Undp s response to hiv aids
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UNDP’s Response to HIV/AIDS. Moscow COP Meeting 5-7 June 2007. HIV/AIDS: An Unprecedented Development Crisis. One of the biggest obstacles to MDGs MDG 6 - Combating HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other diseases HIV threatens achievement of all MDGs Strikes at the heart of development

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Undp s response to hiv aids

UNDP’s Response to HIV/AIDS

Moscow COP Meeting

5-7 June 2007

Hiv aids an unprecedented development crisis
HIV/AIDS: An Unprecedented Development Crisis

  • One of the biggest obstacles to MDGs

    • MDG 6 - Combating HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other diseases

    • HIV threatens achievement of all MDGs

  • Strikes at the heart of development

    • Reverses human development gains

    • Kills people in their most productive years

    • Spreads and deepens poverty

    • Erodes government capacity to provide services

    • Deepens gender inequalities

    • Erodes social cohesion

40 million living with hiv aids
40 Million living with HIV/AIDS

Eastern Europe & Central Asia

1.7 million

  • 4.3 million infected in 2006

  • 2.9 million AIDS deaths in 2006

  • 28 million AIDS deaths since the start of the epidemic

North America

1.4 million

W & C Europe


East Asia


N Africa &

Middle East


S & SE Asia

7.8 million



Latin America

1.7 million



24.7 million



The unaids partnership
The UNAIDS Partnership

  • A joint and cosponsored programme

  • Brings together expertise and efforts of 10 UN agencies to lead, strengthen and support expanded response to HIV/AIDS

  • Builds on complementary roles and contributions of UNAIDS Cosponsors and Secretariat

  • UNDP leads UNAIDS response in HIV, development, governance, human rights and gender

Global task team gtt on improving aids coordination
Global Task Team (GTT) on Improving AIDS Coordination

  • GTT formed to develop recommendations for strengthening architecture of global AIDS response

  • GTT recommended:

    • Clearer division of labour among UNAIDS cosponsors

    • Integration of AIDS into PRSPs (UNDP in partnership with World Bank and UNAIDS Secretariat)

    • UN System - Global Fund Global Implementation Support Team (GIST)

    • Joint UN teams on AIDS at country-level

  • GTT recommendations endorsed by UNDP Executive Board and supported in World Summit outcome document in September 2005

Unaids division of labour cosponsor and secretariat lead roles
UNAIDS Division of LabourCosponsor and Secretariat lead roles

  • UNDP - HIV/AIDS and development, governance, mainstreaming, human rights and gender

  • World Bank - national and sector plans, financial management, capacity and infrastructure development

  • WHO - diagnosis and treatment, prevention in healthcare settings, blood safety, and counselling and testing

  • ILO - workplace issues and private sector mobilization

  • UNFPA - condoms and prevention for young people outside schools

  • UNICEF - care and support, orphans and vulnerable children, and prevention of mother to child transmission (with WHO)

  • UNESCO - education institutions

  • UNODC - injecting drug users and prisons

  • WFP - nutrition support

  • UNHCR - displaced populations

  • UNAIDS Secretariat - information, knowledge sharing, advocacy, and monitoring and evaluation

Undp s hiv aids response service lines
UNDP’s HIV/AIDS Responseservice lines

  • HIV/AIDS and Human Development

  • Governance of the HIV/AIDS Response

  • HIV/AIDS, Human Rights and Gender

Service lines are aligned to UNAIDS division of labour

Service lines hiv aids and human development
service linesHIV/AIDS and Human Development

  • Supporting integration of AIDS priorities into PRSPs and MDG-based national development plans and strengthening implementation modalities (inc. partnership WB and UNAIDS Secretariat);

  • Promoting multi-sector AIDS responses, sector programmes and decentralized plans;

  • Supporting development of enabling trade, health and intellectual property legislation for sustainable access to low-cost AIDS medicines;

  • Supporting development of enabling macroeconomic frameworks for sustained financing of AIDS responses.

Service lines governance of hiv aids response
service linesGovernance of HIV/AIDS Response

  • Strengthening governance capacity of national AIDS coordinating authorities and mechanisms;

  • Strengthening capacity of CSOs, organizations of people living with HIV and women to participate in design, implementation and evaluation of AIDS responses;

  • Strategies to strengthen human resource capacity and address impact of AIDS on functioning of public sector;

  • Supporting harmonization and alignment of UN system and donor assistance to national AIDS programmes;

  • Supporting establishment and functioning of Joint UN Teams on AIDS at country-level with unified support plans (with UNDG and the UNAIDS Secretariat).

Service lines hiv aids human rights and gender
service linesHIV/AIDS,Human Rights and Gender

  • Promoting rights of people affected by HIV and addressing HIV-related stigma and discrimination;

  • Strengthening capacity to review, adopt and enforce legislation that upholds HIV-related human rights;

  • Addressing gender-related vulnerability and heightened impact of AIDS on women and girls;

  • Promoting role of men and boys in championing gender equality for a strengthened AIDS response;

  • Supporting planning and implementation of HIV programming for populations of humanitarian concern.

Priority area making the money work global fund partnership
priority area: ‘making the money work’Global Fund Partnership

UNDP provides capacity development support to countries (particularly those with relatively weak administrative capacities) to manage, increase delivery and track results of Global Fund financed programmes:

  • As Principal Recipient (PR) in exceptional circumstances - PR of Last Resort - UNDP manages grants when requested by Global Fund and Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM)

  • When not PR, UNDP strengthens capacity of governments, PRs, sub-recipients and CCMs to manage and implement Global Fund-financed projects

Responding to hiv aids undp 2008 2011 strategic plan
Responding to HIV/AIDSUNDP 2008-2011 Strategic Plan

UNDP Programmes

  • HIV/AIDS key result area (linked to poverty focus area) with 4 outcomes aligned to UNAIDS Division of Labour

    • AIDS responses integrated into poverty reduction strategies, MDG-based national development plans, and macroeconomic processes.

    • Strengthened national capacity for inclusive governance and coordination of AIDS responses, and increased participation of civil society entities and people living with HIV.

    • Policies and programmes implemented to protect human rights of people affected by AIDS, mitigate gender-related vulnerability, and address impact of AIDS on women and girls.

    • Accelerated implementation of AIDS funds and programmes financed through multilateral funding initiatives, including GFATM.

      UN System Coordination

  • RC accountability for establishment and effective functioning of Joint UN Teams on AIDS with Joint Programmes of Support