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100 Days Around The World

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100 Days Around The World. By Isaac Kantarovich 9/16/12.

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100 days around the world

100 Days Around The World

By Isaac Kantarovich


what the title had to do with the book

The title of the book was 100 Days Around The World. The book was about a kid named Harry who makes a bet with 3 people and if he wins he gets 600 pounds. He has 100 days to go around the world with himself, Charles Hardiman, and Johnny. That is what the title had to do with the book.

What the title had to do with the book
elizabeth s actions

There were MANY things Elizabeth did to really make me feel like she was bad. Let me tell you about that. So Elizabeth went with Harry and Johnny and Charles Hardiman because Charles convinced Harry to let her go because she would lose her job. So the first thing she did was while they were in the praries of Iowa she purposely fell when the prarie was burning and because of that they all most died. Luckily they got her back in the car so they didn’t die. The second thing she did was while they were heading for a boat in San Fransisco to go to Hong Kong she asked for a rest stop. The thing was that they didn’t have much time to get there. Elizabeth took 2 hours and she said that someone stole her handbag but NO she made it up. Then they missed the boat and now they needed to wait 3 weeks all because of HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s why I really dislike Elizabeth Ann Stuart! ( Elizabeth left when they were in Siberia.)

Elizabeth’s Actions
one problem and how it was solved

One problem was when they were in sight of the finish line there were big wagons blocking them but there was nobody in the wagons. Then these crazy guys with axes come and tell them to get out of the car! So they get out of the car and have a fist fight. The crazy people won the fist fight and then they disabled the car so it couldn’t get to the finish line with 5 minutes remaining. So what they did was they made a sail and they started moving but the car has to go all the way under it’s own power unless they are crossing oceans or any body of water. But Harry was smart enough too turn the car on so it actually is under it’s own power. That’s how the problem was solved.

One problem and how it was solved