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Chapter One Game Show!. You gotta LOVE Earth Science!. 1. Name the steps of the Scientific Method (in chronological order, please). 2. What is an element?. 3. What are the four branches of Earth Science?. 5. True or false: asphalt is considered to be biodegradable. Why or why not?. 4.

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Chapter One Game Show!

You gotta LOVE Earth Science!

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  • Name the steps of the Scientific Method (in chronological order, please)

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What is an element?

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  • What are the four branches of Earth Science?

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  • True or false: asphalt is considered to be biodegradable. Why or why not?

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  • What is the problem with stratospheric ozone, and why are we concerned about it?

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  • You are viewing the spectrum of a star and see that it contains hydrogen. You would expect to see the first line of the spectrum at 400 nm, but instead it appears at 370 nm.

    Is this star moving toward earth, or away from earth? Please explain your answer.

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  • True or false: Meteorology is the study of the universe beyond the earth

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  • What was the evidence discovered which SUPPORTED the meteorite impact theory? (Mentioned after the creation of the hypothesis)

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  • The largest ecosystem is the geosphere: True or False, and WHY?

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  • The Doppler Effect is the actual shift of wavelengths of light emitted by a moving object: True or false, and why?

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  • The study of the complex relationships between living things and their environment is called ____________.

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  • Astrology is the study of the universe beyond the earth: true or false, and WHY?

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  • Which has the shortest wavelength?

    • Green

    • Yellow

    • Blue

    • Orange

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  • The Mayans are credited with being the first to create …

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  • Pollution is damage to the environment which is caused by humankind…true or false, and WHY?

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  • The ________________ is all the life on earth and the physical environment which supports it.

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  • A hypothesis is

    • A measurement

    • A problem

    • A possible explanation

    • An observation

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  • Astronomers are viewing two galaxies containing hydrogen. The first line on hydrogen’s spectrograph appears at 400 nm in the lab.

    Galaxy A shows the first line showing up at 450 nm. Galaxy B shows the first line showing up at 410 nm.

    What can astronomers infer about the movement of Galaxies A & B, relative to earth?

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  • Plants produce food through a process called ____________________.

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  • What evidence did astronomers discover which led to the general acceptance of the Big Bang Theory?

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  • You are a geologist who is considering a hypothesis which states that meteorite impacts have caused mass extinctions every 40 million years on Earth.

    What evidence would you look for to support this hypothesis (based on what you know from reading 1.2, let’s say)?

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  • An important means of gathering information, in which one compares an aspect of an object to a standard, is called ___________________.

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  • A _____________ is a factor in an experiment which can be changed.

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  • The rainbow of colored light produced by refracting white light through a glass prism is called a(n) _______________.

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  • What’s one thing that iridium and shocked quartz have in common?

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  • What’s one way in which quartz and iridium are different?

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  • What is a bright line spectrum? How is it used?

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  • To be a theory, a hypothesis must be able to be proved to be true.

    Do you agree or disagree with this statement, and WHY?