in process engineering central address repository18 l.jpg
Work in process - engineering central address repository -

  • Pricing is to be minimal (in accordance to new EU directive) to enhance uses of the repository

  • The conceptual design for the new system should be in place this autumn

  • The system it self is scheduled in early 2008

  • Should be in full operation in 2009

Conclusion l.jpg

Q1. What is the status of present address registration in Iceland?

  • Several different address repositories

  • Lack of coordination between stakeholders

  • Redundancy of work and unconformity of data

  • Anomalies are common and difficult to manage between systems

  • Spatial dimension only newly introduced

    Q2. What is the future vision?

  • Common core address repository for all major stakeholders in Iceland

  • Spatial location will onwards be considered integral part of an address