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  1. ESCAPE Escape Ltd., Travel agency Titov trg 5, 6000 Koper Established: 15November1991 Telephone number: +386 5 668 22 00 Email adress:

  2. Our Travel Agency has almost 20 years experience in organising tours of : -Slovenia, -Poland, -Czech Republic

  3. our practice and professional knowledge are guarantee of quality of providing services.

  4. We are coopereting with many other travel agencies all over the world.


  6. Integral part of our offer is department of excursions and trips with wide andattractive offer of domestic and foreign tours, which are popular service worldwide. We arrange half-day, all-day, few-day , few-week trips to the beautiful Slovenian towns as Ljubljana, Maribor, or medieval castles, excursions to the Skocjan caves, Bled and Bohinj lakes, Secovlje saltpans ladnscape and many more. We are specialized also in few- day, few-week trips to Poland and Czech Republic.

  7. We offer hotels, sanatoriums and pensions of all categories and we can offer also private flats and apartements. We also specialize in organisation and full services in spa stays. We provide individual and group all-day transport to / from airports, train stations or other places according to your order.

  8. Today our company employs 127 people and has many branch offices in all parts of the world including: Canada, Estonia, India, Czech Republic, Poland, Sweden, Australia, Austria, Argentina, China and Japan.

  9. FIELDS OF ACTIVITY • Event activities • Business Travel segment • Marketing and sales promotion • Public Relations • Tourism service quality development and control • Information and agency services • Tourism portal • Domestic tourism • Inbound tourism

  10. MAIN OBJECTIVES SLOVENIA, POLAND, CZECH REPUBLIC are an attractive tourist destinations. Development of a highly structured tourist offer bearing a positiveimpact on the quality of life of the local residents and beingattractive to foreign visitors as well. Establishment of conditions providing the possibility to generate astable income to suppliers of tourism and tourism-related services. Integration of all services /products /activities, directly andindirectly related to tourism, into the development and promotionof the local tourist offer.

  11. Mission Our mission is to introduce Slovenia, Poland and Czech Republic to the whole world. We want to show our uniqueness and that you do not need to be a huge country to be beautiful. OUR MISSION IS TO CREATE WELL PROSPERING COMPANY –TRAVEL AGENCY WHICH GIVES PEOPLE FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD beautiful OPPORTUNITY TO ESCAPE AND BREAK THE ROUTINE. WE MAKE IT POSSIBLE…FOR YOU

  12. Vision and strategy The vision of our travel agency consists of two parts. With the first part we will try to introduce central Europe to foreign tourists. Using the latest technology, like internet and television we will start a marketing campaign, presenting the parts of Slovenia, Poland, Czech Republic , and all of our culture and history. With the first part successfully finished, we will move on to the second part. Tours will be organised for 1 week, 2 weeks and for those Slovenia addicts also a tour of 3 weeks. In this time you will have a unique chance to visit every small corner of our country. You will learn about our culture, cuisine.

  13. ESCAPE CEO Manager: Nika Durnik PA: Andreja Furlanic Senior consultant: Neva Cebron Marketing director: Katarzyna Wojcik Marketing assistent: Monika Beresova PR director: Alenka Hodzic Financial director: Sara Zahar Sales director: Gregor Lotric Purchase director: Christian Murgec

  14. TOURIST INFORMATION CENTRES Escape Ltd., Travel agency Titov trg 5, 6000 Koper, Slovenia Telephone number: +386 5 668 22 00 Email adress: PR and marketing office: Alenka Hodzic Email adress: Escape Ltd., Travel agency Ul. Dwrnickiego 5/89, 90-900Łódź, Poland Telephone number: +48(041)657 234 Email adress: PR and marketing office: Katarzyna Wojcik Email adress: Escape Ltd., Travel agency Nadrazni 1854, 45-454 Praha Czech Republic Telephone number: Email adress: PR and marketing office: Monika Beresova Email

  15. CONTACT US Escape Ltd., Travel agency Titov trg 5, 6000 Koper Telephone number: +386 5 668 22 00 Email adress: • Managing director: Nika Durnik, tel.: +386 0 303 79 11 E-mail: