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Secondary Education Certification talk

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Secondary Education Certification talk - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Secondary Education Certification talk. 150 Animal Science Bldg 9 a.m. Sept 20, 2011. Council On Teacher Education Jeff Buck Brenda Clevenger Evans Oversee all things related to certification Past – Things like CBC and Bloodborne Pathogen training

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Presentation Transcript
secondary education certification talk

Secondary EducationCertification talk

150 Animal Science Bldg

9 a.m. Sept 20, 2011


Council On Teacher Education

Jeff BuckBrenda Clevenger Evans

      • Oversee all things related to certification
        • Past – Things like CBC and Bloodborne Pathogen training
      • Here today to talk about actually getting certified.
  • Obtain certification as soon as you can!!!!-Regardless of other plans (grad school, peace corp, raise a family, etc).
    • Only protected against program changes for 1 year
    • Not protected at all against ISBE changes
    • Other state certification will likely hinge on Illinois certification first

Applying for certification

  • Should not apply until you have taken or are registered for student teaching.
  • Non-Citizens?
    • Use ISBE form 73-03C
  • Citizens
  • Log into student portal
  • Click on “Certification Application” Link
  • Click on “Click here to fill out your application”
      • Name (Should appear as it is in UI-Integrate
        • Name change? Change in UI-Integrate then contact us!

Fill out every item.

  • Endorsements?
    • Click any you want to be considered for
      • Will “automatically qualify for at least one High School and one Middle grade endorsement
      • If you have been pursuing or want an endorsement, check it off. No penalty for asking.
      • Note Section – place notes for any relevant information regarding endorsements . Example: “I am taking ENGL 107 at Moraine Valley CC in Sp’12 to finish requirement for English Language Arts endorsement.” or “I’m taking the Social Science: Economics test in February.”
  • Click “Submit”
    • Neglected fields will not allow you to submit. Program will alert you to any items you still need to complete.
  • COTE will send an email early the next morning to let you know your application has been received.

If you feel you’ve done something in error or want to add something, contact us. You cannot go back online to revise.

  • Non Citizens-Turn in application to COTE

I will complete an audit based on DARS report or grad audit completed earlier.

    • Problems? I’ll either contact you or records officer. If contacted, it’s important so respond.
    • You should also run a DARS audit.
    • No problems? Will put application in pending file waiting for things to be completed.

All should receive an Endorsement email. Sent to e-mail address you indicate.

  • Contact us if something is inaccurate or missing. Little will be done by us if you claim your certificate without all endorsements.
  • End of final semester processing. Things we’ll be looking for:
    • Early Field Experience hours. (Should check Student Portal for accuracy)
    • Approved Portfolio (Jay Mann)
    • Approved Student Teaching Time Report
      • Be accurate and fairly thorough. Only record we will have of your Student teaching.

All required tests

    • At least two
      • Content test which correlates to your program
      • Assessment of Professional Teaching: Grades 6-12

(More about tests later)

    • Teacher Education Safety Training
    • Departmental Recommendation
      • Should come from Jay Mann
    • Grades
    • Degree
      • Be sure you apply for graduation
      • Your degree must appear on transcripts (June 12th)

Recommending you to ISBE

    • Assuming everything is complete, should occur on or after June 12th
  • Citizens
    • We will contact you at the email at address you gave and provide a link: (
      • At that time, go to this link
      • Create Educator Certification System (ECS) Account
      • Click on “Apply for Entitlement”
      • It should indicate a certificate with a certificate number. In the entitlement complete column, it should say “YES”
        • Click on “Apply online” in the apply status

Walk through the multi-step wizard

    • Be prepared to pay (by credit card)
    • Be sure to register your certificate with a Regional Office of Education (ROE)
    • Paper copy of certificate should arrive in mail
    • Any school district with your name and SSN can verify certification on ECS.
  • Non Citizens
    • We will sign and stamp form and mail it back to you along with Notice of Intent to become a U.S. citizen.
    • Bring application, Immigration records, and fee to ROE and apply there.

More Information on tests:

  • May Grads. Recommend you take tests on Feb 11, 2012 date.
      • (allows fall back date of April)
    • Regular registration deadline for tests is about a month and a half before test date
    • Be sure you use correct SSN.
    • Have results sent to us.
    • All additional high school endorsements require tests
      • For Science and History majors, adding additional designations in Science or Social Science require passing test and 12 hours in designation.

Other states

    • Likely will require certification in Illinois first
    • Other states may have program verification form.
      • Send to us to fill out. May include when you turn in application.
    • Contact information is on our website under “Certification” and then “Resources”
      • We have little (if any) information about certification in other state so just contact the respective state.
student portal
Student Portal
  • Must sign Student Teaching Agreement before registering for student teaching!
  • Can see information about yourself
    • Early Field Experience (must have at least 80 hrs)
  • Detailed student profile:
    • Tests (contact us if you passed but aren’t showing)
    • Verify that we’ve received your application
      • Under “certifications”

Highly qualified

  • By virtue of passing test in your Content area you will be Highly Qualified for that area.
      • Science-all the sciences
      • Social Science-all the social science.
  • Also highly qualified by your major.
  • Should distinguish between “HQ” and endorsements- Can be Highly qualified but not necessarily endorsed and vice versa.
  • More information on Highly Qualified on our website (FAQ)


    • Location: 505 E. Green Street, Suite 202
      • Upstairs from PNC bank and Coldstone creamery
  • Email:
  • (or)
    • Include UIN
    • Urgent matters? Don’t use email. Call!
    • No appointments by email. Call office. (217) 333-7195
    • Write Brenda or myself (pick one and stay with one)