kidney function test labs in delhi n.
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Kidney Function Test in Delhi

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Kidney Function Test in Delhi - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Find diagnostic labs offering Kidney Function Test near you in Delhi. View details on tests costs, labs timings, address and contact labs directly on | Lybrate

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Kidney Function Test in Delhi

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kidney function test labs in delhi



The kidneys are two bean-shaped organs that extract waste from

blood, balance body fluids, form urine, and aid in other important

functions of the body.

Then it comes to components of the urinary system, the kidneys

are multi-functional powerhouses of activity. Some of the core

actions of the kidneys

Waste excretion

Water level balancing

Blood pressure regulation

Red blood cell regulation

Acid regulation

if your doctor thinks your kidneys

If your doctor thinks your kidneys may not be working properly,

you may need kidney function tests. These are simple blood and

urine tests that can identify problems with your kidneys.

You may also need kidney function testing done if you have other

conditions that can harm the kidneys, such as diabetes or high

blood pressure. They can help doctors monitor these conditions.


Creatinine — Spot

A creatinine urine test measures the amount of creatine in your

urine. The test can help you doctor evaluate how well your kidneys

are functioning. This is useful for diagnosing or ruling out kidney

disease and other conditions affecting the kidneys.

Rs 200- Rs 600

serum creatinine

Serum Creatinine

Serum Creatinine which is also known as creatinine blood test is

done to measure the creatinine levels in the blood. Creatinine is

the waste product. If high levels of creatinine are found in the

body then that can mean your kidneys are either damaged or not

working properly.

Rs80- Rs500

Kidney Function Test (6) 


You have two kidneys on either side of your spine that are each 

approximately the size of a human fist. They’re located posterior to your 

abdomen and below your rib cage. Your kidneys play several vital roles in 

maintaining your health. One of their most important jobs is to filter waste 

materials from the blood and expel them from the body as urine. The 

kidneys also help control the levels of water and various essential minerals 

in the body. 






Symptoms that may indicate a problem with your kidneys include: high 

blood pressure blood in the urine frequent urges to urinate difficulty 

beginning urination painful urination swelling of the hands and feet due 

to a buildup of fluids in the body Your doctor will focus on treating the 

underlying condition if the tests show early kidney disease. Your doctor 

will prescribe medications to control the blood pressure if the tests 

indicate hypertension. They’ll also suggest lifestyle and dietary 




Kidney Function (5) 

Kidney function or renal function is vital to good health. The pair of kidneys 

filters the toxins from our blood through urine and helps cleanse the body. 

It’s recommended to conduct routine kidney function tests to rule out any 

abnormalities. Blood/urine tests help to monitor any kidney problems. 

Broadly, kidney function test comprises of many blood/urine tests which 

monitor various parameters related to the kidney function. The kidney ACR 

and GFR values are considered to be of great importance. The GFR 

(Glomerular Filtration Rate) test result determines how well the toxins or 

waste materials are being filtered by the kidneys.  





If GFR value is below 60, it indicates kidney disease. The GFR number 

depends on the creatinine level in the blood. A damaged kidney is unable to 

filter creatinine produced by the muscle tissue well enough from the blood. 

Usually, a low GFR test result is followed by a repeated test to be doubly 

sure. Continued very low GFR value for 3 months indicate kidney disease. 

If ACR value is high or positive, it indicates kidney disease. Presence of 

albumin or protein in the urine means that the kidney is not filtering the 

blood well enough. Protein is meant to be present in the blood and not 

in the urine. Usually, a positive ACR test result is followed by a repeated 

test to be doubly sure 


​Kidney Function Test in Delhi

Metropolis — Connaught Place

DelhiCAP NABL SANAS AccreditedConnaught Place, Delhi

Thyrocare — Connaught Place

DelhiCAP NABL ISO 9001 AccreditedConnaught Place, Delhi