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Introduction to Professional HRM PowerPoint Presentation
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Introduction to Professional HRM

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Introduction to Professional HRM - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Introduction to Professional HRM. Expected Outcomes. By the end of today, participants should... . Understand the state’s vision and why it has resulted in the need to introduce professional human resources management (HRM)

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Introduction to Professional HRM

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Introduction to Professional HRM

    2. Expected Outcomes By the end of today, participants should... • Understand the state’s vision and why it has resulted in the need to introduce professional human resources management (HRM) • Understand the concept of professional human resources (HR) and how this differs from personnel administration • Be able to identify core HR functions, to be tested in their MDA • Be able to describe the required linkages between government, MDA and HR strategy Appreciate the advantages and opportunities of having a professional HR career in the state Be able to describe the differences between the key HR strategist, HR manager and HR personnel roles Be able to articulate to others why the creation of new, formalised professional HRM duty posts is worthwhile

    3. Need for professional hrm

    4. From Personnel to Professional HRM Need for Change Goals of Change • MDAs will acquire, develop, and retain higher performing officers • Staff will be better able to respond to CS needs, and more motivated to do so • Concept of meritocracy will be reinforced • Individual MDAs will be able to facilitate change and developing agenda of state government • There will be a link between people management and the strategic objectives of state government • HR officers will be able to provide professional, specialist advice on particular areas • Each MDA will be better able to anticipate the future needs of the state and its component parts • Greater accountability and stronger management • Improved service delivery to the public • Difficult for generalist model to deliver the more complex and ambitious vision, mission and goals of government • Present HR systems and structures are not formalised • Weak linkages between state government, MDA and HR strategy • Need for HR practitioners with intimate knowledge of all depts/teams in their MDA to act as strategic partners Personnel will continue to play a huge role in building a government that delivers today, but HRM will play a new role in developing a government that is always fit for the future.

    5. New HR Operational Guidelines New HR Policy Key Components of Change

    6. Key Critical Success Factors • Able to embrace change without fear • Full commitment to this process • Able to influence, lead, manage and coach others • Want to work in partnership to challenge the status quo • Able to manage upwards • Progressive and holistic thinker • Understand government values and an appreciation of what makes your MDA successful • Desire to find solutions to tomorrow’s problems • Ownership and accountability to your assigned roles and responsibilities • HRM knowledge and skills

    7. Defining HRM

    8. HRM DOES NOT REPLACE Personnel but ADDS to this critical foundation Personnel v Professional HRM

    9. Personnel v Professional HRM

    10. Generalists v Specialists Gov’t Vision Rate of Efficiency Specialist (Professional HRM) Today we are here Generalist (Personnel) Time

    11. Strategic hrm

    12. Joined-up HR Functions Measurable Result (KPIs) Government Strategy/ MDA Strategy

    13. 1. To build a public service that is better able to meet and serve the needs of the state and its citizens. Measurable Result (KPIs) Government Strategy/ MDA Strategy

    14. Measurable Result (KPIs) Government Strategy/ MDA Strategy 2. Works - To build a mass rail transit system that stretches from x town to y town and ban okada, replacing with new bus services, by 2018.

    15. 3. Workforce planning and job analysis to determine the necessary technical skills required of specialist labourers and workers and a needs gap analysis. Measurable Result (KPIs) Government Strategy/ MDA Strategy

    16. 4. Each project team to be given specific objectives and performance targets to which senior managers are to be reviewed against on a bi-annual basis. Measurable Result (KPIs) Government Strategy/ MDA Strategy

    17. 5. Training based on need to ensure continuous development of key project management and technical skills. Measurable Result (KPIs) Government Strategy/ MDA Strategy

    18. Measurable Result (KPIs) Government Strategy/ MDA Strategy 6. Additional bonus awards available for project teams who meet deadlines to the required standard.

    19. Measurable Result (KPIs) Government Strategy/ MDA Strategy 7. Annual talent exercise conducted where top performing individuals are identified and personal details and specific project experience captured for later reference on other projects. Also allows for succession planning within teams.

    20. Measurable Result (KPIs) Government Strategy/ MDA Strategy 8. HR MIS used to monitor and track progress throughout. Example KPI: length of approved transit road laid per quarter.

    21. Journey map

    22. Current State to Future State

    23. Current State to Future State

    24. Example hr functions

    25. Example HR Functions Strong & Effective Civil Service Employee & Industrial Relations Workforce Planning & Recruitment Learning & Development KPIs & Accountability Building Blocks of HRM Capability & Tools

    26. Workforce Planning & Recruitment Example Duties: • Job evaluation • Job classification • Workforce planning • Recruitment • Selection • Appointment • Interns/NYSC • Induction • Deployment • Transfers • Workforce Planning & Recruitment Secretariat • Workforce Planning & Recruitment policy and process

    27. Workforce Planning MDA Strategy Job analysis • Performance appraisal • Personnel data • Training records • Talent database What staff do we need to do the job? i.e. Establishment Plan What staff are available within our organisation? i.e. Staff Assessment Is there a match? What is the impact of hiring on wage and salary programme? If not, how do we develop existing staff and, if we need to recruit, what type of people do we need, and how should we recruit them? i.e. Workforce Plan

    28. RecruitmentProcess

    29. Learning & Development Example Duties: • Appraisal • Promotion • Advancement • Conversion • Career development • Career planning • Training • Talent management • Learning and Development Secretariat • Learning and Development policy and process

    30. TrainingProcess

    31. Performance Management

    32. Employee & Industrial Relations Example Duties: • Appeals • Discipline • Grievance • Whistleblowing • Sickness and medical • Leave • Industrial relations • Health and safety • Workplace assessments • Employee & Industrial Relations Secretariat • Employee & Industrial Relations policy and process

    33. Protection Employment law e.g. • 1971 Labour Act • Trade Union membership • Collective agreements • Annual leave • Non-return to work after leave of absence • Redundancy • Workmen Compensation Act CS Rules offer enhanced employment protection and benefits.

    34. KPIs & Accountability Example Duties: • Leavers • Pensions • Payroll • Salary reviews • Benefits/Insurance • Gender and social inclusion • HR MIS/Registry • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) • Reporting • Monitoring and evaluation • Perception surveys • KPIs & Accountability Secretariat • KPIs & Accountability policy and process

    35. Career considerations

    36. What’s in the new HR? You will be better positioned to be Perm Sec You will be more relevant within your MDA HR means MORE. You are stepping into BIGGER roles!!

    37. What’s in the new HR? 1 New career options Shaping government 6 2 What is professional HRM??? Ongoing, structured professional development Professionally accredited HR experts 5 Closer relationships with senior management 3 Additional responsibility and strategic input 4

    38. What are my career options?

    39. What is an ‘HR Professional’?

    40. What will it take to succeed?

    41. What about career support? • Your manager will be your first port of call for support and advice • Within your MDA, there will be a talent management plan in place to help you develop as an HR professional and actively seek opportunities to grow as a future leader • You are encouraged to work in a variety of specialist HR areas and MDAs to help you build experience and transfer learning to others • This will be reinforced through formal HR promotion criteria to ensure HR professionals reach their fullest potential

    42. HR Role Models in Nigeria • Jubril Saba – Director HR (Airtel Networks) • 1st Degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering • Started career as a call centre Agent • FolakeAdeniyiAdeleke - Regional HR Head, West & Central Africa (Microsoft) • 1st Degree in Microbiology • Started career as a Laboratory Administrator • Grace Omo-Lamai – Director HR (Nigerian Bottling Company Ltd) • 1st Degree in French • Started career as Administrator

    43. Questions and answers

    44. Summary • Professional HRM goes beyond but does not replace personnel administration • Desire to create new specialist HR departments and HR duty posts in the state • Generic HR Committee proposals to be tested and developed • HRM is about bigger, not smaller, roles • All admin cadre officers will be eligible for new professional HRM duty posts • Transition to professional HRM to be carefully managed