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System of Care

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System of Care - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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System of Care
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  1. System of Care A Solution Focused Approach

  2. System of Care Definition • A spectrum of effective, community-based services and supports for children and youth with or at risk for mental • health or other challenges and their families, that is organized into a coordinated network, builds meaningful • partnerships with families and youth, and addresses their cultural and linguistic needs, in order to help them to • function better at home, in school, in the community, and throughout life.

  3. Core Values • Family-driven and youth- guided. • Community-based. • Culturally and linguistically competent.

  4. Principles • Ensure availability and access to a broad, flexible array of effective, community-based services and supports. • Provide individualized services in accordance with the unique potentials and needs of each child and family. • Ensure that services and supports include evidence-informed and promising practices, as well as interventions supported by practice-based evidence. • Deliver services and supports within the least restrictive, most normative environments that are clinically appropriate. • Ensure that families, other caregivers, and youth are full partners in all aspects of the planning and delivery of their own services and in the policies and procedures that govern care for all children and youth. • Ensure that services are integrated at the system level.

  5. Principles (cont’d) • Provide care management or similar mechanisms at the practice level to ensure that multiple services are delivered in a coordinated and therapeutic manner. • Provide developmentally appropriate mental health services and supports to adulthood and to the adult service system as needed. • Incorporate or link with mental health promotion, prevention, and early identification and intervention. • Incorporate continuous accountability and quality improvement mechanisms . • Protect the rights of children and families and promote effective advocacy efforts. • Provide services and supports without regard to race, religion, national origin, gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, physical disability, socio-economic status, geography, language, immigration status, or other characteristics, and ensure that services are sensitive and responsive to these differences.

  6. Colorado System of Care Timeline Family Advocacy Toolkit DYC Multi-Disciplinary Teams Family Advocacy Program (H.B. 1057) Colorado Practice Model Colorado Cornerstone SOC Collaborative CASSP Collaborative Management Program (H.B. 1451) SOC Expansion Planning Project Family Policy Academy Project BLOOM CO Federation of Families Building Bridges S.B. 94 Behavioral Health Transformation Council (S.B. 153) Colorado LINKS for Mental Health

  7. System of Care Expansion State Planning Grant

  8. Colorado’s Planning Process Design Team Task Groups Staff and Contractors Communities of Excellence

  9. DESIGN TEAMCo-Chaired by Office DirectorsAgency RepresentativesAdvocacy OrganizationsFamily/Youth Representatives TASK GROUPS Family Involvement Youth Involvement Cultural/Linguistic Congruence Staff/Contractors Staff Advisors Trujillo Group Federation of Families Unfolding Directions Multi-Ethnic Cultural Consortium Center for Research Strategies

  10. Communities of Excellence Arapahoe County Chaffee County Eagle County El Paso County Larimer County Montrose County Weld County San Luis Valley State Plan Informed by Local Plans

  11. Plan Components • Population of Focus • Service Delivery Model/Infrastructure and Management Structure • Cultural and Linguistic Competence • Family/Youth Involvement • Service and Support Array • Social Marketing • Evaluation/Data Collection/Performance Measurement • Fiscal Sustainability

  12. Activities To Date • Meta-Analysis • Needs Assessment • Development of goals, vision, outcomes, key strategies • Sessions on Care Management Entities, Trauma-Informed System of Care • Task Group Work • Research on Different CME Models • Partnership with Communities of Excellence • Partnership with Collaborative Management Program

  13. Meta Analysis • Reviewed 30 Colorado Reports from State Agencies and Foundations • Nine Themes for Advancing the System Emerged • Three of those recommendations involved: • System Integration • Family and Youth Voice • Cultural Responsiveness

  14. Needs Assessment • Surveyed SB 94 Coordinators, HB1451 Coordinators, and Early Childhood Council Coordinators • Four areas were addressed: • System Integration • Cultural Responsiveness • Youth Voice • Family Participation • Findings indicate that there is room for improvement in all areas – very few counties scored at the highest level and only in System Integration and Family Participation did any counties score at the high level.

  15. How SOC Aligns with Other Efforts • Adolescent Mental Health Initiative • Behavioral Health Transformation Council • Legislatively Authorized • Cabinet Members Attend at regular intervals • Trauma Informed Systems

  16. How SOC Aligns with Other Efforts • Health Care Reform • More children and youth with coverage including behavioral Health • Health Homes • Accountable Care

  17. How SOC Aligns with Other Efforts • Mental Health and Substance Abuse Block Grant • Combined-mental health and substance abuse block grant • New uses for block grant funds including prevention, recovery supports and gaps in treatment of specialty services not covered by other payer sources

  18. How SOC Aligns with Other Initiatives • Colorado Practice Model • Collaborative Management Program • Title IV-E Waiver • Casey Family Foundation Initiatives

  19. Where We Go From Here? • Other Input-Family and Youth Task Groups • Review of Communities of Excellence Plans • Plan For SAMHSA completed in September-approved by Design Team • Results of Implementation Grant Application • Structured Input on Plan-September • Adjustments Made on Plan and Implementation Begins-October

  20. Team Work or Power Struggle?