Motivation for the new linac4 to psb half injection sector test
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Motivation for the new Linac4-to-PSB Half-Injection-Sector Test - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Motivation for the new Linac4-to-PSB Half-Injection-Sector Test. B. Mikulec. Introduction (1). Follow-up of BCC from 18 October 2012 Preliminary conclusions from that BCC:

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Introduction 1
Introduction (1) Test

  • Follow-up of BCC from 18 October 2012

    • Preliminary conclusions from that BCC:

      • Simple stripping foil test at start of L4T feasible, but half-sector test in L4Z problematic (losses due to implementation within final L4Z layout)

      • Installation in L4T line (after hor. bending) to be studied  see presentation Veliko

BCC 22 April 2013

Ref: L4-T-EP-0002 rev 1.0

Introduction 2
Introduction (2) Test

  • Extremely compact and complex section, combining equipment from TE/ABT, EN/STI, BE/BI, TE/EPC, TE/VSC, TE/MPE.

  • Main motivations for sector test have been laid out in EDMS 1224575.

Courtesy of

L. Zuccalli

BCC 22 April 2013

What can be tested elsewhere
What can be tested elsewhere Test

  • Integration issues, repair and intervention scenarios (incl. stripping foil exchange) with mechanical test stand

  • Stripping foil lifetime, stripping foil control and instrumentation including optimisation of screen and camera system, stripping foil efficiency and emittance growth with different foil types/thicknesses with stripping foil installation at start of L4T

BCC 22 April 2013

What could be tested in addition 1
What could be tested in addition (1) Test

  • BSW3+4

    • Powering and control of half of the chicane magnets

    • Current stability and interlocking

  • Stripping foil

    • More precise stripping efficiency measurement of H0 and H-

    • Interlocking of foil position

  • H0/H- dump

    • Aperture check

    • Temperature cross-check with simulated values  refine cooling requirements

    • Analysis of SiC material after removal (micro-cracks etc.; novel material!)

    • Interlocking (temperature and pressure drop – define operational thresholds)

BCC 22 April 2013

What could be tested in addition 2
What could be tested in addition (2) Test

  • Special BLMs

    • Diamond BLMs (?) to measure secondaries close to H0/H- dump; evaluate operational conditions for foil degradation measurement and fast losses

  • H0/H- current monitor: new development!

    • General operational check incl. for example secondary emission suppression

    • Sensitivity check for H0 and H-; comparison to theory

    • Aperture check

    • Influence on measurement if beam passes besides the monitor (simulate circulating beam)?

    • Interlocking – essential for dump protection

  • Interlock system test for part of PSB injection (BIS + SIS)

  • Specific applications

BCC 22 April 2013

To be sorted out
To be sorted out… Test

  • Planning

    • In parallel with Linac4 commissioning

    • Provide in time equipment, controls, applications

  • Location of control equipment, transformer etc.

  • Cabling

  • Support structures, special beam pipe connections…

  • Temporary downstream installation of dump (LBE/LBS line dump?) – could it be reused for L4T commissioning?

  • Water cooling of dump(s)

BCC 22 April 2013

Conclusions Test

  • Half-injection-section test would be extremely beneficial

    • From technical point of view for each sub-system

    • For risk reduction

    • For reduction of commissioning time for Linac4-to-PSB connection

  • It seems feasible to provide the required equipment for start of 2016 (Linac4 reliability run), but infrastructure availability to be checked

    • Test should happen first part of 2016 to be able to react to potential lessons learnt…

  • Installation should not perturb too much Linac4 commissioning

BCC 22 April 2013