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onelove campaign psi meeting 31 january 2012 n.
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OneLove Campaign PSI meeting 31 January 2012 PowerPoint Presentation
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OneLove Campaign PSI meeting 31 January 2012

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OneLove Campaign PSI meeting 31 January 2012
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OneLove Campaign PSI meeting 31 January 2012

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  1. OneLove Campaign PSI meeting 31 January 2012

  2. Background: OneLove Campaign • Multiple country HIV prevention campaign in Southern Africa using social and behavioural change communication • Main focus of the OneLove campaign- Multiple and Concurrent Partnerships • Other focus areas: transactional sex, intergenerational sex, condom use, alcohol misuse, aspects of positive sexuality such as communication • Primary target audience: 16-55 year olds

  3. Objectives • Promote self and collective efficacy in terms of the perception of people’s ability to act and bring about desirable change in their lives and communities • Create an environment for social change, which enables individual behaviour change. • Stimulate dialogue and debate among people in Southern Africa, at the interpersonal and policy making levels • Empower communities to take positive organised action to prevent and reduce the incidence of HIV/AIDS. • Promote gender sensitivity and empowerment of women

  4. MCP formative research themes • MCP is common practise • Sexual dissatisfaction and lack of communication about sex • Emotional and physical dissatisfaction • Culture and social norms influence MCPs • Money and material possessions • Alcohol • Men cannot control sexual desire • Pressure from friends, family and society • Male domination and abuse • HIV and AIDS risk and fatalism

  5. Key Messages • Having concurrent partners in the same period of time increases one’s risk of getting infected with HIV, and often puts loved one’s at risk. • Encourage the concept of enjoyable sex within monogamous relationships and that it can be fulfilling for both partners, to protect oneself and for the collective good. • Open and honest communication with steady partners about sexual needs for fulfilling and enjoyable sexual lives. • We can all control our sexual desires, both men and women can control their sexuality.

  6. Campaign elements Media: TV drama series and short films -Love Stories, radio, PSAs and print; billboards Social mobilisation: community training and dialogues, distribute toolkits, media based discussion tools , marches Advocacy: public debate on social norms, culture and MCP

  7. Lesotho: Don't be like a Pumpkin The message on this poster makes a play on the Sesotho proverb on the sexual habits on men and women, which says "men are like pumpkins, they spread themselves all over the place, and women are like cabbages, they hold themselves in one place."

  8. Swaziland

  9. Love Stories • Series of 10 short films from region • Capacity building in-country • UNAIDS supported Sexual Networks discussion tool --show Umtshato clip

  10. Evaluation of the Onelove campaign-shifting social norms

  11. Dialogue and discussion Impact of SC TV on dialogue with partners and children

  12. Impact-discussion with others After watching the story on TV I suggested to my girlfriend that we should look for a place and stay together so that we can be faithful to each other. I told her that I will be faithful to her from that day onwards and I'd like her to trust/ be faithful to me too. I discovered that I was sick (HIV) and she too is sick. So, I suggested that we stick to each other and look after each other. Male 41–55 years, Township, Gauteng For me it helped me to open to my parents first I was afraid of my parents but now I am free and open to them Females, 15-24 years, semi urban , Malawi I talked to my husband after seeing the picture of the priest and his wife, we talked about the fact that the couple was already old but they still look at each other with love and the fact that they are not afraid to talk about sex yet before, in churches, it was a taboo to talk about sex. Females, 40–49 years, Rural, Swaziland

  13. South Africa (NCS 2009) IMPACT of High exposure (6+ programmes) to Soul City_ Attitudes related to MCP “You can be sexually satisfied if you have good communication with your partner” • High exposure to Soul City, 40% more likely [(OR: 1.41, 95% CI: 1.16, 1.71) P-value <0.0001]

  14. Shifts in MCP norms: qualitative evidenceof behaviour change Research participants reported changes to stick to one partner as a result of exposure to the Onelove campaign material: Like on having multiple sexual partners I was among those who do that but later on I changed knowing that I was at a risk of getting infected by STIs Male 15-24 years Malawi Well we have changed our ways. Sometimes you find that you had other Girlfriends on the side. But when they say that you should talk to your partner, and you really see us applying that, you learn that you don’t have to do certain things.... Males 15-24 Lesotho

  15. Conclusion • Onelove campaign aims to shift social norms through multilevel programming • Qualitative data and early quantitative data suggests impactful • Quantitative impact evaluation –awaiting results