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Computer Applications

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Computer Applications Applications Education Public Services Business and Commerce Tele-Communications Entertainment Transportation Expert System Robotics Education(1) Computer Assisted Learning (CAL) - in multimedia format to make learning more interesting

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computer applications

Computer Applications

Computer Applications

  • Education
  • Public Services
  • Business and Commerce
  • Tele-Communications
  • Entertainment
  • Transportation
  • Expert System
  • Robotics

Computer Applications

education 1
  • Computer Assisted Learning (CAL)

- in multimedia format to make learning more interesting

- provide drills and practices for users to test their knowledge and get the result immediately

  • Web-Based Training (WBT)

- the contents can be easily renewed, updated, and accumulated

- use computers: facilitate learning

- using Internet: access vast amounts of information

Computer Applications

education 2
Education (2)
  • Helps in School Administration
    • more efficient
    • process and complete tasks using computer makes the school run smoothly
    • Store large amount of data e.g. personal records, examination marks, time schedules and library book records

Computer Applications

public services
Public Services
  • Allow us to seek information & obtain services conveniently

Public information kiosk

-provide information on nearby facilities in public places.

-railway stations, shopping mall, etc.

  • Electronic public services

-web sites contain information & services as esdlife

-websites of the government e.g.

Computer Applications

business and commerce 1
Business and Commerce(1)
  • Office Applications - helps office workers to simplify daily work. Examples: Word processor for producing documents, Spreadsheet for calculation.

Office Automation (OA) & paperless office.

  • Intranets - promoting good communications and information exchange among staffs in a company.
  • Internet – provides communication and information exchange through the web.

Computer Applications

business and commerce 2
Business and Commerce(2)
  • Information Management Systems (IMS) - supports administration of a business organization.Examples may include

Payroll system of an organization

Point-of-sale system - helps operation during sale.

Ticketing system - for booking tickets and facilities.

  • Electronic Transactions - for financial management such as

Electronic funds transfer system (EFTS)

Electronic money as Octopus

E-banking and eCommerce

On-line shopping as, auction as eBay.

Computer Applications

tele communications
  • New way of working : telecommuting
  • Companies employ people working at home (SOHO: Small Office Home Office)
  • Staff use telecommunications as a tool to maintain contact with the office
  • Face2Face meeting w/ clients or colleagues using video-conferencing


E-mail / Fax / Internet


Clients or colleagues

Computer Applications

  • Playing computer games
  • Watching television and movie
  • Listening music
  • ICQ – online Chatting

Computer Applications

  • Traffic Control
    • MTR
    • traffic light
  • Global Positioning System (GPS)
    • during war (e.g. Gulf War)
    • accident occur when hiking
  • microprocessor in car & other vehicles

Computer Applications

expert system
Expert System
  • Systems that simulates the decision-making processes of human experts or professionals
  • By searching through the rules and facts stored in the systems’knowledge bases
  • Examples include : Diagnosis of diseases, Language translation (also known as natural language processing)

Computer Applications

  • It is a machine with artificial intelligence (AI). With the help of senses, it communicates with the environment and gives responses.
  • It can replace human to do dangerous or boring work such as car soldering. Thus, it saves manpower.
  • Robotic technologies are widely used in manufacturing industry
  • It may serve as a pet too, e.g. AIBO

Computer Applications



Computer Applications