Digital Video Photography
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IBM PC Club June 2004 Bob Stephens [email protected] - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Digital Video Photography. IBM PC Club June 2004 Bob Stephens [email protected] Editing and Equipment. Introduction . Bob’s Background Digital Video Photography Class At SeniorNet, Almaden Center. Overview The Past. Overview Two Basic Areas. VCR. Three Basic Areas. PC.

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Digital Video Photography

Editing and Equipment

Introduction l.jpg

  • Bob’s Background

  • Digital Video Photography Class

    • At SeniorNet, Almaden Center

Overview the past l.jpg
OverviewThe Past

Overview two basic areas l.jpg
OverviewTwo Basic Areas


Three basic areas plus l.jpg
Three Basic Areas - Plus

Mini DV, D8 (DV), Analog Cameras

Micro DV is Discontinued

Some Vendors



Sonic Factory



Windows Movie Maker 2




Analog +

Three basic areas connect l.jpg
Three Basic Areas – Connect




1394/Firewire/iLink – Digital

Composite, S Video – Analog

Analog Converter card or box

1.0GHZ+, 256MB

13GB/Hour of DV Video

1394 for DV

Analog card

USB 2.0 for photos

2nd Video Capture drive



CD Writer

DVD Writer

VCD (VHS quality)

SVCD (better)

DVD (best)


DVD Player

Cameras and editors l.jpg

DV Camcorders

Are they good cameras?

Digital Cameras

Are they good camcorders?


Video Editors

What do we want to accomplish?


Cameras and Editors

Dispelling the myth l.jpg
Dispelling the Myth

  • DV produces 720x480 pixel pictures (broadcast quality)

    • Some cams have up to 1.5M+ pixels for digital pictures

  • Would you buy a 1.5MP camera today?

  • Camcorders DO NOT make good digital cameras

  • And digital cameras DO NOT make good camcorders

Dispelling the myth10 l.jpg
Dispelling the Myth

  • Most Digital Cameras produce low resolution/frame rate video, many without sound (but within that limitation they serve a useful purpose)

  • A few do produce acceptable video. The Fuji S602 when combined with the 1GB IBM Microdrive will produce a very reasonable 680x480 15 minute video with sound. And up to 30 minutes at lower resolution (VHS), OR about 3000 high resolution pictures.

Mini dv camcorder features l.jpg
Mini DV Camcorder Features

  • Up to 20x Optical Zoom

  • 500x Digital Zoom – Of very limited value

  • Viewfinder and LCD displays

  • Battery life and HOW do you charge the batteries (YES you’ll need 2 batteries)

  • Pass though (digital to/from analog)

Show video zoom video l.jpg
Show Video Zoom Video

Show Camcorder

Video editor features l.jpg
Video Editor Features

  • Capture Input

  • Delete unwanted portions of the video (one estimated is 50% of the video)

  • Merge multiple video clips

  • Add Titles

  • Add Transitions

  • Add Pictures

  • Add Sound

  • Preview video

  • Create Viewable video

Video editor features14 l.jpg
Video Editor Features

  • Enhance video (change color, double the speed, etc.)

  • Add credits (scrolling credits)

  • Authoring for DVD’s

    • Menus

    • Motion backgrounds

  • Output

Video editor features16 l.jpg
Video Editor Features

  • Make Output

    • Save as a file (various formats)

    • Burn a VCD or SVCD

    • Burn a DVD

    • Save to DV camcorder

    • Analog output (camcorder, VHS, etc.)

All camcorders l.jpg
All Camcorders



Tape Source


Passthrough l.jpg

Analog camcorder







Tape Not Used

for Passthrough


Digital 8 or d8 camcorders l.jpg
Digital 8 or D8 Camcorders

8mm Analog

Tape (Read only)




May Support Passthorugh



Tape Source

Show vhs tivo comparison video l.jpg
Show VHS Tivo Comparison Video

Minimum pc l.jpg
Minimum PC

  • 600MHZ, 1.0GHZ+ better

  • 128MB, 256MB+ better

  • Lots of disk space, 40GB marginal

    • Consider 200GB for $100 as a second drive for video

  • Video, sound, 1394, analog capture card, USB 2.0

  • Check your video software, I’d use their recommended PC, not their minimum PC

Pc os s l.jpg

  • Most to least desirable – XP, W2K, 98SE, ME

  • Very limited NT Support

  • Be aware of the 4GB file size limit of FAT32. XP or W2K with NTFS recommended

Why xp l.jpg
Why XP?

  • The most stable Windows OS

  • The best supported OS

  • Plug and play

  • Expanded device support

  • Supports NTFS file system

  • Includes WMM 2

  • Second choice for video is W2K

Ntfs file system l.jpg
NTFS File System

  • Stability and Recovery from errors

  • Efficient for small file sizes, directory cluster size, file lookup

  • Up to 8 Peta bytes (1,000,000 GB’s)

  • No 4GB file size limitation

Vendor editor software l.jpg
Vendor Editor Software

  • $100 Range

  • Digital Video Creator 80 (Dazzle), Dazzle recently merged with Pinnacle

  • DVD Movie Factory 2 (Ulead)

  • DVD Picture Show 2 (Ulead)

  • Screenblaster Movie Studio (Sonic Foundry)

  • Studio 9 (Pinnacle Systems) and other related products.

  • Video Explosion Deluxe (Nova)

  • Video Studio 7 (Ulead)

  • Video Wave 5 (Roxio)

Vendor editor software29 l.jpg
Vendor Editor Software

  • $300 Range – May contain breakout box hardware

  • Digital Video Creator 150 (Pinnacle/Dazzle)

  • Hollywood DV Bridge (Pinnacle/Dazzle)

  • Studio Deluxe (Pinnacle)

  • Studio Moviebox (Pinnacle)

  • Above $300

  • Liquid Edition 5 (Pinnacle)

  • Premier (Adobe)

  • Vegas 4.0 (Sonic Foundry)

Video player software l.jpg
Video Player Software

  • You’ll also want to be able to view video on your PC (besides the video editor preview window) that’s quick and easy to use

  • Windows Media Player (WMP version 9) that comes with the Microsoft OS’s will do the job, in addition to many others

Commercial dvd format l.jpg
Commercial DVD Format

  • Single Sided, Dual Layer (DVD9)

    • Top layer 4.7GB

    • Bottom layer 3.8GB

    • Total 8.5GB

Recordable dvd format l.jpg
Recordable DVD Format

  • Single Sided, Single Layer (DVD5)

    • 4.7GB

    • Dual Format – and +, Both formats are popular

    • Four Media’s DVD–R/RW and DVD+R/RW

  • DVD-RAM, Not nearly as popular as the Dual Format’s

Recordable dvd dl format dual layer l.jpg
Recordable DVD DL Format(Dual Layer)

  • Just starting to become available for consumers

  • Cost about $300

  • Media cost?

  • Software support?

Dvd labels physical labels l.jpg
DVD Labels (physical labels)

  • When compared to CD’s

  • DVD’s have higher RPM

  • DVD’s have higher temperatures

  • General Advice – DON’T LABEL DVD’s

    • Use permanent pen

    • Or printable DVD’s with printer

Windows movie maker 2 l.jpg
Windows Movie Maker 2

  • Screen shots from WMM2

  • The functions of WMM2 are typical of video editors

Slide46 l.jpg

Digital Video


  • IBM PC Club

  • 3/9/04